Two Shot One Killed at New Jersey and P St, NW; One Killed 1400 Block of Morse St, NE

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From MPD:

Two young men were shot tonight [Monday] at about 10:15 pm near New Jersey and P St, NW.
One of the victims has been pronounced dead. The other is being treated for gunshot wounds.

If anyone has any information we ask that you call 727-9099 to help the investigation into this event.

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From MPD:

At about 3:55am, on May 30, 2011 officers responded to the 1400 block of Morse street for sounds of gun fire. Found on the scene was a young adult male suffering from multiple gun shots to his body. He was transported to hospital were he passed due to his injuries. Anyone having information please call 911 or 202-727-9099.

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  • Sigh.

    Two Shootings of the Day today.

    Any statements from Vincent Gray? I wouldn’t hold ny breath, but you can always continue to hope your mayor might start to show actual leadership and interest in the well-being of his city’s citizens.

    • Gray doesn’t care about crime. The thugs are his constituency. Don’t beleive me? Find one instance during his campaign where Gray mentioned violent crime? Find one instance where his supporters mentioned violent crime. Gary thought it was more important to have gun control than voting representation in Congress. Why? Because then only the thugs would have guns and citizens couldn’t defend themselves.

      • I believe you. My statement was more rhetorical.

        I have a Google new alert for V. Gray just to see what the hell he does, and in the last two weeks, the only news alerts relate to setting a spending freeze as well as a proposal to raise the ceiling for pay for administration officials by another $100K.

        No press releases, no appearances anywhere of any note.

        I know a lot of people hated Fenty, but at least he showed up around the city.

      • Vincent Gray doesn’t care about residents.

      • I am a Fenty voter and i would vote for him again, but you sound like an ignorant fool.

      • I am not a mind reader so I am not going to pretend to “know” what Gray thinks about anything. I suggest you do the same.

        Seriously this is stupid. Of course he cares about crime he just isn’t bothering with the platitudes because he knows you aren’t his constituency (so why bother talking to you at all) and he knows you won’t believe anything he says. Basically he is saying why bother wasting his time.

        I am not defending Gray and I sure didn’t vote for him, but bald statements like this truly don’t make any sense and say way more about you than they do about Gray.

    • Yeah, statements from the mayor will definitely put an end to violent crime. Especially if he issues them at the scene.

      • All snark aside, getting a sense from the mayor and the commissioner does more than you would think to relax the general resident’s sense of safety. Showing up is 90% of the job, but this is something Gray fails to grasp.

        If he were to show up and say he was going to instruct the police to blitz that area for 72 hours with cops in cars, on foot, etc. as well as doing random traffic stops, crime might drop a little bit.

        Gray would never know unless he tried, but he seems to have little ineerest in trying much of anything except saving his own political skin and praying he can last a full term.

  • Shaw had a pretty crazy weekend. That same block was closed on Saturday to due another incident. I didn’t hear anything about that one until today. I woke up to gun shots nearly every night of the holiday. I even rushed out of the house one night in a t-shirt (probably not smart) to a woman screaming help over and over. I have to say this the police were there in a second.

  • andy

    both in areas that people talked about great places to put a payment down on a house. too bad.

    • People seem to like Columbia Heights too…

    • You don’t make money by buying in an area that’s already a good neighborhood. The way you make money is by buying in a bad neighborhood and then having it turn into a good neighborhood — which is what folks are hoping for when they say those are great places to buy.

      Of course, in the meantime, you have to live in that neighborhood. And you can lose a bunch of money by buying in a bad neighborhood and having it get worse.

  • So sad.

    There was also a stabbing homicide on Sunday in the 5400 block of Georgia Ave. Good ole summertime…

    • It’s not even sad anymore. I’m at the point where I just hope they don’t die in my friggin’ yard so my kids won’t freak out. I really don’t give a crap about these kids anymore.
      Fortunately, the police have been doing a great job keeping GA Ave excitement on GA Ave.

  • Gentrification will save this city from itself, eventually.

  • Another 15 year old dead. Why can’t this city figure out a way to keep children from shooting each other? It’s absolutely insane what is tolerated here. Is it because the city actually benefits from drug empires with child gunmen based out of taxpayer subsidized housing? Just freakin’ nuts!

  • Did you all know that the DC State Attorney, Ron Machen, decided to charge the 15 yo that shot a DC police officer 3 times with ‘Assault with Dangerous Weapon’ and not ‘attempted murder’. So if convicted, he’ll spend 3 years in DYRS where they learn more crime, and then be released with no criminal record.

  • feigns interest.

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