Dear PoP – Woodley Park Souvenir Store Closed

I always thought it was odd that such a shlocky souvenir shop had such a prime retail space at 2625 Connecticut Ave. NW in Woodley Park. The reader notes: “I’m sure Panera is licking their chops!”

Think a Panera would be a good fit there?

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  • Panera?

    Those two even-sized front windows make me think of Amsterdam’s red light district. This could be the beginning of a whole new Wood-ley.

  • Poor Woodley. The souvenir store is no loss but they deserve better than another chain. When will they get a fancy taqauria? A decent wine bar? a brick oven pizza joint… In all seriousness I dont think panera could go in there because they have a restaurant overlay. The only reason Noodles and Co and Hot and Juicey Crawfish could go in is because they replaced other restaurants.

  • Good riddance to the souvenir store!

  • Sigh. I never know how to feel when a business closes in Woodley. Sad because its one less business in a lackluster retail strip, or happy because that business was likely terrible and might be replaced by something good?

  • Has that opened yet? I’ll believe it’s when I see it.

    Pizze isn’t bad, but it’s not good enough for me to ever want to go there rather than take the Circulator over to Red Rocks.

  • hopefully something cool will replace this and not a chain. but let’s be clear that the souvenir shop that closed was was super weird. good to see it gone.

    • Super weird in the best way possible. It had souvenirs not just from DC, but from all over the U.S. and the world! Forgot to pick up a shot glass last time you were in Denver? For $5.99, it’s yours. Want a postcard set from Rome? Take your pick.

  • Panera would be a huge disappointment, just like the one in Dupont.

  • What this city needs is a cupcake place.

  • There’s a really good yoga studio on the third floor!

  • Now where will the hotel guests get their last minute schlock gifts?

    • Obviously not many hotel guests knew about this place or else it would probably still be in business.

  • That awful Cafe International has closed as well, thank goodness. Like other commenters here, I lament the lack of decent eating establishments in Woodley Park. No more bad Indian or Italian places…and no more chains please!

    We need a nice diner/cafe place to provide an alternative/overflow option for Open City. And, while I’m at it, why can’t we have a small grocery store instead of a gigantic stinking CVS? More people need fresh produce than false eyelashes and Preparation H!

    Finally, I would like a pony for my birthday. Thank you, that is all.

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