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  • What are the most kid free of these? First summer as a dc resident

    • Most kid-free? None of them. Most rambunctious/yelling/splashing/misbehaved/unsupervised/rude-kid free? The Georgetown pool on Volta. As close to free country club setting as you’ll get at a public pool. Lots of nannies and their young charges.

      • “Anon”–I hope there’s no insinuation of “generally white children are so much cleaner and better behaved.” Having survived a pool and swim club in Sterling No.Va. and in Silver Spring, I can say with confidence the operative concept is kids, urban or suburban, “supervised” or not, rather than coded messages of class/color. Indeed, I’ve seen more nasty behavior at country club pools in Howard Co. Md and outside of Towson Md(Caddyshack notwithstanding)than I have at the Banneker pool.

        • I didn’t read this as any racial insinuation. I think you’re trying to stir a pot that you know is easy to stir.

          • C Money is correct, there was no racial bent in what was being said (I can see that you would easily construe it given the context of race/class in DC, though). The Volta pool in general doesn’t have as many kids, and the ones there skew younger than trouble-maker age. Better?

        • For chrissake there wasn’t even a HINT of racial meaning in the post you commented on. GAWD this town is FULL of race-baiting A-holes!

        • . . . .Annnd he pulls the Card. Way to go, prof! Wasted no time turning a quest to find a quiet pool into a race issue! You Sir, are a winner! And by winner, I mean dink.

    • MsNesbitt

      I’ve gone to the pool at East Potomac Park several times over the years and found it to be fairly kid-free, but maybe I just happened to luck out each time. Seems to be mostly students from Gallaudet who head over there. Downside: severe lack of poolside chairs to choose from, so be prepared to haul in your own. Also, depending on who’s the lifeguard on duty, there are very strict no-eating rules while lounging next to the pool.

      • Lotso kids at East Potomac, but it’s such a huge and wonderful pool, who cares. Plus, you can go hit a bucket of golf balls before or after. : )

  • Usually the pools are really freaking cold these first couple of weekends, but with the heat we’ll be seeing I doubt anybody will care!

  • Fascinating. 8 pools EotR, 10 WotR.
    By Ward:
    Ward 1 1
    Ward 2 4
    Ward 3 0
    Ward 4 1
    Ward 5 3
    Ward 6 1
    Ward 7 3
    Ward 8 5 (though 1 is closed for 2011, so 4)

    Sometimes, I wish there were kid-free hours at just one of the pools in the city. I’d CaBi all the way there, to not get treated to the beautiful people that are dc’s “future”

    • And, before you jump profchris: I mean all of dc’s future, not just those perfectly sqeeky perfect white kids.

      • Agreed. Kids of all races suck equally.

        • as a parent of teenagers, I wholeheartedly agree, except when they’re kinda cute, sweet, and charming. And that happens occasionally.

          • Teenagers are nothing like you describe. I have two and know their friends. Any squeaking is followed by giggling and a unbearable odor.

  • As someone with a kid whom I love dearly, I’d prefer to go to the pool without him. Just saying.

    • And mine prefer me not to be at the pool with them, so we’re all happy! It was sorta awkward last year, though, when my son was a lifeguard at Upshur, which happens to be the pool closest to our house and the one I most frequented.

  • Yes. Let’s ban all children from public pools. That way, we can preserve the pristine environment for skinny pale hipsters and their fixies as well as the lawyer d-bags and their Blackberrys.

    Clearly, children are the ones destroying the atmosphere of a swimming pool.

    If you want quiet swimming, go to one of the many lap pools, but if you like splashing in the water, realize that you are no longer 8, and that when you go to the pool, actual 8 year olds will be there. If you want to hang with other children your age, go to one of the many adult kindergartens… I mean biergartens.

  • Some of the pools are pretty bloody big so it should be able to rope off areas of the pool for different purposes eg. for swimming vs playing.

  • Does anyone know if the outdoor pools will have earlier/later hours than noon-6pm after June 21st? Also, what will be their weekday hours?

    • The weekend hours have been 12 – 6 for as long as I’ve been going (5+years). The weekday hours are 1 -8 at most pools. Each pool is usually closed 1 day during the week. Check out the POP’s link for all the details.

  • Any details on the Upshur pool? I didn’t realize there was one so close… is it nice? Big? Chairs available?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The photo above is from the Upshur pool. It is awesome. It is smaller than Banneker.

      Everyone gets mad at me when I post about it… Sorry!

  • Any idea if the pools will be open Monday? It’s a holiday, but it’s also a weekday and I can’t seem to find anything indicating if they’ll be open.

  • The aquatic center near Eastern Market is good if you want to get away from the kids and swim laps. It’s not outdoors, but you can’t have it all for free. And it’s open year-round.

    If you prefer to lounge in the sun by a pool without kids, there are pool parties throughout the city with small cover charges.

  • The pool in East Potomac Park (Hains Point) is relatively kid-free. It’s not near a residential neighborhood and you’ve got to drive or cycle to get there.

  • Are the pools normally not open during the week until June 21st? Is this a budget cutback thing? I am kind of pissed because I just quit my job and was hoping to be a pool bum…LIFE IS SO HARD.

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