Panera Coming to Tenleytown

Thanks to a few sharp readers (and Anna in particular for sending the photos) for letting us know about the new Panera coming to 4501 Wisconsin Ave, NW right next to Payless and the Tenleytown metro. Panera is listed on the building permit:

Panera opened its first DC store in Dupont (also by the metro) back in Nov. ’10. We’ve also heard they are opening a spot in Columbia Heights (in DC USA) near IHOP. If I were a betting man, I’d say keep your eyes peeled for more near metro stations…

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  • I’d love to see a Panera near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro… although that’s probably wishful thinking, at least for the time being.

  • I could care less that it’s another chain in Tenleytown. I need asiago bread in my life, stat. Also, waiting six hours for a 30-bus won’t be nearly so bad anymore. YES.

  • Is it the kind of Panera-owned estbalishment where customers pay whatever they want?

  • It should be noted that coffee and tea will not be sold at this particular location.

  • I like the food they serve at Panera’s!

  • FINALLY! That building went up in ’09 and has been vacant since then. Glad to see something (relatively) useful go in there.

  • I love Panera. This news is SWEET. I see myself hanging out there quite a bit.

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