Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Van Ness/Forest Hills

This rental is located at Connecticut Ave. NW at Brandywine St. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“WELCOME HOME! You will be right at home at The Chesapeake…. We have studio homes of your choice from 350 sq. ft – 550 sq. ft., you will surely call this home, with the larger spacious studio, features include; beautiful hardwood floors, new fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms and more…. The Chesapeake is located within walking distance to shops and restaurants, just 3 short blocks to the Van-Ness metro(red line) and offers a number of amenities and services to include:

* Resident Lounge with Wireless Internet
* Billiards Table
* 1800 Sq.Ft Fitness Center – 24 Hr.
* Full Service Business Center
* Courtyard – Garden Landscape with Tables and grills
* 24 Hr. Front Desk
* 24 Hr. Emergency Maintenance
* Guest Suite
* Dry Clean/Laundry Service
* Package Service
* On-site ATM
* On-site Zipcar”

$1295 sound right for a studio here?

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  • I literally read this post as “Wednesday Afternoon Stabbing”

    Can we have a “Stabbing/Shooting of the Day” post?

  • MsNesbitt

    I love Van Ness – I lived there from 2006-2008 (across from The Chesapeake) and enjoyed how quiet and residential it was. But $1295 for 350 square feet in a quiet neighborhood with limited nightlife or dining options? Has rent jumped that much since I lived in that part of town?

  • Seems like a lot for that small amount of space in Van Ness. It doesn’t look like utilities are included, either.

  • Way too high. I don’t know why anyone would willingly pay that much to live there.

    You’re paying New York prices for a New York sized apartment with a fraction of the neighborhood amenities. It’s times like this that I hate the DC housing market.

  • Seems a lot for a small-ish studio.

    But then again, lately, everything is looking expensive.

  • I love the places that show the elaborately set tables. It allows prospective buyers to fantasize that they’ll somehow develop Martha Stewart skills by living there (though frankly Martha would do a better job with those napkins).

  • That part of town is expensive but a lot of those buildings in Van Ness have pools, gyms, roof decks, full-time concierges, so sometimes that can bump the rent up. I lived in Van Ness my first four years. It’s quiet but easy – close to metro, easy access in and out of the city, tons of buildings so easy to find housing if you only have a weekend to figure out your arrangement. It’s a great location for your first year when you figure out where you really want to live.

    I think the apartment will rent.

  • You can find larger studios in older buildings without the amenities for less in the same neighborhood. It’s a matter of what’s important to you — roof desks / concierge services or not. I, personally, can open the door on my own.

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