2714 Ontario Road, NW Popping Up

“Dear PoP,

I live across the street from this unit so I’ve been watching it go up. I think they are turning it into a pop up, which is disappointing.”

We took a look a couple of weeks ago but that was before the pop up. I think it’s still hard to tell at this stage if it’ll be an eyesore or a tasteful pop up. Since it looks like it’s a bit recessed I’ll remain cautiously optimistic that this may turn out ok. We’ll revisit in a couple of months to see how it turns out.

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  • I drove out of the Safeway garage last night and saw that they are also extending the back almost to the alley. Awful.

  • I WONDER how? what about lot coverage? 60% max in DC residential zoned neighborhoods, no?

    • and can we please stop calling them “pop-ups”; they’re rooftop additions. No wonder people are not hiring Architects to design these properly; everyone in DC calls them ‘pop-ups’; goofy.

    • Actually, I suspect that portion of Onatario is zoned for mix-use. Probably the only variance they would need is if they don’t want a set-back from the alley.

  • There is no such thing as a tasteful pop-up. I do not understand why the city does not declare the entire city a historical district and allow only for case-by-case REMOVAL from historic preservation rules on property requiring multiple meetings with neighbors, government, etc.

  • Around the corner on Lanier we are also having horrific pop-up renovations as well as extensions out to the back of lots and are in the midst of trying to figure out if they are legal. We are quite concerned that DCRA isn’t paying attention or the rules aren’t being followed.

  • Hipsters are the cause for Pop-Ups. Maybe people should unite against renting in buildings with popups and the investors will stop building them.

    Hipsters are the reason why the city homeowners are building popups… so stop complaining, and stop renting from these landlords.

    • really? please explain your thesis. I find it fascinating.

      • Go eat your tater tots and sulk about people always labeling you. And take your grandma’s GD sweater off, for Christ’s sake. It’s summertime!!

        • SoFlo, methinks you’re a tad cranky this morning. If you move NoFlo, maybe you’ll be ok.

          I really want to hear how fixie’s cause pop-ups. Should be a great analysis, don’t you think?

          And then we can run through how emo’s cause high rises and baby boomers cause english basements. I see a great PoP series on this. Don’t mock it.

  • I am honestly unsure why they got rid of the mansard part. It looks like they may have just decided to get rid of the windows but that would be weird looking and odd. Hard to say at this point because it a new project but so far I have little hope this will look good when it is all finished.

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