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  • O I like you Lord.

  • Poor kitty. It clearly wondered away from its owners in Eckington. If no one claims it, you should give/throw it to a child there.

  • Rant: People who stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

    Even worse Rant: Groups of people who stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

    • Also – people who stop and/or don’t walk quickly off escalators. Self-awareness people!

      • add Metro to that list. Step off the train and KEEP MOVING! argh!

        • How ’bout when they are stepping INto the train. Fifty people trying to get in the door before the chimes and they take a step in, lay out a blanket, and luxuriate in all the open space between the doors.

          Hey TSM, you ever make it over there to The Derby? How’d that work out for you?

          • Who dis?
            Not sure if you’re someone I actually know, or if this is a snark-ish comment aimed at me because I don’t particularly like the Derby? 🙂

            I’ve been there twice in the last few days, in fact. Not my favorite joint, but I had fun seeing some friends….

          • Two Words:

            Elbowin theback

    • +1 million

  • Surely the flyer was a joke??

    • No, I put it up. Its not a joke, thats one mean kitty. I hope we find its owner soon, I’m running out of newspaper and my house is starting to stink.

      Should I take it to the animal shelter? I’m afraid they’ll euthanize it…

      • That critter waddled into my backyard on Webster St. Saturday night. We did not have words, but two of the feral cats were awfully interested—while keeping a safe distance.

      • hahahaha.

    • MsNesbitt

      Seriously, you’re unsure if the flyer is a joke?

  • I quit smoking today. Ask me tomorrow if that’s a rant or a rave.

    • I quit last week…the first couple of days were tough, but it seems to get a little better every day…good luck!

      • Rave: People who quit smoking! You can totally do it!! Hang in there… not smoking is way better! And yes, I used to smoke.

        • After smoking 3 packs a day for nearly 50 years, my father managed to kick the habit after a stroke. He said it was surprisingly easy, once he finally did it. Taking up smoking was the single greatest regret he had. Had he never started, he certainly would have lived longer.

          • Who has TIME to smoke SIXTY cigarettes a day? That’s a serious schedule commitment.

            I was smoking about six a day. Less on weekends, more on stressful workdays. At 1pm, I would be going out for my second or third of the day. As it is, I’m on my second piece of gum. Feeling good. No craving. Don’t like how much I’m thinking about it, though. Not wanting it per se, but definitely thinking about it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Quitter, it was easier to smoke 60 a day before you had to go outside for every cigarette. I remember when people would smoke in the grocery store, and I’m not that old.

          • well done, everyone! one of the reasons I never started is b/c I knew I’d never be able to quit. that said, the more tools you have in your quitting arsenal, the better you’ll fare…

  • Quickie supposedly-anonymous hook-ups who turn into stalkers.

  • Rant: My shoe was eaten by a Metro escalator.
    Rave: Random stranger trying his hardest to pull said shoe out of the escalator’s death grip. My shoe is beyond ruined, but he at least got enough of it out so I could walk a couple of blocks to the office. THANK YOU STRANGER!!!!

  • Rant: I miss Dan’s concise, non-rambling blog posts.

    Rave: Sunny skies, and the ability to close my office door.

  • OK, seriously? That’s a photo of a possum. This is a joke, right?

  • that my be the ugliest cat i have ever seen.

    Rant: People who do not know road etiquette – whether it be pedestrians, bicyclists, or other drivers. First, pedestrians should only cross in designated crossings. If you don’t, you need to understand that i’m not the type to slow down. i will speed up to scare you a bit. don’t give me a dirty look just because i rev my engine at you and your child. And bicyclists – honestly, make an effort to stay to the right if there isn’t a bike lane. managing to take up two lanes while going 2 miles an hour is really just dangerous and annoying. Your self-righteousness is the reason i steer my car in whatever direction it takes to prevent you from getting ahead of me. and if you succeed, i turn on my windshield wipers and “accidently” hit my horn. And other drivers – it is not your right to be let into my lane. more often than not, you’ll get in front of me and immediately stop or go extremely slow. Green/yellow light does not mean stop. you can still make it.. now go. My biggest pet peeve that will throw me into a road rage frenzy… do not take up both lanes. if you do, i will hate you and make it known to you.

    i actually feel a little better

    • Ladies and gentleman, we have met the only good driver in the world!

      I can smell the passive aggression from here.

    • I dislike bikers and jerk pedestrians, but you know what i hate even more? The people who wont f’ing let me merge, like you. You know how much time you’ll waste if you let me in? Negligible. But you insist on being in front of me, you have road rage, and you deserve to lose your license.

      I actually feel a little better.

      • Ugh, you’re probably one of those people who cut in front of drivers who’ve been waiting patiently to go northbound on Rock Creek Parkway towards Beach Drive… crossing a solid white “you can’t merge here” line and making good drivers wait, and wait, and wait some more.

        Why’s your time more important than mine again?

    • All of you car drivers are lame…merging or otherwise.

    • you know where is awesome for drivers? idaho. you know where isn’t? cities.
      you are doomed to frustration and ultimately a citation here in dc.

      • DC is not NYC. We are somewhat car friendly and somewhat public transit friendly. Unless you plan your life out very strategically, you are doomed to frustration if you DON’T have a car in the DC area. But that’s not to say you have to drive everywhere either.

        • You are wrong. I have not used a car here since moving here in 2007. The true fallacy is believing it is somehow hard to not use a car. I live a quite full and non-strategic lifestyle, thank you.

    • saf

      “i will speed up to scare you a bit. don’t give me a dirty look just because i rev my engine at you and your child.”

      And the day that you hit a pedestrian?

    • “Your self-righteousness is the reason i steer my car in whatever direction it takes to prevent you from getting ahead of me”.

      And your naked, dangerous aggression is the reason why bikers do these things to protect themselves against people who nonchalantly play games with another person’s life. I really hope that when these actions lead to an accident you actually spend time in jail. I’m sure that will be worth the 30 seconds you would have saved on your commute.

    • This HAS to be sarcasm.


    • Fuck off.

      Rant: People who rant about traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists. Shut the fuck up already. Nobody cares that you had to spend an extra 20 seconds in your car because someone didn’t get out of your way fast enough. Good god, why are these assholes in such a hurry to get to Maryland and Virginia, anyway? I’ve been to both states, and honestly, I can’t think of any reason I’d need or want to rush there.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m bored with work.

    Rave: I can fritter away my time on Pop even when the Prince is away, thanks to the Lord.

  • THAT’S MY CAT!!! Does anyone have the last four digits?

  • I actually did genetics research on that in grad school. We discovered that possums and cats are actually remarkably closely related philogenetically– over 98.5% identical at the intron level, somewhat less (approx. 83% at the exon level), suggesting marsupial divergence from mammalia some 180 million years ago. Point is you are all correct. It is a cat; it is a possum; it is a joke.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: Allergies. Oh my god, my allergies. I’ve tried everything to fight ’em, but either I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, or the meds are ineffective after a week or so. This is the only part of DC springtime that makes me wish it was winter again.

    Rave: Despite the forecasted thunderstorms for today, I was glad the sun was shining during my lunch break 🙂

  • Neither rant nor revel: I support this here substitute blog manager. Concise clarity and sunshine wit are fine but balls and swagger are refreshing as well. This is a blog, not the network news. So keep it up, whatever the hell your name is again. There’s room on this molten post-rapture fireball for a few different opinions to coexist with relative civility.

  • Rave: the new pup is getting along splendidly with his big “sister” and is a great camper and so-so swimmer!

    Rave: two long weekends in a row (camping in the Hudson Valley last weekend, Memorial Day here with friends this weekend)

    Rant: Owning my own business is seeming like a neverending money pit right now. I’m ready to not be so broke all the time.

    • what industry? I’m thinking about striking up on my own, but am afraid!!!

      • Fundraising and PR. Don’t get me wrong, there are many (many, many) benefits to being one’s own boss. But it’s just a money pit right now. I know it will get better, it’s the ebbs and flows that can be tough.

        I recommend it for the most part (like, the overwhelming majority is great) but my income is not steady or even all that predictable right now, and that part really hurts.

  • Rave: My gel manicure (first one) is amazing so far!

    No rants today!

    • Did you get gel or gel lacquer? I’ve become a HUGE fan of the gel lacquer b/c it’s easier to remove than the gels and lasts for over a month, which blew my mind the first time I had it done.

    • Rave: I have no idea what that means, and I’m pretty sure I’m glad about that.

  • I just put a large piece of chocolate fudge cake in a bowl … then poured milk over it and am eating it with a spoon.

  • My rant concerns bus drivers on the southbound 70 and 71 line who routinely ignore the stop at Webster St., and the people waiting there, and just speed past at about 20mph over the speed limit.

    • @ Uneeda? Judging by the capacity of the AM 79 when it gets to Kennedy, if any of the other non-express buses are THAT PACKED, then they’re doing it on purpose b/c there’s no more room and nobody requested a stop.
      If it’s an empty bus, I got nothin.
      I noticed when my stop gets really crowded and a packed bus comes, they will often pass the stop and pull over on the next block to unload people and speed off before anyone waiting can make it down to the bus.

  • Rant – the traffic pattern at NY & Florida Ave is the dumbest work of city planning I have ever seen. Nice work DDOT.

  • Being married isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Is it wrong to want to be by yourself for the rest of your life? I miss being a single man and living alone. I would like a new BMW. LOL

  • My rant; I hate when the warm weather is here because hoodlums, criminals, and loud mouth residents are on the streets late a night making noise. I wish it could be cold weather year round with rain to help keep some of the hoodlums off the streets of DC.

  • Rant: People who tell me (when they see me with my kid) that they know how hard it must be having a kid because they “have a dog, and that’s a lot of work and a lot like having a baby”. Raising a dog is not like raising a kid.

    I’ve seriously been told this about 6 times, and it makes me want to slap b*tches upside the head.

    Rave: I like being a dad AND a dog owner.

    • you’re taking it wrong. people are just empathizing that it’s hard work.

      or they are saying that your kid is super ugly.
      one of those.

    • Maybe it’s your particular kid that is making everyone think it is such hard work?

      • Maybe it’s when he’s flipping out, but why would a dog owner even think they could make me feel better by telling me that taking care of their dog requires a lot of energy? It’s a dog, not a person.

        That’s like telling someone who is taking care of a brain-damaged relative that they have a cat, and they have to clean up its poop too.

    • @Anon; why would someone compare raising a child to a dog? Children are human beings and dogs are animals.

    • Maybe your kid reminds people of a dog. Be honest with yourself.

  • Rave: I am so glad Oprah is going off the air. I am sick of hearing about this woman. LOL

  • I miss hearing the music by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Marvin Gaye was a native Washingtonian and attended Cardoza Senior High School. An’t No Mountain High is my favorite song by these 2 artist.

  • Rant: Do white gay males in DC have it better than black gay men? There seem to be a racial divide in the gay community and blacks aren’t included.

    • Rant: Do white straight males in DC have it better than black straight males? There seem to be a racial divide in the straight community and, um, blacks aren’t included.

    • “you know dc is a great town if you’re black, and its going to become a great town if you’re gay. and if you’re gay and black, you found heaven”
      -marion barry, 1972.

    • Definitely a racial divide. I don’t think it’s a racism thing as much as it is that black gays and white gays are struggling with such different issues. White gays are out there proudly fighting for rights, while blacks are either ostracized from their communities or terrified that their families will find out and disown them. The gay “agenda”, so to speak, usually does not address the terrifying environment that blacks gays face.

  • @Bloomingdude; interesting comment. LOL

  • Out of ignorance, most people think, the gay community is one big happy family. However, the gay community is embedded with racism. Black gay men aren’t inclusive in the mostly white gay world.

    Rant: Gay white men aren’t a minority. They are still a part of the majority white population in America.

  • Rant: Black gay men have two stikes against them in America. One is being a black male and the other is being gay. I don’t think white gay males have to deal with the same issues as black men in America, nor do they care. It’s all about them.

  • houseintherear

    I wonder if that’s the same “cat” my dog attacked and almost killed in my backyard last summer. If so, it should be missing a left eye. yum.

    Rave: I had a short twinge of wanting to start dating yesterday. This has not happened in over 2 years.

    Rant: Actually dating. What a drag. Especially when you’re a woman who doesn’t want kids and is kind of a b*tch.

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