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  • I want to the tickets because I’m late to the party on the Court Yard Hounds. I appreciate the last Dixie Chicks album – one of the best.

  • I would love to show my support for these 2 strong and outspoken women.

  • Because I enjoy the Dixie Chicks and my boyfriend loves Toby Keith – I like looking for ways to irritate him.

  • Because 2011 has been insanely busy for me so far (2 graduate classes, buying a house, moving, finding tenants for old house, and planning a wedding shower) and I will be done with all those things and finally able to relax by May 12th!

    Plus I still have never been to 6th and I, and want to check it out. 🙂

  • My girlfriend would LOVE this and 5/12 of last year is when we were reunited after 8 years! It would be a nice way to celebrate.

  • I would like to take my pregnant girlfriend who loves country music and soon won’t be going out anywhere.

    • I took my wife to a hardcore concert when she was 6 months pregnant. Not the brightest idea we ever had; I think we lasted 5 minutes as the mosh pit basically started extending into the entire space.

      On a separate note, I walked over to the 6th & I synagogue once, but all I saw was a Catholic church. Granted, I didn’t look very hard, but is it actually on 6th and I?

  • Love the Dixie Chicks and haven’t had a chance to catch the sisters out on their own yet. Plus, also haven’t been to 6th & I.

  • I am not pregnant, have not been reunited with a lost love, cannot afford a house, and like everyone else I haven’t been to 6th and I…don’t I at least deserve this?

  • I want the tickets because I love horses and the chick on the right looks just like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Huge fan of the Chicks! I want the tickets because I need a DC concert redo. I got to see them in concert years ago, but these mean old ladies sitting behind us kept yelling at us to sit down! Screw them! I plan to stand and sing (loudly)!!

  • Because Justin Jones is DOPE.

  • because this is true music. simple and beautiful

  • Saw them at a “serious” bluegrass festival. Initially wondered why they were on the bill, but totally proved their place. I’d love to see them at a great venue like 6th and I.

  • Worst CD Ever. My wife and I bought their CD and we couldn’t get through it. It was just awful.

  • I have jury duty that day and will definitely need the soothing of those Southern sisters’ musical stylings by that night.

  • My girlfriend wants to take me because I’m pregnant.

    Also, I’m the Abominable Snowman. FACT.

  • The Dixie Chicks were my first concert back in the summer of 1997. It was free at a local music festival in town and it seemed up till this point no one knew who they were and I could be right up front, or possibly the only one in the crowd. They seemed to ‘hit it big’ right at this point and the venue was packed. Thankfully I was a scrawny 6th grader and got up to the front. I may have also stalked their old tour bus as well.

    I love that these two sisters were born and raised with music and are continuing to play and tour together. True sisterly love. I just bought and got married. All my money is going towards paying off that, a free concernt would be kick ass.

  • uh… because they’re hot.

  • The Dixie Chicks are the BEST and I didn’t realize until recently so I’ve never gotten to see them before. And I definitely can’t afford tickets myself right now… please please please?

  • Because I’m not ready to make nice.

  • I hired uppercrust maids… and i love these ladies, would like to introduce my bf to country music.

  • My girlfriend and I both LOVE country music, but since I’m a lady and she’s a lady, we don’t always feel comfortable going to concerts together as a couple. I always feel ok at 16th and I though, and these women are pretty cool. My girlfriend would hate it if she knew I was playing the gay card, but we’d both really love these tickets!!

  • I don’t have a good reason other than that I am a big fan – pick me! Thanks for the opportunity (does saying “thanks” increase my chances of winning?)

  • They are beautiful, and make amazing music – can’t think of a better place to see them than at 6th and I. Been a fan of them for years.

  • Because one of my best friends just got a promotion at work and this would be a great way to celebrate! We both love the Dixie Chicks!!

  • ’cause my mom really loved them when we went to Lilith Fair last summer. (It was a tradition – she took me to all of them). And this year I could surprise her with a post mother’s day present. And then we could hang….she just turned 60 too!

  • Because you gotta have a fiddle in the band!
    growing up in eastern kentucky, it was the dixie chicks that made me a country fan. I stood up for them when no one else would and love that they’re still going strong today

  • As a southerner who has recently moved to DC, I NEED these tickets. I miss country music like you wouldn’t believe (along with boiled peanuts and fried pickles!). These tickets would be much appreciated and much enjoyed!!!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Congrats to Sara!

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