Beau Thai Gets Liquor License in Shaw

“Dear PoP,

I remembered you posting about Beau Thai restaurant in the past. Well I stopped there for dinner on Friday and our server informed me that she had just secured a liquor license that afternoon. Yay!

That place has really stepped up its game in the last few months, so can’t wait to see how they’ll fare now that they’ve got the green light for drinks.”

Beau Thai is located at 1700 New Jersey Avenue NW (by R St). Now all they need is their outdoor seating license and this is going to be one very sweet spot!

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  • Great news, any word on when they will start outdoor seating?

  • I’m a little disappointed that this building didn’t end up housing the Shaw Institute for the Arts, but this is a good addition to the neighborhood nonetheless.

    • what’s the shaw institute for the arts? does it currently have a home?

      • I might have the name wrong, but there was a group trying to start up a private fine arts academy in the area years ago, and they were looking at this building. I have no idea what ever happened to their proposal.

  • I’m actually one of the owners of Beau Thai. Thanks so much for the shoutout!

    The bar is a work in progress — we features a few (great) wines, liquors and beers. In the coming days/weeks, expect a few signature cocktails and more variety. And this weekend we’ll premier our take on a Bloody Mary.

    Outdoor seating should be in place by late summer/early fall. The application will be submitted to DDOT’s public space committee in the next week or two.

    • We love having you in the neighborhood. Thanks for taking a chance on Shaw and helping to prove that it is a great place to set up shop! And keep up the great work (read: food).

    • You guys rock!

  • I love this place! Your food is great and the atmosphere is very welcoming!

  • Good news. The more of this type of places that open and prosper, the better.

  • Great news–Looking forward to trying the bloody marys and for outdoor seating this summer!

  • Love Beau Thai. Have been getting mainly take-out from there, but now with the liquor license and eventual outdoor seating will make this a regular dine-in option.

  • Just a side note — which has been and should continue to be the topic of much discussion: Why does it take the DC government months and months and months to approve Beau Thai’s (and other restaurant’s) activities. They had to wait for dining in the restaurant, they had to wait for a liqour license, and now they are waiting for outdoor seating. In my humble opinion, there should be one form that a restaurant would have to fill out to get all of these done…just sayin.

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