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  • Rant: City Place Mall in Silver Spring. Worst. Mall. Ever!

    • Agreed. I love downtown Silver Spring, but talk about a worthless “mall.” Living there for four years I went in it twice.

      • The Nordstrom Rack in there is pretty baller. Basically a Nordstrom’s outlet. You have to dig, but you can find great stuff for super cheap.

        • haha There is definitely nothing related to Nordstrom in City Place “Mall.”

          • Yeah, there’s a Marshall’s which you might be thinking of, but that’s it.

          • saf

            There used to be a Nordstrom rack in there. Years ago!

          • Now there are two other Nordstrom Racks in the area, though. The Pentagon City one is OK; I’ve been to better. (Although, the same goes for the Pentagon City Nordstrom, so that’s not a big surprise.) I haven’t been to the Friendship Heights Nordstrom Rack, but I’m hoping it’s great. I wouldn’t mind being able to go to the Rack and Filene’s in one short trip.

    • The nickname “Sh*tty Place Mall” is well deserved. The place is strictly from hunger and should be either overhauled or bulldozed ASAP.

    • Are there any malls inside the Beltway that aren’t rundown, worthless, and depressing? Pentagon City, Landmark, Georgetown, and Springfield all fit the bill, and I think the last one is just outside the Beltway anyway.

    • There is one good store in there (sometimes it seems like the only open store) – Kids 4 Less. Which I only go to because I have to, to buy school uniforms for the little ones. That mall IS depressing, mostly empty, and has not one name brand store worth visiting. I feel like I have to go get ice cream afterwards to wash the taste of sadness away.

  • me

    Rant: What is this, the 3rd one this week?

    Rave: Congrats on your marriage! I wish you both the best!

    Rant: It’s about 100 degrees (and super stuffy) in my office. Only 4.5 more hours to go. :-/

  • whats that gnome doin’ to that bunny…

  • Rant: mild hangover

    Rave: office water cooler

  • Office closes early today, closed tomorrow, closed Monday. Count ’em up, folks: that’s OVER FOUR DAYS OFF. Words can’t describe how much I need this.
    And the cherry on top is that my kid’s daycare is open tomorrow, so I get a whole day of alone-time. I might clean something. I might sleep til pick-up time. I might watch 8 episodes of Breaking Bad. The world is my oyster.

  • Rant: A woman jerked into my lane, almost hitting my car with hers this morning, so I honked, and she called me an asshole and gave me the finger. What’s up with that?

    Rave: Got stuck behind cyclists, riding three abreast, stopping at all lights, wearing helmets, using proper signs, etc.. Rather than getting mad, it made me want to ride my bike to work instead of having to deal with moron drivers like my Rant. I applaud these cyclists for being safe and taking the lane that they have a right to use.

  • Rant: I’m pretty sure the raccoon I saw this morning zigzagging in front of my car was rabid. But I can’t reach city services because dialing 311 gets me to Montgomery County (where I work) goverment. I can’t find any other option for contacting DC. Booooo.

    Rave: one day closer to long weekend

  • Rave: Animal control agreed that the racoon sounded rabid and is sending an officer to the area to look for it. Lots of people walking with pets and small children in that area, so I hope they find it.

    ALSO RAVE: I texted 50-411 twice in the last week to report obvious drug dealing on our corner and the alley behind our house and officers showed up within minutes each time.

  • Rave: Shaw to Ward 6!

  • Rave: You’re back!!! And so are the animal fixes!
    Rant: I know my quasi-addiction to this blog is a bit much when I get angry at your guest blogger for changing the format up.
    Rant: Hitting 90 degrees in May makes me fear for the summer.

  • Rave: Dinner at 1905 last night was incredible. The lamb sandwich is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

  • Rave: Crack Baby Basketball!

  • Rave: unexpected trip to Vegas this weekend!

    Rant: in excitement of making plans for said Vegas-trip, temporarily forgot we have a cat. Now need to find someone to take care of kitty on a weekend when EVERYONE seems to be leaving town.

    • cats are capable of taking care of themselves for a few days. trust me…I have a few of my own….

      • claire

        Depends on the cat. My cat, for instance, is kind of a diva and I suspect she would become destructive if left alone for three days. I also feed her exclusively wet food which doesn’t work for being left out or put in a feeder.

        Anonymous – I’d offer to take care of your cat but I suspect my own cat wouldn’t play nice.

    • There’s a lady from the zoo who might be able to help you.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rant: I’m almost always in town for holidays…grumble grumble grumble.

      Rave: I get to take care of my friends’ sweet kitties. I could add you to the list.

    • boarding isnt an option?

      • Rant: Im in town this weekend as my significant other is leaving the country for a month.

        Rave: I get to take care of our cat (as featured on PoP 2 fridays ago) for said month.

      • me

        Boarding cats isn’t really like boarding dogs… cats freak out if they’re not in their familiar surroundings. Unless you’d be leaving them there for a week or more, it’s more traumatizing than it’s worth.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Payroll messed up paychecks again.
    Rave: They didn’t mess up mine!!

  • RAVE: POP – Great to have you back controling your realm.

    RANT: POP – When you aren’t the one updating your website…sigh!

  • RANT: When did everyone on 395, the GW Parkway, and Rock Creek Parkway all decide to stop using their turn signals, ever? It makes me want to get a giant neon sign to put on top of my car that says “Nice Blinker, D-Bag!”

    RAVE: Three day weekend, farmer’s markets, Nats are home.

    • I use mine, and people pretend they don’t see it. Makes me want to blare the Will Smith song “You saw my blinker, bi***.” That song comes into my head A LOT.

    • Nobody in DC uses turn signals. I have ranted about this several times in the past.

      Seriously, it’s like 30% compliance.

    • I put my left blinker on when I move to the right and vice versa.

      Sometimes I just put my hazzards on and jerk te wheel back and forth while I sing along to Britney Spears.

  • Rant: If I post something on Craigslist with a price that states “firm” that means I’m not willing to accept less than that number. Stop saying you will pay me $40 for the AC unit I used for less than 2 months and am asking $80 even though I paid $150!

    Rave: Husband’s birthday is today!

    Rant: Our last birthday stateside before we move to Hong Kong.

    • I’ll pay you $50 for that AC unit.

    • I’ll pay you $20

    • Like anything else, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

      • I had no problem selling it for the full $80. In fact had multiple full priced offers. But there were a decent amount of people who wanted to pay $40 or $50.

    • Try renting a place on Craigslist. When someone starts trying to negotiate the price I mentally cross them off my list. It’s a BIG red flag that they’re going to be difficult or won’t be able to make their payments on time. And it’s inconsiderate to the landlord who’s getting 40 responses a day and has to waste time dealing with the 20% who think you should rent to them for less.

  • Rave: Memorial Day weekend!
    Rant: I have to bring home work. ::cracking whip::

  • Rave: pr0n
    Rant: p0wn

  • Rave: Rolling Thunder
    Rant: Thunderdome

  • Rant: The new, global warmed, mid-Atlantic summer weather. Every summer, the number of cloudless days dwindles, making nearly every day an ugly, cloudy, always a threat of rain, humid, hazy mess. DC has never been anyone’s idea of a summer weather paradise, but at least we actually used to have a decent amount of unfiltered sunshine with the heat and humidity.

  • Rant: I had to turn on the AC last night. Only it wouldn’t run. Hot night, but not in that fun way.

    Rant: compressor blown out by power surge, so need a new unit.

    Rave: it comes tomorrow and insurance should cover it!

    • I bought my house last February and it was too cold during the home inspection to test the AC. Thankfully it works, but it’s so loud! We’ve been doing without it– I’d rather be hot than have all that noise.

  • Rant: New house used to have 4 cats — still smells of cat pee when you open the door.
    Rave: Friends have suggested “Nature’s Miracle” to remedy the pee issue — picked some up last night — fingers crossed.
    Rant: Thought I rocked a meeting yesterday, but then boss said “That did NOT go well” after — no idea what to do to make it better.
    Rave: Less than 48 hours until the annual beach trip to the Outer Banks with friends — CANNOT WAIT!

    • houseintherear

      Quick tip… If you have hard wood or laminate floors, you could try mopping with a bit of diluted vinegar. If you have carpet, get it replaced but not before mopping the subfloor with vinegar.

      Vinegar is the real nature’s miracle.

      • MsNesbitt

        Agreed. White vinegar works best.

        • I’ve had good luck with vinegar as well. It’s at least as good as NM, although it doesn’t smell as nice. And it works beutifully on surfaces that an enzyme cleaner would destroy– like a wool rug.

    • Setting fire to your house would also get rid of the smell.

  • Rant: We suck!

    Rave: No one will die of a heart attack from the shock of this news.

    • i got a 75.
      seriously? blinkers on at 100 feet? bullshit. not in city driving.

    • I’m usually not one to brag, but I got a 95%, so you’ll all be happy to know that I’m not part of the problem.

    • The stupid test won’t render properly in my browser, but what kind of questions are they asking? Not that we shouldn’t know them, but a lot of those driving rules just aren’t applicable to an urban environment.

      • The only one I remember that doesn’t quite work in an urban environment is requiring drivers to use their blinkers at least 100 feet from an intersection. If the block is short than 100ft, then it would look like you’re turning at the street *before* the one you want… whatever.

        What other driving rules do you think might not apply in the city?

        • Questions that have to do with wildlife crossing or falling rock symbols on signs, or proper protocol for single-lane roads or intersections that have neither a stop sign nor a light.

          • Fair enough. I was just curious. Good to know those things, though, if you drive to the country… although one might argue:

            – wildlife crossing: Rock Creek Park (deer)
            – falling rocks: ditto, potentially. there are some small steep, rocky hills.

    • When you approach a stopped school bus with flashing red lights, you should:
      Stop when approaching a bus from either the front or the rear
      Slow when approaching a bus from the front or rear
      Stop only when approaching a bus from the front
      Stop only when approaching a bus from the rear

      uh… arent 1 and 2 the same?

      • saf

        No. One says “Stop” and the other says “Slow.”

      • “stop” vs “slow”.
        If you’re only required to ‘slow’ rather than ‘stop’, then you could pass the bus, thereby running over somebody’s careless kid, who didn’t look before running out into the street. Frickin’ kids.

      • oh wow, I need to concentrate on the details more. I read it over and over again with stop as word #1 in both choices.

    • uh ok so I took the whole test and there are problems with it:

      When you tailgate other drivers (drive close to their rear bumper):
      You can frustrate the other drivers and make them angry
      Your actions cannot result in a traffic citation
      You help reduce traffic congestion

      The book answer is 1, but I dont understand how 2 is incorrect.

      When you are merging onto the freeway, you should be driving:
      At or near the same speed as the traffic on the freeway
      5 to 10 miles per hour slower than the traffic on the freeway
      The posted speed limit for traffic on the freeway

      Option 1 is the book answer, but option 3 seems reasonable as well. What if cars are all going 10mph over the speed limit, is it legal to also do that when merging?

      • I’ve seen cops positioned on Virginia highways so they can pull people over (presumably) for that.

      • If tailgating is a ticket-able offense (which I’m almost positive it is), then it *can* result in a citation.

        About the other question, it’s safer to merge onto a highway at the going speed of the highway (if you’ve ever had some slow-ass mofo merge in front of you at a much-too-slow speed, then this should make sense), though maybe not technically legal. I assume they want you to merge safely, even if a little over the limit, then slow to the limit as soon as is safely possible.

        • Given a choice between one of the other, aren’t you supposed to be following the law, not playing it safe?

          • In this case, I think going a little faster than the limit is safer than pulling into speeding traffic too slowly, which is much more likely to result in somebody slamming into your rear bumper.

          • That’s not what the co pwould sya as he’s writing the ticket though.

          • Yeah, I know. The cop is never wrong no matter what the law says.

      • Tailgating is definitely a ticketable citation. Been there, done that, framed the ticket… It was the NJ Turnpike; 2 lane high speed highway. To quote the officer, “You have a pattern of approaching vehicles and riding close to them (questionable, definitely not an unsafe distance) until they move over to the right lane.”

        • Why would you be tailgating on the Turnpike of all places? If you’re going 65 mph or so and the person in front slams on their brakes you wouldn’t be able to stop in time to avoid hitting them.

          People around here like to complain about NJ drivers, and then they turn around and do stupid things like that.

      • What if all of the cars are going 40 mph below the speed limit?

        Also, I’ve been pulled over for driving too close to the car in front of me, but it was in illinois. If it were here three cars would have cut in front of me to take up the extra space.

        • About as likely as everyone riding an ostrich to work. You’re also supposed to apply common sense to your driving.

          • what?

            my point is that you’re not going to merge at the posted speed limit on a highway in stand-still rush hour traffic. Example: 495 every morning.

            Unless of course you’re on an ostrich, then you can split lanes.

          • The correct answer to the quiz question was that you should merge “at or near the same speed as the traffic on the freeway”. It doesn’t say to merge at the posted speed limit. If I implied that, I didn’t mean to.

            If the traffic is at a standstill, use your noodle and follow the law. You’ll be fine.

            Just please, please, scoop up your ostrich poop!!

  • how have decent Catholics of the world not stormed the vatican?

    your sect will die off if you do not do something.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Three-day weekend.

    Rave: Friends coming to visit.

    Rant: Friends with small child want to go sight-seeing when the closest Metro stations are closed and all kinds of stuff is going on at the Mall this weekend. Wish they had told me this earlier. I really want to see them but I also really just want to sit on my bum, grilling meals, drinking tasty beverages, working on a quilt or some other low-sweat project. I feel like a bad friend.

    • me

      Don’t feel like a bad friend. You’re a good friend for giving them a place to stay and spending some time with them- you’re not their tour guide. I’m sure that if they’re cool enough, they won’t mind grabbing a cab and doing it themselves. Trust me, I’ve been there.

  • Rave: General Mladic captured
    Rant: The thousands of Bosnians who died in Srebrenica

  • Rant: Thunder game
    Rave: Phillies game

  • Rant: People who insist that there’s less traffic in the suburbs of Northen VA than on my quiet residential street. I used to live out there, and it would take 10-15 minutes just to find a break in the traffic to make a left turn onto my street. Even at 9 pm! There’s a reason insurance rates are higher out there.

  • Rant: I woke up at 3am this morning to a police chase ending in my carport, with the suspect hiding out there, police standing in the alley with their guns drawn yelling at the suspect to come out and drop his weapon. The police got the suspect, then stayed in the alley interviewing him for quite a while longer. I think I heard them say something about a car theft, but I haven’t seen anything on the DC Fire & EMS Twitter.

    I live near the Petworth metro stop on Quebec Pl.

    Any idea what was going on?

  • In light of all the stolen bike stories, some of you may be interested in this note we just received from building management:

    If you left your blue bicycle on the bike rack in the 1425 K garage please remove it by tomorrow. It has been there for several months.
    Thank you

    So apparently if you’re looking for a bike, there’s one for the taking.

  • Rant: People that do not know how to park and take up two spaces for one car caring only that they have a space and not for others who will come after them.

    Rave: 5 day weekend!

    • They might know how to park… they’re just inconsiderate and don’t want their car getting hit.

    • Anon, many people that have nice new cars like BMWs park this way because they don’t want the bumpers scratch or dent. This happens a lot in condense neighborhoods in Adams Morgan, DuPont Circle, Mount Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Georgetown, etc. I park like this too because people will park up on your bumper and do damage to your nice vehicle.

  • Using a turn signal requires 2 calories of energy. Twenty signals a day = 40 calories. That’s 14,600 calories a year. It takes 3,500 calories to burn a pound of fat – So if you use your turn signal regularly, you will loose 4 pounds a year!

  • Rave: Kudos to the U.S. Supreme Court for upholding Arizona immigration law fining businesses that hire illegals.

  • Rave: I am glad to see a 3 day weekend. I can sleep and relax for 3 days.

  • Rant: Marion Barry was disrespectful at today’s DC Council hearing on redistricting.

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