Good Deal or Not? “Cute as pie” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 3208 Park Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“Cute as pie! This wonderful home shows very well. Functional floor plan with great openness, exposed brick and lots of light. Beautiful kitchen with SS appliances. Yummy outdoor space, perfect for a summer mojito. Rear entrance in-law suite complete with kitchen/ bath & washer/dryer. Across from old soldier’s home & gorgeous views. Walk to metro.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$519,000 sound right for this 4 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • I don’t know the block, but seems like a good deal to me.

  • The place is really nice. Drawback is that it’s sort of on the edge of a lot and in an area that seems very sketchy to me. So… I’d say priced right.

  • I think it looks good and is priced about right. Total renovations close to the Petworth metro have been selling for $550K+ recently. This one is a bit further from the metro so the price may be a bit less. Plus it seems to have a small back yard and no off-street parking. Otherwise though it looks good. I’ve always like these Spanish-style rowhouses – a little unusual for DC and nice. Nice garden in the front yard as well!

  • Love the backyard on this place! If the block is okay, I would say good deal.

  • Reasonably good deal, I guess. I do like the facade, very interesting. Haven’t seen one like that in DC before. Too bad it’s painted.

  • bfinpetworth

    Properly priced, I think. Lack of parking may be an issue – depends on the street parking situation. Those people did a very tasteful job of decorating (except that bright yellow bathroom!- but thats just me). The back yard is interesting – a nice example of what I call an “urban oasis” and something I am shooting for in my own back yard. Love the blue tile on the outdoor stair risers – pretty and consistent with the Spanish style of the home. Well done!

  • I walk by this house all the time and absolutely love it!!

    I actually can’t believe the asking price isn’t higher….Park View is one of the few spots left in the city to find great value like this.

  • Pie can be delicious but I don’t know if I would say it is cute.

  • Thats actually pretty far from the metro, at least 10-12 blocks depending on which crappy blocks you want to avoid at night. but its a very cute house and looks nicely renovated. Might be a tough sell without parking though. My guess is it will go for something closer to 5k.

  • I’d say this is a bit high for the area, but the house itself is well done. Houses in Pleasant Plains (it’s not actually in Co Heights) usually go for less, so, you’re paying for the remodeling that was done.

  • Well any house that is “cute as pie” and “yummy” is not the place for me. I’d have to pay more to rip out all the squee and re-decorate before I could even move in.

  • Outside of the scary painting in the baby’s room it is so warm and cozy looking that I can’t actually remember a thing about the house – just that it makes me feel good and I want to be friends with the people who live there. Excellent photos, staging and presentation – refreshing.

    • They are nice people!

    • Good value for a family. I mean, you still effectively have quick, easy access to all DC has to offer — just have to saddle up the old SUV to get around. Not sexy walkable, but good enough — ‘specially if you consider the low cost.

      If the fam can put 10% or more down, figure their monthly is about $2800 altogether, about $1800 after the rental income. Cheap!

  • Looks very nice (except for the bright-yellow master bathroom and the bright-green half-bath).

    “Walk to Metro” seems a bit of a stretch, though. Like “Not so sure,” I’d be a little hesitant about walking to/from the Metro at night, and I agree that it should go for closer to $500,000. (The two upstairs non-master bedrooms look to be on the small side.)

    They should also take down the old pic (from 2007) of the front of the house — it’s confusing to have that show up in the photos along with the current, much prettier version (with the tile and lots of plants).

  • Nice space, I don’t care for the kitchen layout nor paint choices. Paint is cosmetic, kitchen layout not.

    But I’m not a potential buyer either.

  • Does anyone know anything about Lakes Circle by this house? Is that a public area, or are those lakes closed off?

  • nice except for the yellow paint on the wonderful brick out front… why do people spend the money when what they have is beautiful…

  • I lose track of the news over there, how stabby is that block?

  • I love pie…and I love this house!

    When’s the open house?

  • My impression is that the part of the neighborhood between Warder and Park (this house is on Park) is pretty quiet. The area between Georgia and Warder is more iffy. My guess is that the walk to the Petworth metro would be safer & more pleasant than the walk to the Columbia Heights metro.

  • Sat. 12-2 and Sun. 2-4

  • Big fan of the interior brick wall and the patio. Not so much a fan of the kitchen layout or details, but I suppose you work with what you’ve got. I do think it’s a bit overpriced for the basement not having a front and rear entrance and there being no parking. Five months ago we paid $100k less for a 4 bed/2.5 bath with separate legal apartment, about two miles north.

    • You do realize that being 2 miles north of here puts you in a completely different area, price range, etc., to the point that you can’t even really compare this place to yours. Right?

    • 2 miles is a quite a distance when debating home values in DC, or any city for that matter.

  • Seems like a good buy for $519,000. I love the layout and all that light! Exposed brick is a great touch too! And from these pictures, it seems very well maintained and taken care of. It would be great to have a little city oasis in the backyard area.

    Well done!

  • Closed off but a great view for the front rooms. The field on the corner (owned ny WHC) makes a fantastic dog park.

  • Charming. I think bathrooms (especially little powder rooms) should be whimsical crazy colors. Why not? It’ll give you and your guests a break from the more conservative decor in the rest of the house.

  • 450 max – a similar renovation w/ small backyard (doubling as parking) is selling in N Petworth right now. It’s down to about 410k. N Petworth is safer walk metro than this walk to Col Heights (agree Petworth metro is the one to go to from this house) and is a quieter, more verdant neighborhood. Location may be less convenient but not 100k less convenient. Plus that stretch of Pk View is on a main road and though Old S. Home is beautiful you have a view of ugly railings.

  • I hope you are not calling that one on 3rd St a “similar renovation” bc it is at least 100k more in need of some pie love. That’s a case of the carpeted steps calling the wrought iron railings ugly.

  • How is it 4br, I only count 3 in the photos (master, grey futon, baby)? Are they counting the basement as a bdroom?

  • I live around the corner from here, and $2700 per month for an entire refinished house with this square footage in the city is not bad.

    But, if I were her, to get some bites, I would lower it to $2500.

    The selling price however, is another matter entirely. She should lower it to match the comps in the neighborhood.

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