Dear PoP – New Lamp Posts for Cleveland Park

“Dear PoP,

I saw today that the (city?) has replaced the standard overhead street lamps with cool, old timey looking lamp posts with a black iron look.

Do you know how this came about? Is this a city wide rejuvenation project?”

Yeah, it’s def. city wide. We talked a bit about the new lamp posts back in March ’10. We’ve been enjoying the new lamp posts in Petworth, Shaw and H St, NE (among other spots) for a few months now. Glad to hear they also hit Cleveland Park. Have you noticed any other neighborhoods getting them as well?

But to be honest, in Cleveland Park, I was far more excited about seeing this sign:

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  • LOVE this place (Tackle Box) almost enough to leave Bloomingdale for a bite! 😉

  • They’ll also be adding fancy traffic lights…

    Here’s a neat presentation outlining the project that DDOT delivered to the Cleveland Park ANC in March:

  • ah

    They look better than the old ones, but they sure do blast the light everywhere. So much for dark skies.

    • They can apparently control the wattage in each area remotely if the neighborhood requests.

      • ah

        Part of the issue is that the light goes in all directions, including up. It’s not just a wattage issue.

  • That Macklin building sure is pretty, but I’m really surprised they didn’t take the opportunity to bulldoze it and put something bigger on that prime piece of real estate.

  • I know. I love WAKE UP LITTLE SUZIE too! Great, great shop. One of the city’s best.

  • don’t get too excited. Tackle Box kind of sucks…

  • I used to love Tackle Box in Gtown. I used to go 2-3 times a week for quick, cheap lunch or dinner. It seems to have gone downhill in the last year or so. They keep overcooking the fish and shrimp, my roommate got sick the last time we ate there, and they stopped serving rice….

    Let’s hope that this new location is better than the Gtown one.

  • I prefer “The Tickle [My] Box”.

  • couldn’t we have taken this opportunity to install energy efficient lighting which lights the ground.. not the skies and windows.. maybe some sort of LED light or something.

    I’m all for things looking good, but this seems kind of a waste.

  • these lights are terrible. the light is not directed at all so they shine right into everyone’s apartments/houses etc. you’d think we’d perhaps try and maintain some energy efficiency and focus the light down onto the street where its needed instead of into the sky and everyones houses.

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