Classic Corvette Found in a Horse’s Ass Award Nominee Post

“Dear PoP,

A friend who lives nearby told me about your blog and the old Corvette behind the house on Euclid St. NW in Columbia Heights.

Well this week I bought the 1963 Split Window Corvette from the owner. See attached picture (above).
The owner of the house is a very nice man, and he has done a great job inside of the house. He plans on moving in this summer. Tell the neighbors to chill out.

Without your blog, I never would have known about this very collectible Corvette.”

Cool news all around.

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  • It must have been a pretty damn big horse if it could fit a corvette in its ass!

  • little bit of a fixer-upper

    • Understatement of the year. 30k in repairs at the least.

      • Triple that number (or more) to do it right. There’s nothing left but a chassis number and some bastardized fiberglass. It’s going to take a lot of work and patch panels to undo the ‘customizations’ to the fenders and the taillight area. and starting from the shell, it clearly needs every single thing.

  • Nice find on the car. How much will it cost do rehab, do you think?

  • In defense of the neighbors who are being told to “chill out”, this entire place, front and back, is a complete eyesore (classic chassis or not). I would hate to live near it, regardless of how nice the inside (or the owner) is.

    • Second that. OP seems to think that because he had a pleasant chat with the owner and bought a sweet corvette, neighbors whose property value is lowered by this house should just suck it up.

      • Yes, because everything in life should be measured and judged by the effect it has on your property value.

        Especially in a place like DC where it’s so hard to get a return on property investment in the first place…

        • It’s not all about property values. It’s about quality of life. If you’re living next door to a junker with boarded up windows, or some other such neglect, it affects your general psyche.

          This is why people plant flowers and pretty things around the house. Makes us (all of us) feel better. And the opposite is true. Simple statement of fact (or at least strong opinion, since someone will inevitably point out that I don’t have a crate full of psychological studies to back me up).

          Fact is, it’s an ugly, ugly property all around. Yes, rehab takes time, but for mow it’s ugly and I’m free to point that out. Maybe “Horse’s Ass Award” is too strong, but “Better Homes and Gardens” it aint!

          • Right on. I would have totally agreed with Lily if she/he had mentioned this instead of property values.

          • Me too.

          • I think you’ll have a greater quality of life if you surround yourself with nice people than with nice things.

          • You assume I don’t?

            Anyway, I’m not talking about flat screen TVs and a Mercedes. I’m talking about flowers and not having rusty crap piled up in the alley. I mean, what the heck is that, a cement mixer in front of the car?! Get rid of it.

        • Anyone looking to surround herself with nice people would know to avoid this blog.

    • Like the OP said, chill out.

  • Looks like they mentioned this story in a popular car blog, Jalopnik.

    • And they were none too kind to those who commented on the original PoP post. I love Jalopnik even more after reading that.

    • I dislike them more after the snarky property values comment. Tell ’em shove it until they’re actually homebuyers here.

      Anywho. Looks like the dear sweet Vette isn’t actually a 1963: “This car has the rear window of a 1963 Corvette all right — but every other part of its body comes from some other year. I shared the photo with the experts at Corvette Forum, and the consensus was that it’s possibly an original 1963 Corvette — based on the door frame and the rear drum brakes — but that the front, sides and tail lights all hail from some other year. (The rust on a plastic body likely came from the metal beams above the car.)

      As one member said: ‘I see a 63 splitty with a (Corvette) 68/69 front clip, 67/68 Camaro tail lights, GS flares, and a butt load of money to just make it drivable.'”

      Yeah. Enjoy that, OP!

    • Screw the Jalopnik dude and his snarky comments. First off, it was my girlfriend who sent in the photo he re-purposed for his blog and was the OP. All of his assumptions about us as property value loving, granite counter top having people complaining about a run down house could not be further from the truth. We are renters on this block, she is a student and I am a young professional.

      She often lamented the condition of the house, as did I, but I told her that Vette could be turned in to a kick ass restoration. Glad someone is giving it a good home and the care it deserves. Good to hear about the house, too.

      Hey Justin Hyde – f**k you.

  • I don’t get it. He found out about the vette because of nosy neighbors. Shouldn’t OP be thanking them?

  • I say chill out, too. If he’s rehabbing it takes time.

    • As the “nosey neighbor” if you read the first post I commented that it looked like it was in the early stages of being rehabbed…my post was more about how it was just sad to see a beautiful home in disrepair. I’m just excited to now be able to watch the home come back to life.

  • Right, but doesn’t the car display the owner’s same neglect for nice things? The whole point of “horse’s ass” is that some homeowner is sitting on a goldmine (great housing stock), but doesn’t care enough about his/her fortunate lot to bother making something nice out of it. Same thing with the car. It’s a great item, valuable in spite of the neglect of the owner, that really should have been treated better. It’s just a bummer to see people with the good fortune of having nice things to treat them poorly.

  • PoP, bringing people together — including buyers and sellers.

  • Thank you PoP, regardless of what you may think of the property or the owner, this is a great story. Without your site this would of never of happen. The 63’Vette was a great find for any collector. WAY TO GO!

  • Pretty sure I saw this car on that tow truck go past the Greek Spot on Wednesday. I remember thinking – hey – that looks like that wreck from the PoP post. Cool!!

  • OP on the property here…I’d just like to clarify that I was never intending to draw negative attention to the property owner. If you read the post I mention that it looked like new windows were being put in and that, in general, it’s a gorgeous home that has run in to serious diserpair and above all is a sad situation. Either way, I’m glad that now that the owner is making moves to restore the home somebody also will be restoring the car

  • I think this post was just for someone to brag that he bought the car and got to the classic Vette before anyone else. So to you, I say congrats and good luck sir…. happy rehabbing with your new toy. Pizza for everybody!

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