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  • randomduck

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least: the place never had a lot of customers, and it blended into the landscape a bit too well. That location screams for something unique, not something franchised and cookie-cutter.

  • My boycott of all things Dan Snyder is working.

  • Fitting that a restaurant owned by Dan Snyder is closing in the city where he owns the football team.

    • Last I checked, Dan Snyder’s football team had nothing to do with this city, other than taking its name. The stadium is in MD and the team headquarters is in VA. Screw him.

  • Hopefully it will be replaced by a dry cleaners.

  • Good riddance. I blame them for the closure of places like Timberlakes on that block.

  • 3.2.1. – Wine bar or overplaced tapas.

  • I’ve lived and worked near this location for almost a decade, and *every* time I walked that particular stretch of block I thought “Oh, right, there’s a Johnny Rockets here. I forgot.” It was a weird location for that business. I have to imagine that 90% of their take was tourists from the hotels up the hill, much like Bucca di Beppo.

  • Comfort One Shoes

  • Bring back the burrito place

    • binpetworth

      Amen! I became seriously addicted to Burrito Brothers’ taco salad when it was in that location. Now I have to schlep out to Capitol Hill to the one location left to get my fix…

  • I lived over there when Johnny Rockets opened and lamented at the time that I always thought that would been a great spot for a bagel place.

  • Darn. Where in Dupont will I be able to get a burger now?

  • i say good riddance. i hated it at first because it’s a hideous franchise. then i gave it a chance because it’s in my neighborhood, but the service was awful and the food even worse. blech. now that i know it was a snyder incorporated operation, i hate it even more. let me know if they need help moving.

    fingers crossed we get another comfy shoe store, frozen yogurt or over-priced hamburger joint. because heaven knows we need more.

    what we REALLY need is a nice little produce store. fresh, organic fruits and veggies? yes, please.

    • Service almost everywhere in DC is below par. At this point I’m more inclined to blame the labor pool than all the owners.

      • good, hands-on managers that actually TRAIN their employees with a customer service mentality are hard to come by…

        • Employees that show up for work regularly are even harder to find. If they show up regularly, they quit after they’re trained. It’s tough hiring waiters around here.

  • if a johnny rockets closes in dupont circle, does it make a sound?

  • Bad idea to open a JR’s there. Food was overpriced for what you get — not expensive on a calories/price basis, but on a taste/price basis.

    Good riddance. Bad fit for the neighborhood. I remember walking in the first week it opened and just thinking how horrible it was.

  • Too bad! I love Johnny Rocket’s!

  • Peep show/video booths!!!

    or a dry cleaner.

    • Oh, I think this is where I get to put “+1” on the “Peep Show/Video booths” suggestion.

      Here goes…(wait for it)…

      (Giggity, wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be)

  • Does anyone besides me remember when The Door Store was in that space? They sold cheap but attractive furniture. Then, it was a Burrito Brothers, I believe.

  • I remember the Door Store. I also remember the head shop around the corner. Or at least I think I do. I was pretty high at the time.

    Pro tip: glass bongs exist for the sole purpose of being broken and for no other.

  • Last time I ate at a JR, I waited for about 20 minutes, begging for my check after I had eaten. Every server told me it was someone else’s table. After 20 minutes, I just got up and walked out without paying. I figured I would get stopped and then pay, but lo and behold, nobody batted an eye. I even paused by the door and looked around.

    I can’t say I’m surprised this place is closing.

  • Bethesda Bagels is taking over the location. Handmade bagels, homemade food and not a cookie cutter type of establishment. A family owned and operated business.

  • wandafish

    Johnny Rockets is a pretty bad franchise, but I was surprised to discover their burgers at the Dupont location were pretty fresh—dare I say, similar in quality to an In-N-Out or Shake Shack, and significantly better than Five Guys, unless you’re into that sloppy, overly huge type of burger where the lettuce and tomato gets lost in the grease.

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