Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan (reader request)

This rental is located at Kalorama & 19th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

*Do you need a place just to sleep in a clean excellent location in NWDC?

Looking for very clean and neat LADY (20’s)to rent/share large studio
apartment with another lady professional work from home easy going and fun.

tiny separated room with your own door next to bathroom(we need to share),
comes with basic furniture,twin futon, desk/dresser, chair, lamp, closet space.

Apartment is in prime location close to everything, save and secure, quiet and clean.Furnished.
Large studio with my separated area, nice view, lots of light,basic furniture, and equipped kitchen.

Looking for somebody who needs just a place to sleep, for at least 3-4 months min (logner possible).
You are a busy professional with full time paid job/intership and you might be also away some weekends.You eat out or cook little.

Unfortunately since is a temp.sublet,you will not be able to receive mail/packages under your name but I’llbe happy to receive them for you, and the place is way to small for entertaining so no visitors please.

Rent is $550 plus $50 for Comcast internet/cable.$500 deposit

The reader writes:

“This lady has had this ad up for about six months now! Who wants to (literally) live in a closet, sleep on a single mattress under a clothes rack and have her coming through all the time to use the bathroom?

You can easily find something WAY better!”

Makes this one from last week look gigantic.

So – do you think $550 plus $50 for Comcast sounds realistic for this one?

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  • This is the funniest thing I’ve seen/read all day. No cooking, barely sleeping and no visitors. Sounds AWESOME!! Lorton has better accomodations.

  • Hahaha terrifying!

  • wow…among the dozens of things wrong with this proposal, why would you make someone pay for Comcast and a kitchen if they aren’t allowed to be there to use those amenities?

  • Is this a joke? Either way, its hilarious.

  • i’m interested in the save and sound logner.

  • Must be a joke. If not, totally awesome that this person wants to charge 550 to live in a closet. Would be awesome if someone took this deal and insisted on being there all the time, cooking, watching television, having loud parties in their “room.”

  • perhaps Harry Potter can move there…

  • Absolute joke. This woman is an idiot. “Sleep in my closet for $600 a month!”

    Inconvenient location, too.

  • If you are a LADY in your 20’s you can easily find a place to sleep in Adams Morgan every night and not have to pay a cent.

  • “I’ve been kicked outta better homes than this!”

  • So by NWDC she means Manhattan, right? Because that’s the only place people should be allowed to divide studios into two bedrooms.

  • i feel like someone should volunteer to make an appointment to see the place, scope it out, and then report back! (not me!)

  • Other than that this is a terrible deal, one gripe:

    Any other dudes annoyed by the sheer number of places (shares and rentals, and especially on Craigslist) that specify ladies only?

    • Also, not that it is really applicable to this situation, where you can accept that the letter would prefer a woman. Just in general.

    • Well, I don’t think many straight men (or women) would be willing to share a studio with another man…

    • I think in general, women are thought to cause less wear and tear on their apartments. I’m not saying it’s true, it’s just what I’ve heard people say.

      • That’s why we rented to females only.

        Until I realized I’d gladly suffer the extra wear and tear than deal with incredibly passive-aggressive behavior.

        • I’ve lived with both males and females, and definitely prefer the messiness and occasional sexual innuendos that come with guys than the mind games and OCD behavior that most female roommates provide. For example, a guy would never throw a hissy fit becuase my guest used a wine glass for water.

    • Eh, I think in general women are more likely prefer a roommate of the same sex than men are, especially when potentially living with a Craigslist stranger.

      It does annoy me when landlords say they prefer women because they think men are less responsible or whatever.

  • If the advertiser were an older escort, this could make a great ladies’ version of Jonathan Ames’s The Extra Man.

  • My favorite is that you get closet space. The closet is your space!

  • I like that the person also wants to see your resume. Apparently you need to have certain skills to sleep in a closet.

  • It’s also illegal to discriminate based on gender, but seeing as how this person wouldn’t even be able to receive mail it’s clearly an illegal sublet so the poster probably isn’t concerned about that.

    • That’s true for housing in general, but not true for choosing a roommate. That is, a landlord can’t refuse to rent a 1BR to a man (or a woman), but I can choose to rent the second bedroom in my condo (in my dreams) to another woman rather than to a man whom I don’t know.

  • Emmaleigh504

    “you might be also away some weekends”

    So she wants your money but doesn’t actually want you there. Good grief!

  • I rented a bedroom in a whole house in Columbia Heights for $100 less than this!

  • I had this exact living arrangement when I first graduated college. Of course, it was with my brother and only until I could find my own place. The fact that this woman also works from home is just the icing on the cake: “You never be here. I’ll be here all the time.”

  • But guys! You get to live in Adams Morgan! This is a good deal!

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