“Happy Hour” Neighborhood Bar Coming to 1201 U Street NW

Happy Hour will be located above the Islander restaurant at 1201 U St, NW. A recent alcohol application says:

“Neighborhood bar with light food, games including Skiball, Wii Stations, and other electronic video games. Entertainment includes live bands.”

Skiball – sweet! Sound fun?

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  • I claim this bar. None of you may attend.

  • how much is it for an Alcohol license in dc?

  • Is the Islander still open? I’ve never been in there.

    • It was open last weekend. Big crowd outdoors, not so many inside. The drink specials and curried oxtails used to be pretty decent, but I haven’t been in years.

      • Big crowd outside? There’s only about 6 tab outside. I’ve heard this place basically survives because it’s co-owned by the Alis. Not sure if that’s true though.

        On another note, will this just face U Street, or will it be the entire floor of that building? That could really suck for the people in the apartments facing U in the building right behind the Islander.

  • I am pumped for this. Yes, it does sound fun.

  • You mean Skee-ball?

  • Whew! At first glance I thought this post was going to be about the Islander closing. I know this isn’t the same comment thread, but the Islander would totally be my best kept secret in DC. The Calypso chicken and a Carib are the perfect combo on a hot summer night.

  • SKEEball.

    the islander is great. wednesdays are kareoke night…

    • karAoke, dude.

      Spellers who spell in glass houses should be able to spell “stone.”

  • A bar for children! Awesome! Now can we please get a bar for dogs?

    • The Helix has doggie happy/cocktail hour at least once a week. And, in general, you can bring your dof whenever you want to the bar there.

  • That sounds awesome. But I really really hope they have a pinball machine! They’re so rare these days.

  • Awesome!

  • What???!!! Oh no, not a salon closing! What will we do? There simply arent’ enough hair and nail salons in NW DC. This town is rotting!

    • I like the fact that the address is 1201 “U” Street. Does that mean it’s not U Street, or is it U Street with a wink?

      Nudge Nudge, know what I mean.

  • Agreed that the Islander is one of the best kept secrets in DC – try the chicken roti with chickpeas. Amazing! Also Friday night karyoke is hilarious. Ask for Monica!

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