10th Street, NW Hit and Run Saturday Night

“Dear PoP,

At around 9:15pm cops pulled over two young black males in a tan mercedes at the corner of 10th and U for a taillight that was out. When the cop got out of the car the driver stepped on the gas and tried to getaway from the police by heading north up 10th street at about 50mph. At the intersection of 10th and W they blew through the stop sign and t-boned a taxi cab driving east on W. The totaled mercedes skidded halfway up 10th street and came to a halt right in front of myself, my fiance, and a friend. We ran over to the car not knowing they were in a chase and the two men jumped out of the car (you’ll see how surprising this is once you see the photos), grabbed a bag out of trunk (at which point i thought ‘shit’) and sprinted past us north on tenth. The cops caught one of the suspects on Sherman ave but the other was able to get away (as of last night). The crime scene investigators were able to retrieve cell phones, blood, and prints from the car so the suspect who managed to evade the police likely won’t be at large for long.

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The taxi cab ended up in the front yard of a house on the corner of 10th and W with it’s right side completely obliterated. Despite it taking about 30 minutes for the cab driver to be removed from the vehicle (they had to cut him out with the jaws of life) we heard from authorities that he would be okay. Very lucky that he did not have any passengers as it likely would not have ended without fatality.

While this event was clearly not the norm, it does highlight that the intersection of 10th and W should probably be a four-way stop. The fact that cars heading east on W do not have to stop is strange given it is a side street and this often causes confusion among drivers not familiar with the area.

I’ll be wearing a seatbelt while riding in cabs from now on.”

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  • How do you manage to survive that? Let alone actually have your head together enough to run. This town has created a new breed of super-criminal.

  • sounds like we have some animals that need to be locked up and have the key thrown away.

    • You’ve got it all wrong. These are good boys who never hurt nobody and they’re only using someone else’s borrowed car because they city just won’t provide these upstanding kids jobs or activities for the summer months.

      In all seriousness, they won’t serve jail time and will be back out on the street next week, or sooner. Hell, they’re probably released this morning.

  • those old mercedes are beasts. all that damage to the front, but the passenger cabin looks untouched

  • First I’d like to say I hope the cab driver is ok and I’m glad no pedestrians were struck, but the city is probably just a little safer in general with one less cab on the streets.

    • Are you kidding me? The cab driver was in no way, shape, or form the cause of this accident. I am personally not a big fan of the way cab drivers drive in this town, but at least lay the blame where blame is due right now.

    • (a) I use cabs all the time and most drivers are polite and attentive;
      (b) this poor guy, who probably makes barely enough $$ to scrape by, now has to deal with insurance, find a new car, and miss paychecks because of some ghetto punks
      (c) you’re comment wasn’t funny

    • This comment reminds me of every blog I read about the cyclists in Adams Morgan who were attacked and beaten by drunk assholes who had just hit them with their car. You couldn’t get five comments in before somebody had to complain about cyclist run red lights all the time as if every driver in this city is a saint behind the wheel.

      While there’s plenty of evidence to support your theory that cab drivers in DC, by and large, present a danger to pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers (in about that order), it’s not at all relevant to this story. That cab driver might be a menace, or he might be a responsible driver and professional businessman. Either way, it’s crystal clear he was not at fault here and your piss poor attempt at humor is really insulting to a victim of a violent crime who is very lucky to be alive.

  • What the heck does t-boned mean?

  • o| |o
    | | o_____o
    | | _____ <——– Mercedes
    o| |o o o

  • Duffle Bag Boyz
    Guns Drugs and Money
    What fun it must be to grow up in DC.

  • Heh. My wife and I walked past the accident around 10:30. When I saw the cab, I automatically thought it was something the driver did to cause it. Wasn’t there a third car damaged too? I saw a little black car with it’s front bumper half off.
    The pictures don’t really illustrate just how far the Mercedes skidded before it stopped. It made it about 2/3 of the block. That was a tremendous amount of force.

  • Speaking of four-way-stops, I tried to get one nearby where I live. A busy street crosses my street and accidents happen too often along with many near misses. Submitted a request and was eventually told not enough “serious accidents” to warrant a four-way. I guess the stop sign folks want to see death and destruction first and than put up a sign.

    • I think 3 people died in 2 years at the intersection near our houses before a stop sign appeared. Your councilman has the power to do it, but they won’t unless pushed.

  • Perhaps they will finally put in a stop sign on that corner. I requested one a year ago.

  • That intersection really does need a 4-way. I walk by there all the time, and I regularly see cars almost plow over pedestrians, or cars with the stop often THINK it’s a 4-way since almost every other intersection nearby is.

    I’m also amazed I didn’t see this; I walked over to 10th and V around 9:15, so it must have either just happened, or I missed it.

    Also, to be clear, it’s not as if a stop sign would have stopped these guys (in fact, I think 10th is the street with the sign), but it might have slowed the cab down enough for him to have been missed; however, this just means someone else might have been run down.

    I do think, though, that many of the streets around the U Street area need speed bumps. I regularly see people flying down V, T, W, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. These streets are too small and congested for the types of speeding I regularly see. I’d also like to see stop signs on Florida at 13th through Vermont/9th.

  • I doubt the answer is speed bumps or stop signs. Those things just make drivers behave worse. What we need is enforcement of traffic laws.

    • A lot of people were making a similar argument in the speed bump thread the other day.

      Better enforcement of traffic laws would be great… but since the MPD can’t be everywhere at once, speed bumps serve a useful purpose by forcing people to slow down.

      • Speed bumps don’t slow anyone down. They just make people speed up more between the speed bumps to make up time.

        • as long as I get a bump in front of my house, i’m happy.

          • I hope you do get one of DDOT’s signature speed humps right in front of your house. You’ll really appreciate their impact after you hear brakes screeching on approach, undercarriages creeking as they go over the hump, and abbrupt acceleration as they leave the hump to make up for the time they perceived as lost by slowing down for the hump. As long as they slow down in front of your house, you don’t care if they speed up in front of your neighbors’ houses. Great community spirit. I’d love to have you as my neighbor.

  • I could see W having speed bumps. V as well.

    However, W is a through street and hits Florida at the next block. 10th is 3 blocks long and the next intersection is an awkward angle to Florida and Barry Pl (thus making it more of a “side” street). I can understand the traffic reasons for no 4 way stop, even if a 4 way stop makes a lot more sense for safety reasons. Also, how exactly is a 4 way stop going to keep thugs from injuring people?

  • I think the good news here is that the thugs seem to have been wearing their seatbelts, because I can’t see how they would have walked away if they weren’t. Hooray for the “click it or ticket” public awareness campaign!

    And yes, ALWAYS wear your seatbelt in a cab. I have a couple of friends who can testify to the importance of this… And one friend who can no longer testify to anything.

    • Most people transporting something illegal are probably aware of trying to be 100% compliant. Unfortunately, in the case of these guys, they forgot to double-check their taillights.

      As a side note, I drove around with a broken taillight on one side for about 2 months, waiting for the backordered replacement part that needed fixing, and I never got stopped. Good thing, too, as I regularly transport 100 kilos in my VW bug.

    • No kidding. I started wearing seatbelts in cabs as soon as I had a kid–it just seemed really stupid not to. And irrational, since I wear a seatbelt even in the back seat of any other car I ride in.

  • Given that the accident causer blew through a stop sign, how does this incident in any way speak for the need for more traffic controls?

    I’m not saying this intersection does or does not need a stop sign, but lights, stop signs, whatever make no difference when someone chooses to ignore them…

    • I think the point is that the cab driver would have come to a stop (the non-stop was in his direction I believe), and perhaps avoided getting hit.

      All that means, though, is that it’s likely the thugs would have hit someone else’s car, or worse, a pedestrian. Speed bumps could have slowed them down some, though.

      • I don’t think the answer to the rare situation involving someone fleeing from the police is more traffic controls at every single intersection. This was an anomaly, if this hadn’t happened, something else probably would have.

        • Near accidents at that intersection are not anomalous, at least from what I have witnessed there. It’s a matter of time before there is a bad accident there.

          This situation is rare, and unlikely to happen again there, but it does highlight the fact that it’s an intersection that should have a 4-way stop. I have noticed that other cars and pedestrians often think it already is a 4-way….

  • How would a stop sign have prevented two fleeing, car- thieving thugs from hitting any car unfortunate enough to have been in the intersection? You think they would have stopped at the stop sign?

    BTW, on my way to work this morning around 8 a.m. I saw two separate incidents of young men handcuffed and surrounded by police (one at 14th and Kenyon and one on Military Road). It is definitely going to be a long, hot summer. Watch your backs everyone!!

    • If the cab had been required to stop by a stop sign, he’d have been fortunate enough to have been in the intersection a split second later, after seeing the Benz run the sign, he’d have been on his way, probably breathless and shaken, but no worse off.

      • Or alternatively, if he happened to have arrived at the intersection 10 seconds sooner, than stopped, didn’t see anyone else at the intersection, then proceeded, he could still have been hit by the car in exactly the same way.

        It was just bad luck, but the timing could just as easily have put the cab in harm’s way even if there was a four way stop sign. The guy ran a stop sign at 50+ mph. Traffic controls can’t do anything about crazy people who ignore them.

  • The cab driver would have stopped, if there had been a four-way stop. Which means that, in theory, he would have seen the thugs, noted their speed and erratic driving, and not proceeded through the intersection. In theory.

  • This was quite possibly the loudest thing i’ve heard in the hood. I was sitting in my back yard very close and I’m shocked no one died. Guess those communist federal safety standards for cars actually work.

  • I parked at this intersection on Sunday, and yes, the poor black car (I feel so bad for them!) was still there with the bumper half taken off.

  • I’m the one w/ the poor black car (it’s actually more of a charcoal). I wasn’t at home that night, but came home on Sunday to find my my bumper falling off and half of the driver’s side dented in. There was a note from an officer w/ the police report number and “Hit and Run” scrawled on it.

    I talked to some neighbors that witnessed it, and after hitting the taxi, the Mercedes basically made a v-line for my car, then swerved back out after hitting it and made it halfway down the block before they stopped. The tire marks appear to support that story.

    I’m waiting to have it towed right now, and hoping it can be saved 🙂

  • “grabbed a bag out of trunk”

    I wonder what was in that bag? Must have been mighty valuable. I wonder why they felt the need to run when being pulled over for a taillight infraction? Someone could have been killed. I wonder what was in that bag…

  • You think a 4 way stop sign would have stopped these drug dealers from jumping it?

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