Chipotle’s 9th Store in DC Opening in Glover Park May 17th

From a press release:

Chipotle, (chi-POAT-lay), the popular quick-service restaurant chain that, according to The Washington Post, “has long been a pioneer in bringing sustainable and organic food to the masses”, will start dishing up its award-winning gourmet burritos, bowls, tacos and salads to the public on Tuesday, May 17 in the Districts Glover Park neighborhood. The restaurant is located at 2338 Wisconsin Ave, NW directly across from the park’s south side. This is the ninth Chipotle to open in DC.

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  • Let’s bring store #10 to Petworth yo!

  • Man, why can’t Eckington get a Chipotle?

    • where would you like to see one?

      • The Forman Mills Shopping Center

      • Been wanting a Chipotle in the Bloomington/Shaw/Eckington/Truxton Circle area for some time. Where? New development at Rhode Island metro? Florida and NY Ave area? There are a few options.

        • just asking because i can’t think of a location that’s actually in eckington that would be suitable. maybe the ground floor in the new building going up on harry thomas way.

        • Off topic, but kind of relevant – Has anyone been to the “new” TJMaxx at the Rhode Island metro, where AJWright used to be? Is it really a TJMaxx or are they just repackaging the low-quality AJWright merch?

        • Sadly, they don’t open Chipotles in “transitional” neighborhoods.

  • Be ready to present your valid social security card prior to ordering.

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    • That’s OK just as long as I don’t have to show any ID to vote!

    • How embarrasing for you. Ever heard of Ruby Ridge?

      Nice how people enjoy making jokes at the expense of those less fortunate.

      • Give it a rest, FJ. It was a jab at Chipotle, not at the workers. But clearly, you’re okay with illegal hiring practices and would rather have restaurants knowingly break the law. Don’t worry, many are getting away with it and will continue to fly under the radar. Hope that makes you sleep better at night.

  • How will this damage Surfside?

    • Surfside is soooo much better!

    • I doubt it will have a significant impact on Surfside.

      The two businesses are going after customer bases that I think are different enough from each other that both businesses can coexist.

    • Probably not too much. There’s a world of difference between a $6 Chipotle burrito and an $11 Surfside burrito. Surfside is slightly better in my opinion, so I certainly won’t stop going. This just mean I don’t have to drive to Woodley Park when I get a cheap burrito craving.

  • I’m glad they added the phonetic pronunciation to that press release, because about 75% of people pronounce it chi-POL-tay. Drives me up the f**king wall. They’re the same people who can’t pronounce nuclear correctly, LOL!

  • I’ve never eaten at Chipotile. Is the food great and do they serve hamburgers? I hope are their employees are U.S. citizens and legal residents.

  • Crrection:

    I hope all their employees are U.S. citizens and legal residents.

  • How hard would it be to get a an Anna’s Tacqueria around here?

  • Very excited for this Chipotle. I hate having to go to the Tenley/AU location. It is always so crowded and takes forever. Seems to be mostly students so Im hoping for quicker trips to this one. Also, Surfside is just a whole different leauge than Chipotle. I usually never debate between the two..sometimes I want nicer more gratifying food and I’ll go surfside…sometimes I just want good ‘ol comfort/fast food and ill go chipotle.

  • YAHOO! Closest Chipotle to my house, and it’s opening on my 18th birthday! YEAH!!

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