Judging New Buildings – 600 Block of M St, NW

Might be a bit too early for a proper judging but I thought I’d check to see what you guys think so far? This is right near the Mt. Vernon Sq. metro station. At this point – thumbs up, down, neutral or too early to tell?

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  • Totally thumbs up. I live two minutes from this and they have made some really fast progress on this building. not to mention what an upgrade it is from before.

  • What is it supposed to be – residential or commercial?

  • for offices, maybe thumbs up.

    for residential, thumbs down. Floor to ceiling windows work well in high rises, not stubby four story buildings one block from the Convention Center. Talk about feeling exposed.

    • It’s set back from the road though, so I think that it works here.

    • Nobody’s forcing you to live there. Besides, everything in DC is by definition a short stubby building, so in my book it beats the typical lightless tunnels known as DC rowhouses. Only problem is most of us who appreciate residential daylight are too poor to afford one, or in this case (if its affordable housing) too rich.

    • Curtains or blinds — problem solved.

  • It’s all residential, developed by the United House of Prayer.

    I give it a thumbs up too. That said — I’m not a huge fan of the yellow/gold panels — in the renderings, the panels under the windows are all different colors. I think I like the idea of them all being the same color, but the gold and white combo doesn’t do it for me.

    • They started putting on multicolor panels today. It certainly is more jazzy and playful, but I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet.

  • What is it, residential or commercial?

  • I walk past this every day – they’ve worked very quickly.

    I would agree with shaw rez though, the renderings of the building had different colors for the panels under the windows – if that comes to fruition, big thumbs down – otherwise… the big windows and more modern look aren’t too bad (I just hope they dont have green astroturf on the stairs like the UHOP next door!).

  • I live in the neighborhood as well and agree that construction has been very fast. I like the big windows and think it looks good so far, but I’m dreading the addition of those multicolored panels from the rendering. Hopefully someone came to their senses and decided not to include them. I think this is intended to be housing for senior citizens.

  • on a huge lot like that, downtown, it should be much larger

  • Anyone who ends up living here will be in for a big surprise…the church next door has constant band rehearsals almost every day. Trombones, drums, the whole thing. Then there are the times they play outside!
    Good luck catching a nap while that is going on.

  • I don’t think it looks too bad, but I’m not so sure that these buildings with their stucco and yellow architectural panels are going to age very well. 15 years from now, it’s going to start looking worn and dated.

  • It is less ugly than I thought. Of course it will add cars to the streets in an already crowded area and not pay any property taxes. I too hope the red and blue panels were lost in the mail.

  • Wow. This building looks awful. It reminds me of a labratory building on a college campus for some reason (maybe b/c my alma mater just built one that resembles this).

  • It is a problem when a building’s dominant architectural feature is its downspouts.

  • Just walked by it again today. It looks awesome. Mondrian! Take another pic soon.

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