Shooting Friday Night around 11:15pm at 1st and K St, NW

From DC Alerts:


1st and K St, NW is right near the new(ish) Megabus pickup and departure zone.

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  • Who puts a bus stop in the underbelly of a scary public housing project on a dark desolate street where out of towners have to walk several scary blocks to get to Union Station? Ski masks and guns, the kids sure are well equipped these days. Must have been after the duffel bag boy coming in from NYC.

    • thanks detective.

    • I assume you’re referring to Sursum Corda, which is not public housing, it’s a co-op. The public housing (Temple Courts) that used to be there was torn down and replaced by the bus parking lot. Please make a note of it.

    • Housing project residents also need to use public transportation. Should they be denied a bus stop near there home?

      • Megabus is not public transportation. Or are you purposely being this obtuse?

        • I haven’t traveled by bus in 7 years, so you’re right, I didn’t know. I pray that God and society can forgive such an oversight. The snarky nature of your response was 100% warranted.

  • i blame big bear cafe. never should have got that liquor license

  • Damn it now im going to have to spend all that money I was saving with Megabuses’ $1 fares on kevlar!

  • Swampoodle be hood for evah!

  • Megabus “terminal” has floodlights and an armed guard, cops driving by. Still, it’s scary and if you need to walk to Metro to go home after you arrive from NYC, you are taking a big chance. I’m shocked this hasn’t been a City Paper feature.

    Swampoodle has always been like this. Back when free blacks where the gentrifiers and Irish immigrant were the project scum, it looked like Five Points in Gangs of New York.

  • I am dreading the summer months with 90 degree weather and lots of people outside enjoying the weather. I don’t want to become a prisoner in my apartment, but I try not to come out after dark. I am aware of my surroundings and on guard 24/7 because criminals tend to stay one step ahead of MPD and law abiding citizens.

  • With all the street robberies and other crimes, should Mayor Gray call in the National Guard to patrol our neighborhoods? Just a thought!

    • It’s been done here before. We had National Guard Humvees with huge stadium light-towers parked at 17th & Euclid in the middle of a particularly blood-soaked summer about 15 years ago. Don’t think new residents would go for it, and Gray would probably never do it for image reasons alone.

  • I’ve heard that if you say “Sursum Corda” three times in a mirror, bad things happen.

  • gotryit

    Why aren’t the gang names / members well publicized? The police must know…

    • Yeah, the police & courts/DYRS know, but because 90% of them are juveniles who are protected, they’ll never be publicly ID’d.

      • That’s right folks. The criminals have more protection than the citizens. Now there’s something that needs looking into.

        • It’s not more protection it’s a different kind of protection. Even if they ID them then what? if you don’t catch them committing a crime or plotting one then…

          Gang names? You mean neighborhood names? Look at a map of DC neighborhoods. Ones with high crime normally name themselves after the actual neighborhood.

  • The police want to keep the criminals out of the limelight. They feel that there will be more crime if they are publicized. That, and you can’t disclose the names of minors.

  • If you aks me its a bit warm out for a ski maks.

    • A couple months ago I was biking home and saw 2 young black males, one of whom was wearing a ski mask walking around Mt. Pleasant near 18th and Lamont. It was 60 degrees out. I probably should have just called the cops.

      • About a month ago there was a guy hanging around near our alley–wearing a ski mask. We called the cops. It’s infrequently cold enough in DC for ski masks, but definitely not in April.

  • I don’t know what the city was thinking by putting the busdrop there. Daytrippers are definately not going think the best of DC getting dropped off here.

  • It was the businesses decision not the city.

  • Yeah, I always thought the Greyhound station was about the worst “welcome to DC” possible. Guess I was proved wrong.

    Whoever proposed this location, the city or the company, really has some explaining to do? How could anyone ever have thought this location was a good idea for a bus stop? To say nothing of its role a tourist gateway.

    • Pretty sure this was DDOT’s decision. They’re usually real responsive to questions/emails – maybe someone wants to follow up with them?

  • Nice to see mention of SWAMPOODLE in the above thread. You should check the big event down at the old Uline arena on 1st and M outside the NY AVE Metro. Its going to blow open the whole neighbourhood – in a good way!

  • Starts this Friday – only running for a week. Its where Malcolm X lectured the Nazis – oh and the Beatles played their first ever US event there.

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