More Pizza for Bloomingdale – Bacio Pizzeria Coming Soon!

“Dear PoP,

While walking around the block this evening I noticed lights and activity at 81 Seaton Pl, NW home of the new Green Paws outfit. However, my attention was quickly diverted to the sign on the lower level storefront: ‘Bacio Pizzeria Coming Soon’. Katie bar the door! Can another sit down restaurant be sneaking into Bloomingdale?”

Wow, huge news! Interesting to note that it is basically around the corner of Rustik (1st and T St, NW) which also specializes in pizza. I wonder if this pizza will be the same style. Do you think two pizza spots can thrive so close together? I’ll be sure to update as more info becomes available.

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  • how can this place be sit down? the petstore will be upstairs. and the space is tiny. another take out place is not appealing to me at all.

  • We love going to Rustik…its so much more than just a pizza place. We are there at least once a week to meet up with friends for dinner. Try their brunch on Sundays, always a good crowd and excellent.
    However, now that Bloomingdale has two dry cleaners and two pizza places so close to each other, I’d like any new business to try and think a little more out of the box. A bakery would be fantastic. Also, I think that any business coming in to fill an empty space in the neighborhood is a good thing. I just hope that Bacio tries to offer the neighborhood something a little more than just basic pizza since there are plenty of places close by that already offer that type of menu. And since we live on the block, I’m sure we will be ordering/eating at Bacio too. Its nice to spend our hard earned money here in Bloomingdale.

  • I will personally see to it, as the delicacies of the Full Yum and New York Pizza do not appeal to me. In the interests of full disclosure, I love the Full Yum sign & it cracks me up every time I go by.

  • I live in Bloomingdale and appreciate the businesses that come to and believe in giving our ‘hood a chance. That said, I am not sure why we have TWO dry cleaners within a block, now TWO pizzerias. It is absurd considering how many other amenities we need and would flourish here.

  • I spoke with the owner this weekend. I actually accidentally showed some shock that another pizza place would be opening before I knew I was speaking in front of the owner. He seemed to take my accidental insult with good humor and said the pizza would be different, according to my understanding of our conversation, they’re going to focus on delivery and pick up and will work on getting patio seating down the road. There are some hiccups with Pepco that seem to frustrating.

    I admit I am skeptical about another pizza place, but if it provides a different service than Rustik and it keeps me from having to go as far as Italy Pizza DC or NY Pizza, all while keeping similar pricing and quality with those 2, it will be welcome addition to the neighborhood.

    Also, the pet store looks awesome.

  • Same as the rest, Thank you for bringing a business to the hood but Pizza would not be the first choice with Rustik already there, NY Pizza down the block and Shaw Tavern opening up in June with Pizza. May be it will start out that way and evolve. Pizza is very easy for a small place, the ingredients do not take up much storage room so it is easy for a new small place to work with Pizza.

    Anybody know what is going on in the old Laundromat at the Sylvan theater space? I saw them working inside it last week and it looked like all of the washers and dryers were gone.

  • I live in Bloomingdale and have mixed feelings about this two. I’m guessing we’re turning into Little Italy (which isn’t a bad thing), and everyone knows that Italian food inevitably results in sauce-splattered clothing requiring dry-cleaning.

    I hope one of these places figures out that they could make a fortune by offering gelato. I used to live in Del Ray (Alexandria) which is blessed with the Dairy Godmother. In the spring, summer and fall, the line to get custard snakes out the door. In the evening, people like to grab their kids and walk to a social spot for frozen-treat-lickin’. On a hot summer night, I’ll pass on pizza/pasta but run through gun fire for ice cream.

    • Just so you know, your new neighborhood actually has a rich Italian heritage that stretches back many generations.

    • Dairy Godmother rocks!

    • Boundary Stone pub. An English-style pub with American and English pub fare, if memory serves me correctly. Promises to be family-friendly. They have just begun demo and still need construction permits for the build-out as well as the many various other permits. So it is a ways off.

      • Permits are in hand and construction has already begun. They waited to get everything approved – which is why it took them so long to get started. On a small space like that it should not take long if there is good work behind the project and judging by the work done so far – this place will be pretty damn cool.

  • I agree with the ice cream theory! I’m ready to spend my summers walking around the area with ice cream cone in hand!

    • Just to make it clear — I also agree that any vacant building being filled is good. So I welcome our new pizza partners.

    • You’ll have to eat it quickly, because the summers here tend to be very hot, and your ice cream may start to melt!

  • If someone knows how to contact the owner of Bacio, please, please, please suggest to him or her ice cream/gelato! I Googled, but no luck.

  • Welcome to Bacio! Agree that a bakery/gelateria would be amazing, can you not use a pizza oven to cook baguettes?

  • I think they should have gelato in addition to the pizza–a win-win! Also, PLEASE Rustik, Bacio, someone do gluten free pizza. I would be there weekly if you did.

  • houseintherear

    Good heavens. If you’d like a gelato place or bakery in our neighborhood, you’re welcome to open one.

    Rustik’s pizza is wonderful and a bit “different”. There’s nothing wrong with standard take-out style pizza. And for those uncomfortable walking over to NY Pizza on N. Cap., this will be a great alternative.

    Plus, it seems like having a business of any kind on the ground floor of that building will only serve to help the pet store.

  • Thirds on the ice cream or gellato. Or even a decent milk shake. Perhpas they have the space for both, at least a few flavors. I think both pizza spots can survive with a good pie and a little variety.

    But can I get a bakery and pattisserie, or a very good burger joint (i.e., BGR), BBQ joint (i.e., Rocklands. Carolina Kitchen ain’t cuttin’ it), a sandwich/sub shop (i.e., Taylor’s) … and can I get an amen!?

  • I think it’s great. I would love to see higher-end slices and delivery in the neighborhood. Those of us on the NE side can only get delivery from a limited number of places–most NW restaurants won’t cross N Cap. I’m not a big NY Pizza fan, and the falafel place on N Cap and P is not as good as the old peruvian chicken place was. Love Beau Thai and Pizza Boli but I would prefer more options!

  • Hi,

    I met Attila, the owner, a couple of weeks ago. He plans to sell pizza and salads. The pizza won’t be gourmet like Rustik, but he plans to use quality ingredients. When I talked to him, he said it was going to be take out and delivery only. He was a co-owner of Italy Pizza and left about about 18 months ago after a falling out with his partner.

  • Be patient, everyone — we will soon (in the not too distant future) have our very own wine & cheese bar (plus retail shop), courtesy of one of our very own Bloomingdale residents. More to come…

  • Welcome Bacio! Another business is a good thing and I will try it out. But I think the gelato suggestion (in addition to the pizza) is brilliant!

  • Big Second for GLUTEN FREE pizza, please! Welcome, Bacio!

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