Wonder Bread Factory Ready for DCPL 40th Anniversary Party Tonight

Despite some initial problems with the space, the DC Preservation League has done a ton of clean up and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary tonight.

Congrats and happy anniversary to DCPL!

I hope by the 50th anniversary, the Wonder Bread Factory will be fully renovated and restored.

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  • uh…hmmm.

    kinda spooked by the last post about this.

  • Does anyone else LOVE baking as much as I do? I want to start a bakery

    • There is a place for rent on Upshur in Petworth for 1800/month… not horrible rent (i bet you could negotiate)… would make a great bakery location… close to YES and the Farmer’s Market… I would love to be able to stop by a bakery and pick up fresh bread on my way home from YES…

    • I love baking bread, but baking at home is much easier, less expensive and risky than trying to start a bakery. Same with being a good cook at home and expecting to start a successful restaurant.

      • Hush. Dave, please follow lei’s recommendation and open up an amazing bakery in Petworth!

        • I have been thinking about this for months…check back in 15 years and Dave’s Bakery will probably be in full swing.

  • So is the structure no longer structurally unsound?

  • 50th? Ha! This building is owned by Doug Jemal. You’ll be lucky if it’s been re-used by their 80th anniversary. Actually, by then it will be a victim of demolition by neglect.

  • And is it rent-able for other parties?

  • Tickets are $75; too steep for me.

  • Sorry – I can’t agree with everyone’s pessimism on this place. Immediately behind this bakery is the Howard Theatre where they’re working every day on the renovation. Up and down S St. there are new dwellings and renovations of existing places. Right next door, Metro is doing something over their 7th and S. Metro stop. If the “bones” of this place are sound, I would expect that Mr. Jamal will move sometime within the next 20 years on making it a vibrant non-factory extablishment. Something that will produce a little income for the struggling Mr. Jamal.

  • As a professional event planner I’d be REALLY wary of working in that building, especially after seeing the posts from a couple of months ago. Several hundred people + a buttload of catering and entertainment equipment = a very heavy load on already less-than-stable floors.

    Fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly.

    • I also think it’s telling that no full-service catering companies were willing to sponsor this event. It’s probably too much of a liability for them.

      • Every third person that plummets to their death will get 5% off future Wonder Bread products!

        • Maybe they should just line the basement with Wonder Bread, to provide a nice soft cushion to fall on? Of course, that won’t save you from the busted ceiling beams – they could also give every guest a loaf or two to tie to their heads 🙂

  • Damn and I was going to throw a rave here. 😛

  • I guess this mean the Jemals don’t have to pay the nearly $300,000 in overdue taxes they owe on the property in order to throw a party there… Making the Jemals pay their overdue taxes on all of their properties may significantly help with our city’s fiscal problems.

    Property Detail – 0641 S ST NW
    SSL:0441 0848
    Tax Amount Balance As of Date
    Real Property $281,818.16 04/17/2011

    • I remember riding past there on the way to my uncle’s house when I was a kid. Loved the smell of the fresh baked bread. Now when I see it, I think it would make a great indoor skatepark.

  • Can you say…Why pay back taxes when a developer can make contribution towards historic preservation. Can you smell a tax deduction at the bread factor?

  • The Preservation League is getting played by Jemal.

  • I walked into this space yesterday and as I said in previous posts (when I was ridiculed by “experts”) this IS a great building and is not in that bad a shape. It had to be gutted and given a new roof anyway, but the load bearing wals were in solid condition.

    I do wish it wasn’t owned by one of Washington’s biggest goons, but that will change one day too. I could honestly see whole foods going in there.

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