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  • bfinpetworth

    Rave: Seattle for the week

    Rant: Miss my dogs!

  • Rave: Saw a man on a handicapped scooter tearing his way north up North Capitol Street in the southbound lanes last night at 3:30AM while out trying to get our 5 1/2 month old to go back to sleep! Funny things you see in the middle of the night!

    Rant: Said 5 1/2 month old has decided he is ready to crawl! It is way too early for this milestone for his two mommies!!!!!!

    • (Lady) Bro: Mine started crawling around 5 months. It does seem early, but cheer the fact that it’s better than having a baby that doesn’t sit up until he’s 12 months. Be prepared for him to start standing/skimming by 8-9 months (which mine did). One word: babyproofing.

      I totally remember the days of late-night wandering in my pajamas with the baby strapped to my chest, praying I don’t get stabbed. I think the heat finally forced me to sleep train her. Good luck!

      • I don’t remember when darling child #2 started to crawl but she was walking at 8 months. Get ready for a wild ride.

    • Thanks for the warnings! We are quickly starting to babyproof and luckily for us he doesn’t crawl too quickly yet.

  • Rave: Ocean City or bust

    Rant: when i pick up my dog’s poop and put it in the green trash can in front of your place, don’t give me attitude. first, at least i’m picking up after my dog (frustrates me beyond belief when people leave it there) and second, i believe the side of the trash can says “property of the district of columbia” so until i am contacted by the DC govt, i believe i will continue to put my poop in your can.

    • I pick up my dog’s poop, as well, and realize it’s convenient to drop it into the nearest trashcan. But depositing any refuse, especially dog waste, into a trash can that is used by another person is inconsiderate.

      • Before my dear 14-year-old dog died, I used to deposit her bag of joy in the trash cans by the bus stop. Those seem to get emptied with some regularity, ie. more than once a week.

      • inconsiderate? really? its a trash can, not handicapped parking. maybe their trashcan shouldn’t be sitting in the middle of the sidewalk blocking the pathway.

        • me

          Yeah, really. Poop, if left in a container for even an hour, can make it smell a lot worse than when it just has trash in it (even smelly trash). And bringing it back up to your house, in your garage, brings the poop smell with it. Not cool.

      • I wouldn’t put it in an individual’s home can, that’s pretty rude, but not putting it in a public can is just crazy talk.

      • aww… pardon if putting poop in a trash can is inconsiderate and hurts your feelings.

      • That’s my rule. It goes into a public trashcan (with the bag tightly closed) but never in someone else’s, even if it’s out for trash day and hasn’t been picked up yet.

        When I lived in the burbs our lovely neighbors would dump their smelly diapers into our trash can, AFTER trash pickup. We had to stop putting the can out.

    • The can may be the property of DC, but (please correct me if I’m wrong) residents of the property are responsible for the waste placed inside them.

      Also, DPW does not endorse your behavior: http://dpw.dc.gov/DC/DPW/Education+and+Outreach/Brochures+and+Fact+Sheets/Dog+Duties

      • Whoops. After reading DPW guidelines, I guess the bus stop idea wasn’t so great after all. Sorry.

        • Whatever. I put the poop in the public trash cans in a biodegradable bag, along with a good deal of trash I pick up on my walk.

          And yes, the bus stop garbage cans are the best, as they do get emptied more frequently, in my nonscientific opinion.

          Putting it in other peoples cans… bad form.

          Kicking a dog for any reason other than self-protection in case of attack… a person who needs to leave this planet, and hopefully before reproducing.

          • I don’t know if you’re referring to my post, but the kicking was purely hypothetical and only to make a point. I thought that was obvious, but if not, my apologies.

            Of course it’s not OK to kick dogs except for self-protection.

          • Oh no – I got that. Sadly, I have seen a few dogs kicked (and a kid feigned kickign my dog on a walk last week), so i think my ire got raised up. No apologies needed.

        • Can somebody tell me, what are the public trash cans for? I don’t see anything wrong with putting doggie poop in a plastic bag in a public trash can.

      • they also don’t endorse crouching down to pick it up. i guess i’m just an outlaw

    • houseintherear

      If their can is not secured in the yard, it’s fair game.

    • You’re an inconsiderate prick.

      Here’s why: When you put your dog’s waste in someone else’s can, one of two things can happen. First, the homeowner unwittingly puts trash on top of your dog’s crap and ruptures the bag. Second, DPW collectors reach into the can, only picking out the large bags and leaving your dog’s crap behind. Said crap continues to sit in the can, stinking up the place.

      It’s your dog — take responsibility for it and don’t place the burden on the rest of us. Or are you that selfish in other areas of your life?

      • well, maybe when DPW decides not to pick up trash at 8:30am, blocking traffic and causing backups for several blocks then perhaps i’ll be more considerate and thoughtful of them. it goes both ways, d-bag.

        • Whatever you might think about DPW, it’s not fair to your neighbor to put dog crap into his/her trash can.

        • It has nothing to do with DPW and everything to do with the homeowners whose cans you’re using. Is your reading comprehension that bad?

          And a the very definition of d-bag is someone who takes out his or her frustration about DCDPW on the area’s homeowners. Nice.

          • like you said, it has nothing to do with DPW. it has everything to do with people in this city walking around and feeling entitled. it’s a trash can. unless people are eating sunday dinner in theirs, its not going to be the cleanest place.

            actually my reading comprehension is just fine. how’s yours?

            “Second, DPW collectors reach into the can, only picking out the large bags and leaving your dogโ€™s crap behind. Said crap continues to sit in the can, stinking up the place.”

          • So you admit that you take out your frustrations about city services on citizens? The other poster is right, you really should have your mental health looked after.

            And no one is saying that it inconveniences DPW. The DPW people often reach into cans, therby leaving the crap in the homeowner’s can to fester in the heat. Like I said, reading comprehension, man.

          • And yes, we ARE entitled to not have to clean up your dog’s crap. You, on the other hand are not entitled to leave it wherever you want.

        • you should have those mental issues of yours looked at. it’s not healthy.

          • Mental illness is nothing to joke about. Many Americans are suffering from some type of mental health disorder. There’s still a stigma regarding mental illness.

        • I don’t understand this line of reasoning. Is it OK to kick a dog because its ignorant owner puts dog shit in my trash can? ‘Cause that’s the kind of logic you’re proposing here.

          In your mind, DPW pisses you off = You can illegally dump trash in someone else’s trash can. So what does the aggrieved innocent homeowner get to do to someone else? And to whom can he do it?

      • +1. Anonymous from 11:21 a.m. was maybe a little harsh, but then again anon from 10:56 a.m. sounded unbelievably defiant in his/her response to the neighbor. Damn straight I’d be annoyed if someone did that to my trash can too!!

      • Exactly. No one wants a poo parfait in their personal trashcan. If desperately caught out miles from home or a street can, and the residential can is already out for pick-up that day, you might open a top-most garbage bag already inside, insert your bag of poo and securely re-tie the bag.

        • houseintherear

          Then WHY ON EARTH DO THEY LEAVE THEIR TRASHCAN OUT!? If it’s in their yard, like I said, it’s on their property and it’s secured. I’m not going to walk into someone’s yard to use their trash can. If it’s sitting in the alley or on the sidewalk, ILLEGALLY I MIGHT ADD, it’s fair game.

          • thats like saying if a car is illegally parked, it’s okay to put trash in it. it’s not.
            act like an adult houseintherear. you’re all growns up now.

          • So you actually sit watching your trashcan constantly on pick-up day from 7a.m. to whatever time they come to snatch it back (to LEGAL turf) the minute it’s emptied?

          • I have to put out my trash cans the night before. They come while I’m at work, and I put them back in the yard when I get home. During the 8 hours or so in between, they sit exposed, vulnerable to bags of poop, or any other random detritus my lovely neighbors want to toss in there.

            I think likely yours are the same.

            And if you think someone will refrain from throwing trash in your trashcan just because it’s across that magic line that marks the edge of your property, then you’re delusional.

          • houseintherear

            Forgive me for being not an adult, Anonymous. I live on a alley street, and almost every single household leaves their trash cans out in the alley/street. People driving through often have to get out of their cars to move the cans. It’s disgusting, an eye-sore, and very rude, and although the ANC has frequently reminded them that this is a ticketable offense in DC they do not put them in their own yard. So to me, this is an issue that is incredible frustrating and indicates a homeowner’s lack of respect for their city and neighbors. I guess it’s not such a big deal to others, and I get that. Sorry for upsetting you so.

          • Houseintherear, if you get your councilmember on the issue, he/she can get the DPW people to come by and actually enforce the rule about not leaving trash cans in the alley except during the window of time they’re allowed to be out there (i.e., from 6 p.m. the night before trash pickup day unti 8 p.m. the day of trash pickup).

          • According to http://dpw.dc.gov/DC/DPW/Services+on+Your+Block/All+Services/Residential+Trash+Collection, you can put your trash can out after 6:30 the night before and leave it out until 8 pm the day of collection.

            Even when our trash can is off the street, people dump their dog shit, half-eaten sandwiches, half-empty bottles, vomit-stained clothing, and the like in it to fester until we discover it on the next collection day.

            You people who use private trash cans as if they’re public ones should know that your trash usually ends up on the street. The trash collectors don’t take the time to pick out your little contributions; they just grab the big bag and go. And I’m not going to lean in to my trash can to pluck out your shit. It would be much more convenient if you would just throw your trash on the ground in the first place.

    • Make sure it’s tightly contained in an environmentally-unfriendly bag and will not decompose for at least 500 years, and they’ll be happier.

    • I actually take my dog’s poop home with me, but I take my own poop from home and put it on the street.

  • pablo .raw

    When I was a kid, I used to sit in front of the TV with my dad to see this Super Champion fighting and defeating his rivals.
    Rave: I met him yesterday http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/

  • Rave: Unexpected free lunch today!

    Rant: Too many Random Reader Rant and/or Revel posts today! PoP would never do this more than twice a week! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rave: CAPTCHA – H8 NY ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave: our front yard just got landscaped courtesy of a DC program to reduce storm water runoff, and we only had to pay for 10 percent of it!

    Rant: We also had to pay $60 for an emergency no parking permit to allow for the landscaping truck to park in front of our house.

    Rave: While increasing our cost of the landscaping by %50 or so, it’s still nowhere near the value we received from the program ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bummed that I now have to wait until Oct 21st to be raptured.

  • Rant: I miss PoP!!! Two, most likely 3, days with no afternoon animal fixes. And this shenaniganery about guessing when your neighbors paper will move from their roof is no bueno. You suck Lord of Petworth!!!!

    Rave:Hopefully some of the PoP haters will realize how spoiled we are by his version of the beautiful life!

    • Just for balance, I will say that the afternoon “animal fix” is the one feature on this blog that I automatically ignore. Literally never look at it, I just scroll on by.

      And I like LoP’s exploration of some quirkier aspects of city living. It’s a nice change from PoP’s seemingly endless stream of “new burger/froyo/cupcake joint” posts.

    • I love you too, C Money.

      No fear, PoP will be back tomorrow. I think you’ll make it.

      • I was going to hold back, but it is a rant section after all. And I did use your LoP title instead of your name, as I’m sure you’re a wonderful person even though I don’t enjoy your blogging.

    • Rave: PoP makes sure to have a guest blogger fill in for him while he is away so that we have fresh material to read.

      Rave: LoP stepping up as a guest blogger even when its likely that no matter what he posts, he will get criticized by at least one commenter who was probably the same kid in school who, whenever there was a substitute whined, “But thats not the way our teacher does it!”

      Rant: my run-on sentences.

  • Rant: I have had absolutely zero patience for the past two days. I’m irritated and annoyed by everything, including people and things I normally like. This is not normal for me and I think I really need some time off. This three day weekend can’t come fast enough!

    Rave: Bookending this weekend by taking Friday off as well. Happiness.

    • I spend an inordinate amount of my time being annoyed by a variety of things. Recently heard about a new book entitled Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us, so I ordered it, thinking that knowing the science behind my annoyance might help. GET THIS–tracking shows it was delivered last Friday–nope! So now I’m annoyed that my book on annoyance didn’t show. Amazon gave me great customer service about it though, so I’m not annoyed with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy long weekend!

  • me

    Rant: What. The. Hell. Yet another random rant or revel. Only stories on here are “This is what happened to me” or “This is what I want answered. What do you think about MY situation?” Giving up on this blog until Dan comes back.

    Rave: Father-in-law is coming over the weekend to install all of the new lighting fixtures we bought a few weeks ago and have no idea how to put in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: All the haters.
    Rave: I love PoP but I enjoy the guest bloggers when he rarely takes time off. It’s a little change of pace and it’s fun.
    Thanks: LoP, I like your posts.

  • I heard the story about this book on NPR and thought it was really funny/compelling. I’ll probably be ordering it, too, though hopefully without the annoyance you encountered. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Why do LoP posts garner so many more comments than usual? THREE of yesterday’s posts went over the 100 mark. One went over 200.
    Is he pulling a Scott Adams and sock puppeting the threads himself? Are the haters racking up the numbers by repeatedly posting how stuff is lame?
    (Count me in with the folks who enjoy the occasional PoP hiatus and change of pace.)

  • Rave: Shakin’ it
    Rant: Breakin’ it

  • Rave: Rants
    Rant: Raves

  • Rave: That LoP steps in and takes over the blog when PoP is out of town. I appreciate PoP’s posts more (just my personal preference), but, as has been stated, PoP is largely about the comments/community anyway! Without LoP (or another substitute) we wouldn’t have had anywhere to convene these past few days!

    Rave: The discussion about how to best dispose of dog excrement. I find it entertaining.

    Rant: It’s too hot out for my personal tastes. I’m sure I will survive, I just don’t like it!

  • Rave: Bringing it on.
    Rant: Taking it off.

  • Rave: Pop and Lock
    Rant: Stop and Drop

  • Rant: idiot boss micromanages everything to death then gets mad about asking how she wants something done.
    Rave: House demo done, waiting on the kitchen and finish work. Excited to get out if the inlaw apartment.

    • Do we work for the same boss?

      Oh wait, have to run to a meeting, so we can talk about how we need to have more meetings.

  • Rant: Rainy holiday weekend forecast. Nothing like a tornado to ruin a nice boat ride.
    Further rant: Working on Memorial Day
    Rave: Pool time!

  • Rave: The Park Police horse was whinnying up a storm on his way down 19th Street in Dupont this morning.

    Rant: My A/C appears to be out. Gonna be a long, hot weekend … and not in the way I want.

  • You folks might like to know that PoP pre-loaded all these Rant/Raves before he left. I had nothing to do with them. However, they are great. Keep ’em coming.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Got in trouble today for being pissed that the payroll department could not explain why they doubled one of my deductions and wouldn’t give the money. After a week of annoying calls and emails with no info I blew up and dropped a couple of f-bombs to the cunt-faced bitch on the phone. Payroll fucked up and I get in trouble.

    Rave: I’m changing my name to Milton.

    • pablo .raw

      Milton, You made me laugh, I can’t imagine you dropping f-bombs, etc. You looked like a very sweet person that day when we met. Sorry that you are going through that kind of trouble!

      • Emmaleigh504

        ๐Ÿ™‚ I cuss like a sailor. I think I even describe your picture as “fucking awesome” to my sister.

  • Rant: Morons who can’t fathom why it’s uncool to leave dog poop in someone else’s trashcan.

    Rant: The never-ending debate of cyclists vs. motorists. Seriously, it’s all been said. Let us never speak of it again.

    • Let’s do walkers v. runners instead!

      • Only if we can devote 97 posts to what the best way to run to work is. This should feature mentions of wet wipes and instructions on how to properly shower in a bathroom stall.

  • Baby Ducklings!! (Sorry for the sweetness, bordering dangerously close to animal fix) But all 7 in Meridian Hill fountain (hatched Saturday) are still doing well.

    • Emmaleigh504


    • They were adorable this morning, all swimming and happy. Whoever put the board in the water was awesome.

      My dog was utterly confused by what they were, as tehy were swimmign around. She kept looking, then hiding by the wall, then looking at tehm again. Her being a bird dog… I was amused at her confusion.

  • Rant: Had application for new medical insurance in for a month. When I went to check on the application they informed me that DC was in a blackout period and no new policies would be issued and they didn’t know how long this would last. Couldn’t they tell me this weeks ago so I wouldn’t have wasted my time.

    Comment: Please Lord, where’s the house porn? All this bitchin’ is fun but I need real estate eye candy.

  • Rant: POP like to screen comments before posting. Sometimes, my comments don’t get posted due to political correctness.

  • Rave: Summer!
    Rant: Just turned the AC on for the first time, and it STINKS. I think one of the cats puked down the vent ๐Ÿ™

  • RANT: Hill East redistricting that will break up the Capitol Hill neighborhood and give part of it, the part that needs serious redevelopment, to Alexander, who will have no interest in serving it because it’s separated from the rest of her ward by the Anacostia.

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