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  • Well unless it’s weekends too there is about a zero percent chance that I will ever make it to the Saloon for happy hour.

    Having said that I will happily pay full price to drink there because I think it is one of the best bars in town.

  • Ah man – don’t let the secret out!

    • Seriously…c’mon PoP let us have our neighborhood gems. Oh well, it’s regulated enough to keep it nice.

    • This was my first thought too, but the fact is, since they make you wait outside until a table frees up, it probably won’t change much. I wholeheartedly endorse this policy…and their beer list.

  • how can they have happy hour at saloon? i thought you weren’t allowed to talk there.

    • internal happiness.

    • Notice it’s not a happy hour, but a “beer hour.” You will drink your beer quietly, seated and without displays of emotion, which are grounds for ejection. These are the rules set forth by the Beer Nazi (or is it Beer Commie?) of U Street.

  • 3-5pm Happy Hour? Gee, thanks. Might as well call it Hipster Hour.

    • I’m 99% sure the Belgian beer hour is only on Saturdays. Saloon opens at 5 Tues-Fri and has the beer hour til 7.

  • You gotta love the local businesses that think about the unemployeed and part-time workers. Thank you!

  • Why are they using “Belgium” (and not “Belgian”) as an adjective?

    I see British people doing this a lot… is “Belgium” is a legit adjective over there?? Somebody please tell me it isn’t.

  • Marx cafe in mtp does Belgian beer night on Tuesdays. I believe it’s $2 off. Yes please!

  • Great bar.

  • So does the 5-7 “all fine draft beer” hour not include Belgians? First, why are Belgians not fine draft beer, and also, why would I come early if I can just wait around and have non-Belgian fine drafts?

  • Belgium beer hours are only on Saturdays, which is no doubt when this pic was taken.

    The Saloon opens at 5:00 on weekdays and 5:00-7:00 is $2 off draft beers (which are all German). When Commie talks about Belgian beer (or Belgium beer — give him a break, English isn’t his first language), he’s talking about beers in bottles with high alcohol content from Belgium, and not what’s on tap.

    The Saloon is a wonderful place if Commie likes you. Sit down, order a beer, and have quiet conversation. Do it once a week for a few months and you’ll be part of a pretty cool world you wouldn’t think existed on U Street. It’s kind of like Cheers, only run by an odd, benevolent Persian man.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Ah that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification! I’ve updated the title here.

    • I don’t mind “‘Belgium’ beer” from non-native speakers of English. It’s the native speakers who drive me nuts with it.

  • I’ve never been “quiet” there – just spoken in a normal face. Does he really have an issue with noise.

    Also, how is this place a secret??? It’s right on U Street, next to Ben’s Diarrhea Bowl and the Dentist of Last Resort. Hardly “hidden”.

  • Yes, he really has an issue with noise, and standing. But.. it really is a cool bar with great beer, and if yo are liked, it really is a cool place. But regulated it is, cuz if he don’t like you.. the wait for a beer is immense.

    he’s kinda like old man Maurice used to be at the Brick.

  • Prices on bottled beers aren’t great, and the he never changes the menu. However, I do like the rules and the lack of douchebags.

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