PoP Sneak Peek: Tackle Box – Cleveland Park

Back in June ’10 we heard that Tackle Box would be opening up a 2nd location in Cleveland Park (other location is in Georgetown.) Tackle Box will be coming to the long vacant McDonald’s space at 3407 Connecticut Ave, NW. I had a chance to get a sneak peek of the space and the menu on Monday. If all goes well the space should be open by the end of this week. When the final permits are received I’ll update with an exact opening date. Below you can find the revamped menu:


The revamped menu will first be released in Cleveland Park and a couple of weeks later will be released in the Georgetown location. As for the Cleveland Park space itself – it is huge. It consists of two levels and has a similar feel to the Georgetown locale. For those who last remember the McDonald’s in this space – it will sorta blow your mind.

More photos after the jump.

Second floor

View from second floor

First floor


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  • Those beers and cocktail prices are great.

    What a renaissance CP has undergone. It was hilarious to me that media types and know-nothings were declaring CP dead during the midst of the recession. Turnover is often a good thing- leases of many older businesses that are obsolete or don’t keep up with the times expire, new businesses take their place. CP lost, what, a McDonalds, Starbucks, a couple tanning salons and a Cold Stone Creamery? And now you have a great French bakery/pastry shop (Cacao), awesome concept in Medium Rare (delicious and cheap!), cool wine bar (Ripple), an expanded Palena, and now Tackle Box with a bar component. CP has never been this good, in my opinion. I don’t live in the neighborhood but I’ve never had more reasons to frequent it.

    • I agree with Anonymous. Awesome selection of restaurants in CP. I live in Mt. Pleasant and love it but make the trip to CP when I want to eat out at something other than a latin restaurant.

    • Word up. Two Metro stops away from me, so I’m digging this. And nary a hipster to be found.

    • You so easily forget how long this spot was vacant.

  • wow, prediction: this will do gangbusters

  • Ate at the one in Georgetown. I don’t get the appeal. Greasy, flavorless menu and fake “we’re down-by-pier-so-poor-hygiene-is-acceptable” atmosphere. Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

  • I’m looking forward to trying the place, but that beer list is pretty pedestrian. That’s not all they have, is it?

  • food at the g-town spot is terrible. I really wanted to like it, but I will never go back. Their “famous fish tacos” were served on a taco-bell esque tortilla, drenched in white sauce and the fish was limp and greasy. It was gross. It really is like a fast food fish place. Concept is good, quality, not so much…

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