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  • These people are no better than the people in the middle east celebrating in the streets after 9/11.

      • agreed – its seems a little crass. Yes it’s a good thing he is gone but just as I wouldn’t celebrate an execution I would not celebrate this.

      • +1000

        It wasn’t very dignified. A lot of people have died in the search for this one person. You would think that would be in thoughts the idiots hamming it up for the TV cameras.

        • Would celebrate if Hitler died. Are you supposed to moron a monster. I’m sure you would change your tune if you family died during 9/11. Plus those people look like a bunch of GW college kids. Get off your high horse.

          • They look like a bunch of GW college kids who are looking for an excuse to get wasted and act like idiots.

          • Stupid kids who have never sacrificed anything. For some time, I have felt this country is in cultural decline, largely due to our material affluence. Sometimes, I think we need mandatory military service and a stretch of forced deprivation, especially during the formative years of kids today. Kids today are spoiled and weak.

            When the grizzled men on horseback ride into town, men who haven’t slept in a bed in months, and who only know hardship, we will stand slackjawed and stupified as they chop off our heads.

          • caballero, you are scary.

          • When the grizzled men on horseback ride into town, men who haven’t slept in a bed in months, and who only know hardship, we will stand slackjawed and stupified as they chop off our heads.

            Nah, we’ll offer them a ham sandwich and let ’em play our XBox and once they’ve rested up and taken a shower, they can crash in the guest bed out back.

            Of course, then our SEALS will come in real quiet-like and gut them in their sleep.

          • not celebrating does not mean that you mourn the person (i guess unless you follow in W’s footsteps and see the world only in black and white).

            Martin Luther King Jr: ”I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. ”

        • totally agree….i’m a little frightened by the masses

      • Oh Hey, I know you. I can’t you..first real life, then okcupid and now PoP…wtf?! xo Bubba

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    • They are celebrating the fact that a war criminal who has killed thousands of innocent people was executed. How can you possibly compare that with those who celebrated the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans?

      • +1000

        CAPTCHA: RT8D, which souunds like what the posters complaining about celebrating a terrorist’s death are.

      • When did this place become the Daily Kos or Democratic Underground?

        It will be interesting to read the comments posted here when Cheney dies.

    • I had the same reaction. There’s something about smiling, whooping and chanting over the death of someone/anyone that just makes me fall silent. Not defending ObL by any means but I just can’t join in on that kind of thing.

    • “These people are no better than the people in the middle east celebrating in the streets after 9/11.”

      most asinine comment i have ever read. everyone who is agreeing with it should be ashamed.

      • Care to explain the differences?

        Does it become ok when it’s white people cheering on the death of a foreigner? Does it become ok because they’re not muslims?

        It was barbaric and shameful then, it’s barbaric and shameful now.

        • No, it is okay because the 2,974 innocent people who died in those attacks had no motive other than to fly a plane from one part of the country to another part of the country. The other 19 had no other motive than to kill them by flying into massive buildings.

          NOTHING to do with race, NOTHING to do with religion. EVERYTHING to do with the monsters that are al Qaeda.

          See the difference? We celebrate because of the ones responsible for an extremely tragic event in our country have been brought to justice.

        • me

          Why does everything have to be about race? God. If you think it’s crass, then go to Dover and see the thousands of service members that have died because of this man. Go to NYC and the Pentagon and read the names of the people killed there. Look at pictures from the USS Kohl attack. Give the terrorists a hug. Nonononono that is ridiculous.

    • “These people are no better than the people in the middle east celebrating in the streets after 9/11.”

      I would not personally be out in the streets acting as if my team had just won the World Series. But I think there is a pretty clear difference between people in the middle east “celebrating” the death of 3000 innocent civilians and people in the U.S. “celebrating” the death of the man who caused the death of 3000 innocent civilians. But that’s just me.

    • I was happy to hear about the death of Bin Laden. However, I was shocked by the behavior of many GW students acting unruly, drinking beer, and climbing trees in front of the White House fence. If these were mostly Howard University students, the U.S. Secret Service would have shot and killed them.

    • mtpgal

      Agreed. I found it very disturbing.

    • + 1000 – You are so right on this one.

    • Let’s all watch the news, experience the sensations, mold our minds.. to what? Wake up. This is celebration? I mean sometimes we let the hair down, but, remember sturdy professionalism, quiet professionals. It is pure ignorance how people are celebrating about this. I bet you if you asked any random person on the street they would have no idea what is going on in the war in Afghanistan right now. But once Bin laden was killed everyone seemed to remember we are still fighting a war over there. Thanks America Im glad to see that you have you support for the troops over seas again. Seems like we have to have a death of one terrorist on the news to bring us all back together.

    • I found this weird also ( the usa never really did this kind of stuff ).. but i notice it was mostly young people… i guess they grew up differently then us…. more tv – video etc…

    • I found this weird also ( the usa never really did this kind of stuff ).. but i notice it was mostly young people… i guess they grew up differently then us…. more tv – video etc…

  • A bit tacky but I will go with Twain on this:

    I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.

    • Despite this being all over Twitter I don’t think Twain said that.

      Clarence Darrow did say “I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.”

      • Then there’s always Ambrose Bierce:

        “There are four kinds of Homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy.”

  • +10,000,000.

    But Im glad he dead though. and not in Guantanamo.

  • Glad he’s dead, but this will probably assure 4 more years of Obama in the white house.

    • No, the fact that Republicans can’t find one member of their party who isn’t either a laughing stock hypocrite, or that has more than 2 brain cells to rub together is the reason President Obama will be elected again.

  • My response was intended for Anon#1’s comment: These people are no better than the people in the middle east celebrating in the streets after 9/11.

  • ET got the Twain quote before I did.

    I have friends in Afghanistan. People celebrating a military operation like it’s St. Patrick’s Day aren’t helping my friends At. All.

    • I agree. I was starting to feel unpatriotic because I wasn’t filled with glee. I just didn’t understand.

      I guess am glad Bin Laden has been killed for the crimes he committed, but;

      Do I feel any safer?

      Has this diminished the terrorist threat to the US?

      Are we any closer to ending the war on terror that has cost us thousands of lives and billions of dollars?

      Can my military friends finally come home and not go back?


  • These kids all look like they were about 8 years old ten years ago.

    • Exactly. They grew up with bin Laden as their bogeyman. His death may not make us any safer, but it is a national catharsis nonetheless.

      • Beautifully stated. I’m 23 right now; my life has basically been bisected. There was the world before bin Laden, and the world after. I’m young enough to remember a time before terror. I completely identify with the kids who flowed through the streets. This had huge symbolic value.

        • The fact that you people were scared of bin Laden in this way only underlines my point about today’s youth: you are soft. You need a catharsis over something that won’t actually make you safer? Grow a pair!

          • LOL. I can agree with this…

            You will still get mugged walking a block away from your house.

  • Glad he’s gone. I wish he had slowly been tortured to death.

  • “Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice” (Salomon 24:17)

    those images of Americans celebrating are published all over the world. with comments such as ” people in the street, shouting USA , USA ” and photos of people with huge flags, smiling and dancing. What is the image they are giving ? one terrorist died, 10 are being born because of these images. Not very smart indeed.

    • I even heard someone on the news this morning say that the war on terror was now over. What a bunch of BS. As if killing this one man will suddenly cause all radical Muslims to put down their guns. If anything, it’s going to bring about retaliation.

      • Oh man….you are SO RIGHT!!! Killing Osama Bin Laden was a HUGE mistake…we should all be scared and hide forever. <– This is all sarcasm.

      • Moreover these images send a message to the world that Americans had solidarity in the decision to end the life of this terrorist. Would you have rather that everyone acted indifferent or marched in protest that we killed him? Talk about sending a wrong message… people around the world have said it in the past, and they would say it again: “See?! Americans aren’t even in support of their government’s actions!”
        We need to stop being afraid of the image that we portray to foreign countries…this high-minded, pussy-footing, luke-warm attitude makes every one of us seem out-of-touch. As a nation, we will raise the banner in celebration for having killed a terrible person and love us or hate us…the people of other nations will respect us for the display of patriotism.

    • Are really attempting to use a quote from a religious text (a text that has arguably fueled more killing and death than anything else in our world’s history) in order to suggest how to create peace? Best of luck with that.

    • When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy. (Proverbs 11:10)

      The really great thing about the bible is that there’s a passage to support just about any argument. Do you really think these images, of all images, are the ones that are creating terrorists from otherwise nice kids? Give me a break.

  • America, America
    Fuck yeah, fuck yeah!!!

  • Lot of DC smugness going on here. If people want to celebrate, let them celebrate. Stop being douche bags.

  • They say you shouldn’t say nothin’ about the dead unless it’s good. He’s dead. Good.

  • I commend these kids. They grew up in post 9/11 world and this is a cathartic experience for them to be a part of… What they’re celebrating is two things: the death of our enemy *and* hopefully the beginning of our friends and family members coming home soon from that miserable place. We should all be proud of their collective expression!

    • You commend them for celebrating as if their team just won the big basketball game….which is pretty much the same thing, as far as they are concerned. I don’t see any of these kids wearing military uniforms. A little hardship and discipline would serve them well.

      • Agree. They are a bunch of spoiled college kids who have never expereinced any hardship. Easy for them to rush over to Lafayette Park draped in the flag. They never had to do the 10 years of dirty work that led to Bin Laden’s demise.

        • To Yeah, Right: Toxic attitude you’ve got there. These kids grew up under the specter of bin Laden. To have that nebulous threat concretely tackled is HUGE.

          These kids have every right to take joy in a huge symbolic victory. Did I take part myself? No. I went to sleep and went to my government job the next day to keep doing the same dirty work you mention. But I certainly won’t begrudge them their chance to celebrate.

      • Caballero: my baby brother is putting his life on the line so that you can make snide comments about the spoiled youth from what I’m sure is a very comfortable chair in your office. On behalf of America’s youth: go screw yourself.

        PS. He’s pretty excited about this too.

        • I commend your baby brother for his service. I don’t commend privileged college kids for celebrating an event they had no part in.

          • i’m sure they really care what you think and about that stick in your ass, cabellero.

          • That’s your logic? Do you celebrate your own birthday? Cuz I think your mama and Papa did all the work on that particular holiday.

          • mphs,

            Your point is a good one, but to show you how consistent I am…no, in fact, I don’t like birthdays, much less my own. It’s a self-centered, arbitrary celebration. Treat me nice today because I was born on this day exactly xxx years ago! I don’t get it.

  • he’s definitely not dead but on the beach with Ken Lay somewhere; buried at sea within 24 hours of death to respect muslim tradition? suckers and naive idiots.

    • Yeah, and Bush, Checney and the Israelis plotted and carried out the 9/11 attacks!!!!

    • +1

      we’ll never know the whole truth, but the buried at sea bit within 24 hours to respect muslim traditions just reeks of complete bullshit.

  • With Bin Laden’s death I reflect on the terror, desperation, sadness, and emptiness that he made me and every American feel on 9-11. Those memories stand vividly to remind us that his death was deserved. It’s a rare feeling for most Americans to carry any sort of satisfaction in the ending of another man’s life, but in the case of such evil an exception is not just admissible, but necessary.

  • I think the kids celebrating outside the White House were mostly just naive.

    I’m glad we can close the chapter on Bin Laden, but sad that violence will surely continue being fought with more violence. A somber day indeed.

  • Tasteless.
    Regardless of his death I’m still going to get felt up by the TSA, and have to deal with the ever escalating security measures at work. When can walk through airport security with my shoes and my dignity, and bag checks in Metro stations become unheard of, then I’ll dance in the streets.

    • +1

      I’m not particularly sorry he’s dead, but fact is he’s already won. Nothing about the “War on Terror” has changed. I was 15 in 2001 and I barely remember what it felt like not to be afraid all the time.

  • i feel that justice was well served and rightly so. i do feel like a small clamp on my spirits has been loosened. but i am not gleeful over the death of osama. the damage he created can’t be undone. i’ll toast his execution, but i won’t smile as i drink something bitter.

  • I’m glad to read all of these comments. Thought I was the only one a bit unsettled by the revelry. Thx

  • I would agree that celebrating a death is generally a very tasteless thing to do – however, if an exception to this rule ever existed… I think this is it.

    A lot of these comments mention the people who were at the White House as “stupid kids” or, as caballero said “kids who have never sacrificed anything” – I find this commment far more tasteless than people celebrating the death of mass murderer.

    I was in front of the White House last night because the “War on Terror,” as well as the Iraq and Afghan wars have had few moments of victory. Our country has been at war for most of my life, but I cannot recall times worth celebrating, so spare me the judgement for enjoying this.

    • It’s easy to cheer on a war when you don’t wear a uniform, and heck, you don’t even pay taxes to pay for it. Too many Americans today want everything for free, and they want it now. There are always others, it seems, to do the heavy lifting for them. To me, that indicates a nation in decline.

      • I would agree, many Americans do want everything for free, are unaware of what sacrifice truly means, and lack the patience and fortitude to work for results. However, I would not limit those shortcomings to young people.

        And if you think that the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan werent celebrating… well, you must not know any soldiers.

        Also, dont use the “you dont even pay taxes line” (for the record, I do pay taxes and, although I dont wear a uniform I do work for Homeland Security)… No one pays any more taxes than they have to, and I am sure you didnt pay them until you were forced. America’s younger generations have seen few years of actual peace – that sacrifice is not meaningless or without merit.

        • I’m not talking about you. I’m referring to the kids in the photos. They don’t pay taxes yet, and I’m willing to bet they haven’t served in the military. What have they done to warrant a celebration?

          I’ll leave the celebrating to our soldiers and others who have contributed to the effort.

          • caballero — i don’t know how people like you even get through the day. it must be miserable. lighten up, it is a great day for this country and the world.

          • How do you know they don’t pay taxes? Do you know all of them and have access to their financial records?

          • I think Caballero is secretky Sarah Palin. His comments are nonsense.

      • Actually I saw many ROTC types and young military in front of the White House.

        • Were they in uniform or something? Just wondering how you could distinguish them from the other privileged little snots.

      • As a vet, I agree.

      • Actually, there were servicemembers in uniform out in front of the White House celebrating last night. Not that you would know, since you apparently rely on assumptions and projection to support your asinine sense of superiority. There were also many older people there, folks in their 50s and 60s, and folks like my husband and me who actually knew people–parents of classmates and co-workers of my parents–who died on 9/11.

        But you can keep making assumptions and judging people you’ve never met if it enables you to feed your smug self-importance.

  • Sorry, I’m not willing to go all “For Whom The Bell Tolls” on this one. This clod needed to be washed away by the sea. My 2 soldier nephews in Afghanistan are celebrating too.

    • not being celebratory is not the same thing as going all for whom the bells tolls. why do commentors here seem to lack the comprehension that not all emotions are extreme?

      • Because we live in a blase time of muted emotions and political correctness and sometimes it’s just good to go all middle ages and piss on your enemy’s corpse.

        • Maybe you’re living with muted emotions and political correctness, but I’m not! I’m proud of this country and it’s great that after nearly a decade of fighting the War Of Terror we are finally turning the corner!

  • Can’t wait until Thatcher dies and I can get shitarded!

  • No one is arguing that bin Laden’s death wasn’t necessary and just. Of course it was, so please drop the straw man arguments that we are saying otherwise.

    But, one should act with a certain amount of class, dignity, and sobriety (both literally and figuratively) when people die. Drunken revelry for death and violence is tasteless. This is so blindingly obvious I am surprised that there is even a debate.

  • why reflect when you can just react and be crass. ah… america. never inward.

  • Bin Laden’s head + U.S.A. bullet = good result

    Let’s not overthink this one.

  • I think it’s fine to piss on your enemy’s grave. But you must have DONE something to deserve that honor. Let the military and select civilians celebrate. 95 of us have contributed nothing….unless you think enduring long lines at the airport counts as some awesome sacrfice.

    • Next time celebrations will be limited to those who can provide adequate photo identification – all others will be required to stand with stoic faces on the periphery.

      Because I couldnt thank the soldiers in Pakistan personally, I did the next best thing – I went to the White House to show my support and appreciation for their awesome work.

    • caballero i hope you don’t cheer at National’s games when they score a run… ask yourself, what did you do to help them score that run? nothing! you just sat there and watched! so lazy. leave the celebrating to the team in the dugout!

      • I don’t think your analogy is the best one. Baseball ain’t war. We pay our baseball players lots of money to entertain us. We pay our soldiers very little to protect us…..and we don’t want to see them at work. And when they are successful, some of us like to to take too much credit for it.

        • The alternative – not celebrating or showing appreciation – seems worse to me. How should civilians thank the military?

          I think you are confusing displays of emotion – no one was taking credit. People were merely expressing relief, appreciation, and joy at the demise of a killer.

          On a side note, here’s a great way, in addition to showing pride in America after a great military triumph, to show appreciation:


        • thank you mtVernon… spot on chap.

          caballero — i agree we don’t pay our troops enough, but the defense budget is huge… massive! that is each one of our tax dollars, so actually we could all take a little credit i think. even you!

          so to close… thank you caballero. thank you for doing your part to kill bin laden.

    • Agreed. Caballero I don’t think you are going to get away with this one…

      Another example- google: ‘Ticker Tape parade WWII’.

      A lot of innocent people died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 95% of those folks at the parade should have been ASHAMED of themselves, right?

      • Americans made huge sacrifices during WWII. 40-year-old men left their families to volunteer and serve on the front lines. What do Americans do today to support the war effort?

        I was raised in a country that endured a decades-long civil war. The elite never sacrificed (they couldn’t even be troubled to pay more taxes to finance the army), while the poor were recruited into service and spent years in the jungle fighting the guerrillas.

        Those college kids in the photos look a lot like the elite of my native country….comfortable and arrogant, without any real sense of patriotism or shared burden.

        • Please cite these ‘huge sacrifices’. Rationing sugar and fuel? Tires?

          Thousands of soldiers left their families to fight in this war just like WWII, so I don’t see your point there.

          • @anoon. only 1 percent of the population is making the sacrifice now. back in WW2, the number and proportion of soldiers was considerably higher. there was a draft. we now have a volunteer army.

      • Winning a war might warrant a celebration. Killing one washed-up but symbolically powerful terrorist doesn’t do much for me. There are many years of war ahead of us, so let’s not start high-fiving too much today.

    • So caballero…I cant celebrate 4th of July unless I served in 1776?

      • On the 4th of July, I will eat spinach from my Victory Garden, clean my guns, and do some extra pushups to prepare for the lean times ahead. And I’ll make fun of the limp-wristed college kids who complain, in the high-pitched way they do nowadays, about how bad they got sunburned at the beach.

  • To quote what I heard on NPR today.. I am not celebrating a man’s death, I am celebrating the end of the life of a sadistic murderer.

  • I knew that this thread would bring all the hippy dips out to play.

  • Whatever. Do and say what you want. I’m not going to stop or condemn you.

    There’s a lot of pain and BS in the Bin Laden mess. Just because the MF is dead doesn’t take any of that away. I don’t care how evil someone is. Death isn’t something I celebrate, no matter how happy I am to see someone go.

  • Just a reminder that America’s illegal wars have killed many, many more innocent civilians than Bin Laden could have ever dreamed of.

    But hey, we got him! Yeah, Kill the bad guys! Woo!

  • I think it’s still early to celebrate OBL’s death. Have we seen the death certificate yet? I mean the long form of it?

  • this whole display last night seemed absolutely ridiculous to me. Sure OBL is dead, but that does not diminish the threat of attack. In fact, celebrating like that in front of the world probably increased the threat, if anything. Very unsettling.

  • I am simply happy with the knowledge that with his death, young terrorist now know that their role model, their God like figure, is ended a man and is now killed.

  • I agree with some of everything that has been said on here. I also disagree with some of everything.

    There you have it. You are all wrong and all right all at the same time.

  • My comment was removed, why?

    If these were unruly Howard University students climbing trees in front of the White House fence, they would have been shot or arrested by the U.S. Secret Service. These mostly GW University students should have stayed in their dorms studying for the final exams.

  • Correction:

    The GW University students should have stayed in their dorms studying for their final exams.

  • Watching ABC 7 evening news, a tourist group from Idaho thought the students were being unruly. I saw guys climing on top of street light poles. This type of behavior by Howard Univerity students wouldn’t have been tolerated by the United States Secret Service and the Metropolitan Police Department. I am glad others that don’t look like me from middle America agree with my views on ABC 7 News.

  • @Greg; the GW students were out of control. I saw young men climbing up trees and street poles in front of the White House on the local news. Let’s be honest, if these were black students from Howard University caring on in this manner in front of the White House, the Secret Service would have put a stop to this behavior. Someone might have gotten shot by law enforcement. Black men are treated differently by the police due to the negative imagine provided by the white news media.

    • and if they were white hillbilly’s the SS might have gone all ruby ridge on their ass. what’s your point?

  • My point, whites are not treated in such a vicious manner as blacks in America. Many black men have been accused of crimes by whites, that they didn’t commit. If you are a young white 20 something privilege male, you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to be a young black college educated or uneducated male. On black blogs, this has been the discussion. Those white GW students were very unruly and probably intoxicated. This type of behavior wouldn’t have been tolerated by the Secret Service if these were black college students. Why are you using an Anonymous name? My real name is Freddy.

  • I didn’t bring up this subject to be confrontational. It was an observation I made by watching television last night, discussing this with my family. Speaking with my nephew at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, he too agreed, if these were college students from an HBCU school (black university) acting unruly, they would have been arrested by the Secret Service. This haven’t changed much in since I was a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in this country in regards to race relations.

  • Correction:

    Things haven’t changed much since I was a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in this city, in regards to race relations. My thanks to the moderator for giving me the opportunity to share my opinion on this issue.

  • In the middle of so much war, so much suffering, with no end in sight– there was no celebration in me. No joy, no relief, nothing. I definitely prefer him dead, but his death doesn’t do much to make us safer. Perhaps I would feel differently if we weren’t in the middle of two endless wars.

    I agree with the other posters who say they don’t understand the celebrations. The pictures and video were oddly disturbing.

  • not a christian
    85% of usa is religious
    the christian thing to do is pray for his soul

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