Good Deal or Not? Michelle Rhee’s House (reader request)

This home is located at 1439 Madison St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Grand 1913 Foursquare on prettiest block in 16th St Hts! Thoughtfully renov’d & great for entertain’g. Expansive main Fl has it ALL: lovely wraparound porch, open foyer, Hi-end Kit, formal DR, LR, Fam Rm w/ half BA. 5 lg BRs Up, incl. MBR suite w den. walk-in CL & MBA. Addl feats: ebonized HWFs, hi clgs, arch details. Fin’d LL. EZ access to downtown via Rock Creek Pkway.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Thanks to a reader for the heads up, “Don’t know if you’ve done this one or not, but Michelle Rhee’s house is for sale.”

This 5 bed/3.5 bath is yours for $875,000.

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  • Is the local PS any good?

  • PoP- Bad link to the property record.

  • Sounds pretty controversial to me.

    • The location is good for a suburban feel and an easy walk to the rec facilities there at Rock Creek Park. But for the niceties of urban living — being able to walk to various services, from groceries to incidental shopping to dining and entertainment — nah, not so much. Although the 16th St bus lines have improved tremendously with the addition of the S9, so you have a decent shot at some transit options.

      But also read the posters below – apparently no comps have sold in that range in the last year.

      Might not be that much of a deal.

  • It looks like a great house but not a lot of stuff sells in the high 8’s in that area. So it is a “do I want to own the most expensive house on the block” type question. If you look at the property records she is likely taking a loss on this one. Actually love the house though and think it would be worth it for someone that is committed to staying a while and is priced out of some of the more desirable NW neighborhoods.

    • She was committed to staying for a while. Too bad the voters were not committed to having her stay. But at least we’re now rolling fully loaded!

    • I’ve been looking in this area for a few years and there’s almost nothing to be found for under $1 mil. So I gotta say this is a deal.

  • Gorgeous house, great ‘hood. I think it would go for more than that, but…

  • Am I the only one chuckling over “ebonized HWFs”? I guess that’s what you go to realtor school for… to learn these terms of art. I’d’ve just said “painted”.

  • I love this block and I’m having a hard time believing the price is high for that area. (TG’s comment)

    I know the school (West Education Campus) isn’t up there with Oyster yet but it’s got an unbelievably committed and involved parent organization, so really improving quickly.

    • My comment was based on the fact that my wife and I considered this house and our realtor ran some comps. I am giving myself away here if he reads this but here is what he said exactly (you can do your own research of course) –

      “In the past 300 days, not one detached house roughly from 16th to Georgia (E/W) and Allison to Missouri (N/S) has sold above $800K.”

      • Interesting.

      • This statement is totally false. Just use and move into the area you mentioned, use minimum price 800k and you will find a lot of houses there sold for more than 800k in the past couple of years. How can you make such a strong statement while being so utterly wrong?

        (For e.g., 5507 LONGFELLOW ST sold for 1.04 mil in 2010)

        • He didn’t make the statement. His realtor did. He quoted his realtor; that’s what those quotation marks are for.

          Calm down. It’s just a blog.

        • franklymls makes it really easy to search past solds. Here’s $800,000 + in zip code 20011 from 2009 to present. There are 24. Most of them are west of 16th st.

          Where is 5507 longfellow?

          • West of 16th falls outside of the parameters of his statement. Longfellow falls within but it looks like an apartment building to me. I would need clarification on that one.

          • @ TG, Right, it might not have been clear but I was actually saying, “Yeah, looks like TG’s realtor was correct” (since the only properties I could find were west of 16th)

            I don’t know where DC buyer’s info is from … and 5507 longfellow doesn’t sound like an address in this part of DC (or any part of DC) so I’m guessing he’s not very familiar with the area.

          • @ A. I looked at all of your listing info too and I think the realtor was right. Over 800k, past 300 days with the geographic boundaries discussed. One house on 14th and Kennedy sold exactly at 800k. Longfellow is not on your list and the redfin streetview points to a dilapidated looking building that has since been converted to condos if I am not mistaken.

    • If people want to spent 875k on a house then send their kids to public school – they’d probably choose Bethesda, Friendship Heights, Chevy Chase or even Cleveland Park.

      • Assuming that they can find a house in any of those neighborhoods for $875K, which is a huge and (I believe) fanciful assumption.

        • I agree, find me a good sized 4 bedroom with parking (like this listing) in those areas that is in anything close to this condition for 875k and I will buy it sight unseen – with the exception of Bethesda which can go as far out as 495 really.

          That is why this is a good deal in some respects because you are getting a great house very close in. I did not mean to denigrate the house, I think you are taking a resale risk unless you are in it for the long haul.

      • assumptions are fun!

  • I’d take off a couple of thousand so I’d have funds to scrape that black paint off of everything. No bathroom pix other than a look at the sink.

  • I think this is a terrific deal. There are really nice rowhouses going in the 8’s in this neighborhood, so for a nice, detached house, I say that’s a bargain!

  • floor looks terrible imo

  • Digging the coffered ceilings and monstrous kitchen. Do you think that is Rhee’s old furniture?

  • Did I miss a bedroom? It looked like three in the second floor (the child’s room, the beige one, and the blue one) and one with two beds in the attic.

  • I think its a great deal. There are townhouses in Bloomingdale selling for this much. Yes, this is further away, but its a much bigger lot, a bigger house, and its got a sweet porch.

  • The fact that not one house has sold over 800K in 16th St heights makes me think the whole neighborhood is a deal!

    I like the house. Probably could do without the floor ebonizing, but it has great upgrades and is a big house. I love the huge porch. You don’t see $288/sq ft that much in DC…and if it’s overpriced at that…anyway, you can see why people get really interested in this neighborhood 🙂

  • Good deal and fair. I guess she just wanted to get the hell out of here period. No coming back.

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