Porter Street Residences Getting Huge Fence

We judged the Porter Street Residences here (located on Porter St, NW east of Connecticut toward Rock Creek Park and Mt. Pleasant.)

This is a bit disappointing, I kinda like this new building and the fence looks like it’s gonna be gigantic. I’ll be sure to follow up when it’s completely installed.

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  • I did not realize we were at war with China, but maybe they know something we don’t.

  • I had high hopes for this property and then I found out who was building it. Naturally it turned out to look like a public school / jail hybrid. I guess this tips the balance in favor of “jail,” with an added middle finger to all those who pass by.

    On the other hand it wouldn’t surprise me if the US State Department builds properties that look even worse.

  • Wait till the nimwads hear about this..

  • looks like a new college dorm / on campus apartment building

  • I don’t understand the disappointment with the fence… lots of fences all over town.

    And it hardly looks like a jail – college dorm maybe, but a prison it is not.


    • A tall fence like that? Definitely jail-ish. If it was three feet or less, that would be another story.

  • Better than before. Not great, but better.

  • Having been to US Embassies and Consulates abroad in countries that certainly pose no real threat to US interests, I can say that the fence they’re building is *nothing* compared to the reinforcements and other ugly security measures that most of them have.

    That said, it is a bit of a visual disappointment that the fence is going up. I sort of like the looks of the building otherwise.

  • What a serious waste of money and space. Developers like this should be fined and put on probation for their bad work.

  • andy

    Stay tuned. I think they were building the fence to hide Bin Laden.

  • Missing an obvious joke about the great wall of china here.

  • Aren’t there rules about fence height or is this considered embassy land? It does look a bit imposing. Kind of like a freeway wall. Then again that’s how most people drive on the stretch of road. Walking from MTP to Cleveland Park is a miserable experience thanks to the cars and buses whizzing by at insane speeds. Why there isn’t a speed camera there I don’t know. It alone would probably get the US out of debt with China. Then we could burn this ugly building to the ground!

    • Huh? Are you walking in the street?

    • Yeah, I remember Vincent Gray got fined for having a fence that was like 7 feet tall and these fence posts look way taller than that. Maybe they have diplomatic zoning immunity?!

    • You can go from MtP to Cleveland Park entirely on woodland trails through Rock Creek Park – taking you only an extra 2 blocks out of your way from the miserable trek down and up Tilden.

      Various trails will get you from MtP down to Peirce Mill – picnic area #1. Go south (left) across the big field where the sheltered picnic area is and find the Melvin Hazen trail on your right (don’t cross the little wooden bridge.)

      This easy trail will take you to Conn. Ave. one block north of the Cleveland Park Metro station.

    • They used to have a speed trap there, but took it out sometime in the last few years.

  • it is to keep out the bears

  • keepin’ it classy China, so classy!

  • Fence posts usually start out much higher than they end up, i.e. I believe they come in a standard height and then are cut down to fit the specific height requested by the customer. A house down the block from me started out this way and everybody freaked. In the end the fence was a normal height and everything was cool. Then again, this is China, which has a terrible human rights record. So they may be into big fences.

  • Actually, I think this looks pretty good. And I don’t get the surprise that a compound built to house foreigners who will be working as support staff for an embassy would be behind a fence or other security barrier. It’s certainly not uncommon for US embassy support staff living overseas to be housed in secure compounds. Given all of the anti-Chinese sentiment in this country, I don’t blame them for putting their embassy workers behind a fence.

  • I actually spoke to one of the residents who said they were hosting the international tetherball championships this summer.

  • fug-lee

  • The whole complex, fence and all are a heck of a lot better than what was there before.

  • Regardless of the fence. These residences look like some newly constructed college dorms for honor students (@ any major university USA). How about adding character to a neighborhood vs douching it up?

  • The building itself isn’t anything special but holy jeez if the fence is that big what a terrible idea. I walked by here the other day and noticed the fenceposts – seriously looks like it’s going to be a freeway wall.

  • Just wait until the barbed wire goes on at the top.

  • To my knowledge, these are dormotories for Chinese Embassy staffers, replacing or augmenting the housing they have at Connecticut & Kalorama. Considering that there are often protesters down there (human rights, Falun Gong types, etc.), I’m not surprised that the Chinese Embassy is interested in keeping some distance from the public.

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