Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront

This rental is located at 700 7th St, SW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED!!! (electric, gas, water/plumbing, AC, heat, etc, ect)

550 square feet
Large full kitchen (Appliances 2 x Years Old)
Full bath with tub
Walk-in closet
Hardwood Floor
Multiple washers & dryers per floor
Cable ready
Swimming pool
Weight room

2 Blocks from L’Enfant Plaza Metro [blue, orange, green, yellow] & 3 Blocks to Waterfront Metro
10 Minute Metro or 5 Minute Drive to GW Campus
2 Blocks to Safeway and CVS

More Photos here.”

$1350 sound right for this efficiency?

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  • Well I think marketing this rental to GW students is an odd choice…

    Also the kitchen doesn’t look terribly nice. But as it includes utilities and parking I think this is a decent deal.

    • There are a surprising amount of GW students living in SW… especially in the Waterside Towers. Mostly grad/med students it seems. It’s a quick walk/bike across the mall for a lot less $ than foggy bottom
      -SW resident

  • This place looks suspiciously similar to an efficiency I visited in that area 7 years ago. It was only about $800 then and I still thought that was over-priced.

    • MsNesbitt

      I lived in a Jr 1BR on a much sketchier block in SW just last year and paid $1150 for it. By the time I moved out, the rent had upped by another hundred or so. The Waterside Towers is a nice, safe building with a lot of amenities, so I’d say the price is about right.

  • Looks really nice for an efficiency and the location’s pretty good too. Can’t speak to the price appropriateness though, just to say that everything in this town’s so freakin expensive.

  • Wonder why they don’t furnish it and try to lease it as a corporate apartment. It’s a decent enough efficiency and it’s centrally located.They could get much more for it.

  • 2 blocks from both Waterfront and L’enfant Plaza Metro stops?

    Google has that distance at .9 miles. Them some mighty “big” blocks

    • Walk Score says .34 miles away and I just did the walk via Street View on google maps. It’s 2-3 blocks.

      Anyway, it is an ugly kitchen but looks fine otherwise. Given the free parking and utilities, it isn’t a bad deal.

      • Yeah, and .7 miles from L’Enfant. Point is, it can’t be two blocks away from both, as they are advertising.

        Then again, I haven’t seen one ad where the owner or realtor wasn’t bolf faced lying about something.

  • I’m about a block away, for reference. It seems slightly high. I pay $1500, including parking and utilities, and have a full 1br about 850 sqft. This seems a little nicer, though, so I wouldn’t call it exorbitant, but a little high. Maybe $1200-1250 would be closer?

  • what is a good size efficiency and what is a good size 1 bdrm? when is a efficiency too small..and when is a 1bdrm really an efficiency?

    • I consider a 1-bedroom apartment to be one where the room is actually separate from the rest of the place and has four walls and a door.

      Below 350 feet is really small for a studio, in my opinion.

  • It’s on par with (or at least within $100 of) other efficiencies in the area. The kitchen is ugly. I looked at that building but a different unit…it really is close to the metros. Walking to the 7th & D entrance of L’Enfant takes about 5 minutes, and the 70 bus stops outside the apartment. It’s 3 blocks to Waterfront and Safeway in terms of streets you cross, but that’s because SW has superblocks. You walk from 7th to 6th to 4th, then from I to M.

    Note: I’m not the landlord; I was the person who got slammed for (which got a lot of interest and rented within a week for the asking price, so clearly wasn’t crazy).

  • Those are the ugliest kitchen cabinets I have ever seen, both other than that this doesn’t seem like a bad little place. I applaud the clever use of the large Ikea dresser (I have the same one) as a TV stand. I

  • This is a nice location. It’s wonderful being so close to the water, you’ve got the new Safeway nearby, and it’s so easy to walk or bike to the Mall and Penn Quarter/Chinatown. And when the weather’s warm you can take the ferry to Georgetown. There used to be a lot of crime over here, but I think that’s gotten better.

    The price seems a little high for a studio. I’d quote what I used to pay for a house in this area, but I’m not sure it’s relvant since it was 7 blocks away and 3 years ago.

  • it’s so ghetto over there. you can get a place in georgetown for about the same price

    • Both those sentences are equally ridiculous.

      That area is actually not bad at all. If you get more towards S Cap, it gets sketchier, and there isn’t a whole lot to do, besides go to the grocery store, cantina marina, or boat, but it is not “ghetto” by any stretch. Areas off of the much beloved H St are so much closer to being “ghetto” than this, and I wouldn’t even degrade those areas with the term, as I think the neighborhood over there is great.

      If you can find a place like this in Georgetown for that price, go for it, my friend.

  • I live in that area and pay less than $1050 for a place that looks nicer than that, is bigger, and has all the same amenities. I don’t pay for parking and I wouldn’t say that’s an amenity in this neighborhood. Street parking is plentiful and safe.

    so not a good deal, IMO.

  • Nicely decorated, but the space remains too smell. Rent is too much unless it comes furnished.

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