What’s the Story with Zucchabar in Adams Morgan?

Whenever I walk past this storefront 1841 Columbia Road NW I mean to ask you about it. I finally remembered. However, a quick google search shows that it closed back in 2008. Did anyone ever go when it was open?

Seems like a pretty good location, not far from Bedrock billiards, anyone know why (presumably) it’s been vacant for so long?

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  • It was an after-hours spot for a little while, but that was at least 2-3 years back.

  • Zucchabar became Grogans. I think it closed late 2009/early 2010.

  • I remember some other bar or restaurant being there before Zucchabar, but I can’t remember the name of it.

  • I think the bigger mystery is how Video King stayed in business for as long as it did.

    • For the same reason every independent video store that’s still in business, is still in business – a large and diverse selection of pornographic videos for sale.

  • in any event, napoleon and bedrock both seem to be wildly popular as basement bars. no reason this place should stay idle. bistro basement?

  • There was a legal dispute between the landlord and the owner of Grogans Concerning Structural issues and pest management.

  • Living in the building and heading down to the basement for laundry I always think of how small the space must be. With Bedrock, Napoleon, rash, laundry, boiler rooms, etc. for the apartment and I can’t imagine it is big enough to hold much more than a tiny little bar space.
    That said, I’d gladly welcome a ‘local watering hole’ to the area as those off-18th tend to be more neighborhood-y. in general. I’m thinking maybe a Dan’s Cafe, Stoney’s type of place. I’d also take a kitschy themed joint like those on the H St corridor.

    • what you said. I live around the corner – i’d love that kind of chill bar.

    • it was definitely a locals spot when it was open. i also tended to think of adams mill as such during weekdays at least.

      • The Mill was definitely a locals spot Sunday-Wednesday, especially in the last year or two of its existence.

    • It was surprisingly big – probably had the same square footage as whatever-the-hell-the-Angry-Inch-is-called-now, counting both floors.

      Used to go a lot in 2004 and 2005, back when it was Zucchabar. Definitely catered to locals. Nothing too fancy. Pretty good DJs.

  • I wish bedrock could blast a hole through and merge, using the extra space to add food service.

  • Zucchabar was a good bet to go with a small group when everything else was too packed. They had an old fashioned coin operated pool table and a small bar, sometimes a DJ. Had a hard time luring Bedrock regulars from their stools/tables though.

  • A place that once boasted to have the best AC in Adams Morgan, there isn’t much else to talk about. Cheap drinks in a dirty basement. enough said.

  • I have lived in the apartment upstairs for a few months now as well. The craziest thing happened to me last week. I went all the way to Vienna to take advantage of a Groupon coupon for laser hair removal I bought few months back. And it turns out that the lady who owns the hair laser removal boutique used to be the owner of Zucchabar. She freaked when she saw my address! Random, I know. I should have asked why she closed her business, but I was too busy trying not to pass out.

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