Banana Leaves Asian Restaurant to Reopen in 6-8 Months in North Dupont

Back in early March ’11, Banana Leaves was devastated by a fire in north Dupont at 2020 Florida Ave, NW (just east of Connecticut Ave.) You can see the severity of the damage from the fire from these photos. I’m happy to report that a complete gut renovation has begun. There will be an extensive redesign that will take about 6-8 months to complete. I’ll be sure to update as progress is made.

Great news!

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  • Hooray! Fantastic news! We’ve missed them.

  • Wow! Sad that it has to take so long but great news that it is returning – as everyone seemed to conclude last time, fairly good restaurant, great for carryout and delivery.
    Thanks for the update, I was starting to save menus from other places in fear the B-leaves may never return.

  • i ordered from them the night the fire happened. i hope it was not my food that caused the fire! I miss them and am glad they will be returning

  • Hurray! I love their eclectic range of Asian dishes.

  • Damnit. That’s too long!

  • Glad they’re rebuilding, sad to see that it’ll be winter before they open again though

  • Banana Leaves has left a void in my life. Where should I order sushi delivery to Columbia Heights in the meantime?

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