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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their warm wishes and congratulations sent on my wedding day. It really meant a lot to me (and the beautiful bride) and reminded me of what a great community PoPville has become. I’d especially like to thank Eric Nuzum, LoP, for his great work steering the ship earlier this week. So thanks again to everyone for their warm wishes (pictures still be worked on) and have a great long 3-day weekend!

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  • Rant: There is another person who comments as “D.”

    Rave: Who really cares?

    Rave: The “Arrested Development” quote-athon I started the other day. Nice work everyone.

    Rave: COLD BEERS.

  • Rave: That photo
    Rant: That cars are allowed on Beach Drive picnic spots 6-10 on the weekend and that since the bridge is out near Beach Drive, people take the road up to the nature center, making it treacherous for walking/cycling up the hill. FIx the bridge!

  • i love that picture!!

  • Rave: Early release!

  • Rave: Bikes!
    Rant: Cars!

    Rave: Children!
    Rant: Hipsters!

    Have I covered everything flame-worthy?

    • saf

      No, you’re backwards

      Rant: Children
      Rave: Adults

      • Given that most of the “Adults” in this city are basically overgrown children, I’m not sure anymore. our average 6-year old seems more mature than most 25-year olds I meet… and they probably have a better sense of personal finances and responsibility.

  • Rave: I am the original D. Or am I???

    Rave: This is fucking HILARIOUS to me.

  • Flame-worthy, like, leaving a flaming bag of dog shit on someone’s porch?


    “Who would you rather bone, Meg Ryan or Jack Nicholson? “

    • Never seen it, or have I? I can do Happy Gilmore, though, AND it has Carl Weathers! We got ourselves a stew!

    • Plus, you can’t call a quote-a-thon. It has to be natural. In fact, it kind of destroys the AD quote a thon from yesterday by letting people know that’s what it was. It’s better to keep people in the dark.

      If you want to start a Billy Madison thing, you should just drop a quote in there without the quotation marks and see if someone takes the bait. More satisfying that way.

  • Rant: B
    Rave: D

  • Rave: I love watching people who rent those Capital Rideshare bikes falling over for no reason at all on my way home from work. I guess they didn’t know riding a bike involves balance.

    Rant: I hate it when slow bike riders cut to the front of traffic waiting at a light and then slowly pedal while in the center of the lane upon takeoff, or when bike riders ride in tandem taking up an entire lane. I love riding bikes myself, but not being annoying to everyone is a core value.

    Rant: Police on Georgia Avenue, eyeing me every morning on my way to work like I’m out to run a pedestrian over, They also have been setting up a lot of sketchy speed traps all over the city lately. DC Police are quickly losing my respect by encroaching on my “resident comfort zone” lately.

    Rant, my alley is not being swept and trash collectors throw trash and broken bottles all around my alley when they come through, After 3 weeks of calling the Mayor’s call center, I’m beginning to regret not voting in the Mayoral election. Fenty would have swept my alley by now. Vincent Gray, SWEEP MY DAMN ALLEY.

    • Get this man and/or woman a beer, stat.

    • You must be a sad individual if people on bicycles get your bits in a knot like that.

      I have an idea: leave 2 minutes earlier for work, and you won’t have to worry about driving a little more slowly.

    • I don’t understand what your rant about the police means – can you explain what exactly they’re doing? What is a “resident comfort zone”? (I am asking seriously, not snarky.)

      • I too would like to know what constitutes a “sketchy speed trap”. As long as you’re not speeding there is nothing to worry about, right?

      • There are lots of crosswalks out on GA Ave, a lot of people ignore them and just walk across the street ignorantly. It causes backed up traffic, and you can get a ticket there now for simply going the speed limit. Extra crosswalks were painted on GA Avenue just recently, cops now park near to each of them during rush hour in addition to speed traps all over on local roads.

        DC is not China, its not acceptable to have bikes only, people should have cars and plenty of other things. With drivers being required to stop for pedestrians, even on green lights, its creating a legal and safety nightmare, I see people having close calls all the time. DC should be working on solutions and coexistence, not just painting bike lanes and then handing out tickets.

        • You clearly have been to China in the last 15 years.

          I do agree, though about the “painting bike lanes and [absolving themselves of further responsibility]” comment (sorry for extreme paraphrasing). DDOT and pols like to paint the lanes and then walk away, considering their work done.

          The rare exceptions in DC are 15th Street south of U street, and the stretch of New Hampshire around U Street. Some thought and effort seemed to go into that, along with educating commuters and tweaking as needed.

          I will also say that the stretch of GA, of which I believe you speak (though I could be wrong), is a nightmare for pedestrians with lighted crosswalks pretty far apart.

          By the way, what is the speed limit? I had assumed it was 25mph max there? Maybe the cops are just trying to put a hard-limit enforcement on?

    • I email my councilmember and their constituent services peeps every time the trash guys miss the truck in our alley. They are quick to clean it up and have been much better about it after complaint #2. I also send photos of the alley with the trash.

      • Getting your councilmember involved makes the D.C. government agencies MUCH more responsive.

  • Rave: The annual fundraiser for work this week went wonderfully! The evening had some hectic moments, and I definitely realized some things that I’ll do differently next year to make sure that we’re a tad better organized, but it felt so nice to be surrounded by fantastic people who care. I love that I love what I do!

    Rave: Heading to MA today to enjoy a weekend of friends, family, fresh air and – my favorite part – stars! I’m planning on spending time every night (weather permitting) just soaking in the clear black sky, unending array of stars, and absence of light pollution.

    (Semi) rant: Spent so much time at work this week getting ready for our event that I’m completely, totally exhausted. But, since it was for a good cause and means that comp time will be coming my way, I can’t complain too much!

  • The real D is an analyst and a thereapist….an analrapist

  • Rave: Off work and free as of now! Time to mix a martini in a Big Gulp cup. Let’s see, that’s a 84 count pour for the gin — and maybe a dash of vermouth.

    Rant: I do not have several dozen olives to thread onto one of those giant straws.

    Rant: No one mentioned my neighborhood in the “Where would you invest $100k” thread yesterday — yet the mentioned all the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Rave: I am pretty sure I just won the “wait for my boyfriend to finally realize he doesn’t actually hate all children” game. Not, you know, that I want children any time in the near future, it’s just a good game to win when you are pretty damn sure you’d like to marry someone one day.

    Rant: Humidity. 🙁

  • Rant: at work, no actual early release happening.
    Rave: I’m high enough up the food chain to take off in an hour or two with nobody giving me too much crap
    Rant: I’m not allowed to tell my staff they can leave early (they must put in a full 7 hours to get paid)
    Rave: I am going to see Paul Simon at the 9:30 Club TONIGHT!
    Rave: Husbands who are tenacious enough to get amazing impossible to get concert tix in the 60 seconds before they sold out!

  • Rant: Tourist and kids stopping in the middle of sidewalk

    Rant: Nasty Dos Equis battered soft shell crab tacos for the Sabor truck.

    Rave: Early dismissal at 2p.

    Rave: My boss is probably already gone so I’m out.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: No early release for me.
    Rant: Have to go the Apple Genius bar aka Hell on Earth.

    Rave: One of my favorite cousins and cousin in law are coming to DC this weekend.

    Rave: Franklin!

  • Rant: Girlfriend and I had plans to see a play at the Arena Stage last night (her idea). She had taken the day off to study for a certification exam, but when I got home she confessed she had not done any studying. Nevertheless, she claimed she was too tired to go to the play.

    I had already bought the tickets and couldn’t canel them, so after a couple hours of begging and pleading I finally convinced her to come. Since we only had 10 minutes to get there I suggested we drive.

    After wandering around in search of my car we determined that it must have been towed becuase she’d parked it in a street sweeping zone. She argued that the sign must have be new because it wasn’t there when she parked the car two days ago.

    At that point it was too late to take public transit. She went back to sleep and I went on a long walk to release some frustration. I ended up at SOVA just as bluegrass night was starting, which was awesome but it must have been a hundred degrees in there and a tube of lipstick melted all over the contents of my bag, including my favorite sweater.

    My lovely evening ended with a guy on the street accusing me of being scared of black people.

    Rave: I’m getting my car back today and she agreed to pay the cab fare and $150 worth of fees. Also I made a delcious salad with canary beans and herbs from my patio garden.

    • Why would someone accuse you of being afraid of black people and are you?

      • Because I was walking fast like I always do. and apparently I gave him a funny look. I’m not afraid of black people (used to date one) but I AM wary of men of any color sneaking up behind me at 11pm.

        • My dog is apparently racist, but that’s fine with me.

          • They learn from their masters.

          • They actually learn by having black high school kids running up to them and screaming and acting like pyschos. My dog was fine until I moved to DC and routinely had to deal with kids doing this. Now my dog tries to bite teenagers and black people.

    • This is what would happen if Charlie Brown ended up dating Lucy from Peanuts.

    • Sounds like you need a new girlfriend. Happy @1:01 sounds like she has a bozo boyfriend, so maybe you guys should switch.

    • I saw Ruined at Arena Stage last night and really enjoyed it. If that’s what you were seeing, sorry you missed it. You might consider calling the theater and explaining you didn’t make it because your car got towed and see if they might be willing to give you tickets for another night.

  • Rant/Rave: I have to come up with a new name to leave comments as. I guess I could just go with “Dave.”

    Rant/Rave: Promise to never quote anything ever again.

    Though, it was pretty funny. For a bit.

    • I promise to stop pretending to be you. At least for the rest of today.

      • If you were me then I’d be you! And I’d use YOUR body to climb to the top of the mountain! You can’t stop me no matter who you are!

        SHIT. I did it again. Sorry.

        And I still haven’t changed my “name.”

        And I’m still at fucking work.


  • Revel: Got my car registered at the DMV with a minimum of fuss.

    Rant: I almost never use it, why does it cost so much to get insurance? May need to think about getting rid of it.

    • I couldn’t believe how quick and easy the registration/license process was in DC… 45 minutes versus about 30 hours (multiple visits, phone calls, emails, etc) to get the same thing accomplished with the Virginia DMV. And the customer service people were so much nicer! My car insurance also went down by 58%.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I got rid of my car a few years ago. So glad I did,I save money and don’t have to worry about it breaking down and parking. I’m lucky though, if I ever need a car, my sister in the burbs has one.

      • Assuming you don’t drive a whole lot, and the car is paid off and not in need of extensive repairs, it only requires about $150/month (mostly in insurance fees) to have. To me the convenience of having a car outweighs this small cost, especially since public transit is not exactly cheap.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I hardly ever drove it, like less than once a month, so it was the right decision for me, but not necessarily for someone else. Really my car was just becoming a pain the in the ass.

  • Rant: I hate the idea of redistricting every 10 years in DC and in the United States. Is there really a need for it?

  • Rant: I really want a HUGE fing glass of wine.

    Rave: I might become a momma

  • Rant: I was on the S1 Bus going down 16th Street, NW to work and the bus was crowded with several people texting while standing up. You had to say excuse me to get pass the person to get to the back of the bus. Others were talking loud on their cell phones. On my way to work early in the morning, the last thing I want to hear is someone’s loud cell conversation on the Metro bus.

    • MsNesbitt

      I am glad I am not the only one who appreciates the sacred silence of public transportation.

    • Buy a cell-phone blocker. Works wonders.

      • @Hung Jury; Thank you for the information. I had never heard of a cell phone blocker. I did a google search and found information. I am going to buy one and use it on the Metro going to and from work on the S1, S2, and S4 Metro buses. LOL

        On a sad note, I heard the actor Jeff Conaway that played Bobby on ‘Taxi’ is on life support.

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone_jammer

        United States: Cell phone blocking devices are used by federal officials under certain circumstances. Privacy rights of property owners may affect the policy and application of law within buildings. The FCC may issue a permit that waives the law for private use. For radio communications, it is illegal to operate, manufacture, import, or offer for sale, including advertising (Communications Act of 1934).[9] Blocking radio communications in public can carry fines of up to $11,000 or imprisonment of up to one year.[10] The Homeland Security Act of 2002 may override the Communications Act of 1934.[11]

        • But you have to get caught….

        • Believe me, they’re ALL over the place in most major cities. Coffee bars, movie theaters, shops, etc. will keep them hidden behind the register. I have a friend that uses a portable one in cabs.

          The Feds have to have a reason to search you. Granted, in DC, I’m sure you’remore likely to get searched if you work for the gov’t, so I wouldn’t suggest gov employees try it. Also, don’t try to take one a plane obviously.

        • Thanks Anon for the information. If it’s illegal to purchase a cell blocker, I will not purchase one. I am not going to jail and having a cellmate name Bubba sharing the cell with me at night.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: My weekend starts in 45 minutes!

    Rant: Most of my friends are out of town. What to do instead??

    • Rave: Join the PoP sailing club and come sailing with us! We’ve got to practice for the next race with the middle potomac sailing club. Still need to get PoP’s permission for use of his logo for the burgie.

      Rant: I am in the office now and not out there enjoying these fine winds today.

  • Rave: Moving to Capitol Hill/H St.! Also fun on the water out on the Eastern Shore this weekend.

    Rant: Moving…ug.

  • rant- this weekend is going to suck. we have 20 in the account.

  • Bear

    Rant: No early release for me

    Rave: My boss is in NC and never pays attention to my schedule anyway, plus no one’s in the office right now, so I may as well set my own early release time. I think 3:00 sounds good.

    Rave: Headed to the ATL this weekend so see a friend get married and spend time with family. Can’t wait to see my niece and nephew!

  • Rant: Somoene just called a meeting at 5:00 pm. SRSLY???

    Rave: My singing

  • Rave: Congrats to PoP on the wedding, and for such a great website. Have gotten through many a dreary day at work reading your posts

  • Was that humor? I meant bank account, not rear end. and by 20, I meant $20. Not all of us who read PoP are financially comfortable. I am tired of snark and sarcasm (at least i think that this is what the comment above was, I really do not get it.). Snark and sarcasm have absolutely ruined people, It used to be hilarious- now it is not.

  • claire

    Rave: Can probably leave work early (so long as my boss doesn’t start some tangential conversation right before I’m planning on leaving, as sometimes happens)

    Rant: My weekend doesn’t quite start when I leave work as I also have a part-time job and will be working a couple hours tonight.

    Rave: My part-time job involves giving out free beer samples so it’s actually pretty fun.

    • Ooo – where are your free beer samples? That could turn into a rave for the rest of us!

      • claire

        I’ll be at the Yes on 14th St from 6-8 pm tonight (and 5-8 pm next Friday too). Duvel and/or Ommegang samples (not sure yet which beers exactly it’ll be). Come and chat about beer!

      • There’s free KEGS of beer at the Yards Park this evening.

  • Jeff Conaway has passed away. I use to enjoy watching him and the cast on ‘Taxi’. He was only 60 years old.

  • Rant – murderous yoga people (what’s with the bludgeoning?)

    Rave – I’ve never done yoga.

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