Best Spot for a Morning Cup of Coffee and/or Mojito

A perennial favorite from 13th St, NW near Cardozo High School appropriately called Highview:

Because of the hill the views are amazing:

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  • What a gorgeous building. Older apartment buildings with balconies are so hard to find in DC.

  • I wouldn’t want to live right by that high school though.

  • Looked at a condo in this building once. Unfortunately, there is an ugly parking lot for the building between the balconies and that view. Weird weird choice.

    • Are you talking about the lot for the adjacent building on Clifton, or the High School parking lot? Highview and Castle Manor don’t have a parking lot.

  • Ahhh home sweet home. Love my apartment, but the hill kicks my butt pretty often!

  • I just moved out of this building after 6 years, and while I don’t miss walking up that hill, I do miss the view!

  • Wasn’t this building previously Section 8?

    • saf

      Again, there is a misconception of how the section 8 housing program works.

      ANY rental can be part of this program.

      The question here is probably, “Wasn’t this building previous a housing project?”

      The answer to that question is no, the project was diagonally across the street.

      • I don’t think I have any misperceptions, just memory of this building as extremely low rent–I used to live down the street back in the 90s. Back then, my roommates and I tried to watch the 4th of July fireworks from the parking lot across the street but ran home when we thought some of the fireworks were actually gunfire.

        I always thought it was a great piece of real estate and just wondered if the “move that public housing” had actually come to fruition. I keep watching the building on 11th between Florida and Clifton for the same reason.

  • They must have great Fourth of July parties.

  • Used that corner for a quick scene for “Syriana.”

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