Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont Circle

This rental is located at 1632 19th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This charming 7 unit building is comprised of sun filled studio apartments with 10 ‘ high ceilings. This apartment is available July 1st. The building is located less than two blocks from the various shops and restaurants of DuPont Circle as well as the DuPont Circle metro.

The apartment features the following:

* Kitchen with generous cabinet space, range, and refrigerator
* Air conditioning
* Large windows
* Walk in closet
* On-site laundry facilities
* Professionally managed by FitzGerald Properties Real Estate Management”

Does the rent of $1450 including heat, hot water, and cooking gas sound right?

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  • yes.

    kinda looks like a depressing dump but you could do so, so much worse for the money.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Love that cupola (that’s what they’re called, right?), but I wouldn’t pay that much. And the weird loft thing sort of messes up the flow of the room.

    • I believe a cupola is a dome or similar structure on top of a building, so the top of what you’re describing might be called a cupola. Not sure what the rounded structure underneath it is called.

      • The rounded structure is a turret, named after swiveling naval gun turrets. The roof portion is indeed a cupola. BTW, the floor plan in that ad does not match the pictures.

        • Emmaleigh504

          You are so right! I didn’t even notice the floor plan didn’t match the pictures.

          Thanks for the vocabulary lesson!

        • I’m fairly sure that turrets as architectural features have been around a lot longer than gun turrets on boats, but I’m not an expert.

          As for the building in question, I wanted to say turret but I thought it would have to extend vertically from the rest of the structure to be a turret. Any architects around?

          • Ok, I feel stupid, obviously the naval gun turrets were named after ancient castle turrets. The point was to have a wide field of fire.

  • The bed is over the fridge. Chew on that.

    • Yeah, a murphy bed would go a long way in a place this tiny. Then the kitchen could be renovated along with the bathroom to take advantage of the high ceilings, and then the place might actually be pleasant to live in…

      But that would cost money, so scratch that idea. Some post-grad with a dream to live the city life will rent it out.

  • Yikes. That place is tiny.

  • This must have be designed by the same architect that designed this one:
    If you prioritize location this much over function you’d be better off living in an RV or a group house.

  • $1450 to sleep in your 8 year old brother’s bed. A rough intro to adulthood.

  • This is insane.

  • What a bargain for some new excited young DC citizen to get started in.

    For that price two blocks to Dupont there should be aline waiting to apply.

    • First off, this thing is illegal as hell and I am surprised a management company would take it on. Second, it’s such a depressingly sad waste of space that if the owner wasn’t such a raging cheapskate, would realize they’d make a hell of a lot more money if they just fixed it up. Bottom line, I pity the fool who takes the lease…

      • Why is it illegal exactly? Sad, depressing, raging cheapskate etc. sure – but that’s not unusual. You need real back-up for “illegal.”

        • Listen – if you have been through the process, you know as well as I do – the inspections are pretty strict on rentals. In this case, the bed overhanging the kitchen is a big problem. This is not even getting into whether they have GFI switches in the outlets to prevent what almost always happens in these situations (ie people overloading outlets through the use of extension cords which is one of the most common causes of fire).

          I don’t see the need to go into more detail, but I hope this owner and others like him/her wake up and realize this is not worth the risk.

          • The bed is not at all overhanging the kitchen — it is merely adjacent to the kitchen. As you can see, the loft bed does not even overhang the refrigerator. My guess is that if it’s professionally managed, it has probably passed code. What management company would take on that kind of liability risk?

            I think the unit is around 275-300 square feet in total, which I would pass on, but I guess somebody who does not cook often would like it.

  • GENEROUS cabinet space!!!!!!

  • It will be difficult to get drunk girls to climb up that ladder.

  • I actually looked at that place a year and a half ago and it was 1250 wasn’t worth it then. The bed situation looked miserable. I see a for rent sign outside that place more often then not. Some of these DC landlords need to wake up.

  • Maybe the landlord thinks that by inflating the price it will draw more interest?? This place is a joke.

  • ok for ny–as usual, ridiculous for dc.

  • crazy cheap for tokyo. really expensive for detroit.

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