Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont Circle

This rental is located at P Street NW at Between 17th and18th:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“English basement studio in small condo building.

One block to Dupont Circle.

-Hardwood floors
-Complete kitchen including
microwave and dishwasher
-Approximately 350 square feet

Please no pets.”

$1,525 plus electric sound right for this english basement studio?

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  • 350 square feet?
    holy crap. That’s a lot of money for a place the size of a box. Don’t get me wrong, I could live in 350 sq feet, but this is more than I currently pay in mortgage and dues for my condo. That’s A LOT of money. $1200 would be pushing it since it doesn’t inclde electricity.

    • +1

      i also think this is using the label “english” basement a bit liberally. from the outside shot, it looks like all you have is a door on the front of the building, no windows. the interior shot looks like it’s lit by a fluorescent light, not natural sunlight.

      i give this glorified walk-in closet two thumbs way down. what exactly is one willing to sacrifice in order to live in dupont…? sunshine and legroom? no thanks!

  • Only if the bed is up on stilts, perferably within arms reach of the fridge.

  • I used to live (2006-2008) in the building pictured… or perhaps one just a couple of doors down. I paid ~1400 for a one bedroom divided over two levels, with a spiral staircase connecting the two levels. Each level was about 300 square feet – so total about 600 sf. When I moved out in 2008, he was re-renting the place for ~$1500. I suspect it’s up to 1600-1700 now. Based on that, I think this is not a good deal. More like 1350.

  • if this place was either 200 more sq ft or not in a basement, maybe. still, I life 2 blocks down and pay 1100 for a 550 sq ft apt.

    • What magical building (and I say that with no sarcasm) do you live in that is three blocks from DuPont and only costs $1100?

      • No kidding! Have you been there for years?

        • been there for 4 years. rent started at 1000. I had to really fight for the place and jump through a lot of hoops immediately, everything short of shoving other applicants out of the way. it’s an old 4 storey walk up on the corner of 15 and P. don’t be fooled, it’s a crappy old building, but it’s the cheapest 1br in town. the other units that have rented more recently are more expensive.

  • i think itll rent at this price. its what you have to pay for dupont, even if you’re in the basement. but with only one picture you have to wonder what the rest of the place looks like.

  • If you put the microwave in the fireplace, you can double your living area.

    I guess this is an example of DC becoming a bit more like NY, price-wise at least. If you want to live in Manhattan (yep, Dupont ain’t Manhattan, but still), you gotta pay for it.

    • I could be wrong, but I believe for $1500 you can get at least get an ABOVE GROUND studio in most neighborhoods in Manhattan.

      • True, but minus the washer/dryer and probably the dishwasher.

      • No, not really…Harlem yes, proper MNH no.

        • Well granted, it is a very small sample size but the 4 people I know that live in Manhattan (UES around 86th St, LES in Alphabet City, 2 in Morningside Heights) pay less than that for their studios. And before you ask, no, they haven’t been living there for years; three of them since 2010, the other since 2009.

  • I own a 2nd floor 495 sq ft studio (sort of a junior 1 bedroom) on 17th and Riggs and I rent it for 1550. It got rented within one day! I had one open house showing that lasted two hours. I showed it to about 15 people and had 3 different people offer deposits. So in my opinion, the price seems close to market but maybe a bit high for a basement with no pets allowed.

  • You could rent it and then have your parents come and visit and they would be so horrified by the depressing darkness that they would give you money towards your own condo.

  • figuring out what to ask for rent is pretty mind-boggling for the non-professional landlord. i own a real nice 1 BR + den/1 BA condo near 16th and Corcoran that will become available in late june but which i’ve agreed to rent to a friend of a friend starting mid-august. i hate having the place sit there empty for six weeks but the guy agreed to a two-year lease so i thought it might be worth it. what’s everyone’s visceral reaction to a fully furnished 640 sq foot condo in a small, well maintained building near dupont/logan with a fully equipped kitchen (granite countertops), gas fireplace, and in-unit washer and dryer going for $2300 a month (not including utilities) with a two-year lease?

  • I rent an English basement (with mini-patio) studio about the same size half a block away (on P betwen 17-18) for $995 including water, which I moved into April 2010. TONS of competition for it, but I was the only one who brought my application and credit check on the day of the open house (that’s my #1 tip to anyone going to open houses!). The landlord hasn’t indicated he plans to raise the rent. It’s a great deal and I don’t ever want to move — EXCEPT it’s freezing in the winter! Basements: great for keeping cool in the summer, not so great for the DC winters we’ve been having.

  • Allison

    Wayyyyyyyyy too expensive! Close to the shouting drunks of Dupont Circle? A basement place with likely no windows? Square footage of a doggie crate? Hell no!

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