Dear PoP: Sandella’s Flatbread being Evicted Downtown?

“Dear PoP,

The serviceable lunch spot with the catchy phrase “Our World is Flatbread” in the downtown-ish area has a notice on it’s door about being sued for eviction at the 900 19th St, NW [19th and I St, NW] location.”

Hmm, their Web site only lists 2238 M St. NW for a DC location. I guess the franchisee got in trouble. Any fans of Sandella’s?

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  • I work across the street from Sandellas and they have been closed for about a month. Not sure what happened but they just closed shop one day. I asked the guys at the M St location about it and they didn’t know anything. Different franchise I guess.

  • I went in there once during lunch and there was only 1 guy working for the entire lunch crowd. He also had to tell people he was out of many items. Didn’t seem like the place was run very well.

  • Has this place even been open for business recently? I thought they opened up last year (or the year before) and then closed back down after a couple months? I had the impression they never reopened after that.

  • This place sounds crappy.

  • I used to work in this building and this place was awful. They were empty after the first week and it is amazing they lasted as long as they did.

  • Maybe they’re “flat” broke.

  • OP here. Agreed that this place was pretty awful. I’ve just never seen the eviction notice up on a chain restaurant, which I found newsworthy.

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