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  • It was fantastic. They use excellent meat on the burgers and the shakes were really rich. This is a horrible development for my wallet and waistline.

  • A Shake Shack will soon be opening at Nationals Park as well, along with three other food outlets by Shake Shake restaurateur Danny Meyer . . . a Belgian-style fries place, a BBQ place and a taqueria.

    • all i can say is hurry, hurry, hurry. the season is well underway, and it’s sorely missed (especially since it is on the former five guys site)

    • Guess i passed him and some other guy because i overheard them talking about the place opening at nationals park soon.

  • They should get the Legendary Shack Shakers to play there.

  • Shake Shack employees were eating Shake Shack on metro last night.

    Shake Shack deleted the photo I took and posted to their facebook page.

    Delicious food, criminal employees.

    • What did you expect them to do, make posters out of it?

    • Send it to unsuck dc metro.

      • Done…and tweeted…at Shakeshack. Hopefully they apologize and reprimand their employees.

        For the record…I love Shake Shack and welcome their arrival as my personal stomach overlords. I promise I won’t eat Shake Shack on the Metro.

    • LOL, Native American JD!


  • Now Conn. Ave is just like NYC.

  • I will be going here AFTER the hype has worn off.

  • It’s overrated in New York, and it will be overrated AND suck here.

    I, for one, plan on never going. How many burger places does a city need???

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