Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Vernon Square

This rental is located at m st nw at 5th st nw:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Lovely and spacious 2 bedroom plus den/office nook, 2 bathroom rowhouse. Features include: all hardwood floors, central AC, dishwasher, fireplace.

Superb location just 1.5 blocks to Mt Vernon Square/7th St Metro (green/yellow), 5 blocks to NY Ave Metro (red), steps to new City Vista (new Safeway, Busboys and Poets, cleaners, Starbucks, and more). Easy walk to Chinatown, the Mall, Union Station, the Capital, and more.”

$2695 sound right for this 2 bed/2 bath row house?

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  • That post is a joke?

  • sounds alright..

  • That apartment seems on the wrong side of the 7th street to be asking that much money. Dupont prices in the hood.

  • If you think these are Dupont prices you’re smoking crack. Try adding another $1,000. You may not like it, but that’s the market son. Seems like a good deal.

  • I live three blocks away (to the west) in a studio with all utilities included and pay $1000 less than this posting.

  • I must be seriously out of touch, but when did it become normal for people to pay over $1000 each in shared situations in this city. In 2006 I paid $675 in Columbia Heights (3-bedroom), in 2008 I paid $500 for the tiniest room in Parkview (4-bedroom), since 2009 I’ve been paying $900 for a great house in Shaw (3-bedroom)… Has the market really gone up that much that living in a group house should cost $1000+ per person? I know that it gets cheaper the more people you add, but this still seems really, really steep. Is everyone paying these kinds of prices for non-luxury buildings?

    • This isn’t a group house, and it’s not a studio. There is a reason realtors look at comparables when deciding on a selling price for a home. Same thing works for apartments.

      • It’s a 2 bedroom, so I’m assuming it’s a roommate situation. Maybe they’re sleeping together, maybe they’re not, but being a 2-bedroom place means that there’s no “living alone” premium in this situation.

        • 2 level 2 bedrooms are for couples with one or no kids.

          Keep in mind the 3rd bedroom in many early 1900’s-built DC rowhomes is shit: shit in terms of size and usefulness. In other words, the 3rd bedroom doesn’t add real value, unless a family who would rent it has at least two kids — or it’s used as a group house. -Please- keep in mind that most of the rowhomes in DC are NOT used as group houses.

          If you’re young couple with somewhat undefined plans for children, this is the place you rent for a couple years. If you have a second child, you upgrade or buy. Until then, it’s not worth paying the extra $500/month a 3 bedroom would cost.

          Or it’s for a childless couple with a need for more space: grown up space — you know, no desk sidled up to a couch, which doubles as your fold-out dining table and “eat in” kitchen area.

          Even a “big” single level 2 bedroom condo starts to feel lame when you can afford a real house — one with a real dining room, living room, full sized kitchen (not “condo sized”), a sweet master bedroom, and a second bright, large room to be a study and occasional guest bedroom.

    • Yes, the market has gone stupid. The rental market is off the crock. 15-1600$ for studios, 17-2000$ for 1 bedrooms and 2200$+ for 2 bedrooms…

      I paid 1400 for a 2 bedroom on W/14th NW. That same place now rents for 2100 a month. 4 years time difference.

      it’s not a good time to be a renter. you’d think all these new developments would have brought a little sanity to the rental market… but no.

    • Yes. When I moved here 6 years ago my roommate and I paid $2200 to share a small 2-bedroom apartment in Alexandria. Maybe not a spectacular deal, but not bad considering most of the people I worked with were paying $1700-$2000 for 1-bedrooms in the area.

  • I pay 1750 for a small one bedroom one block away. This looks like a fair price. The wrong side of 7th street? Huh?

  • This includes a dedicated parking spot.. and is in/close to downtown.. i rent out my tiny studio in mt. pleasant rents for 1300$ a month, so this is a great deal.

  • Dang, I just “walked” down the street using Google Streetview and I was mugged!

  • I live 4 blocks from Logan and pay $2500 for 2 bedroom and den/2 br for brand new construction. This seems like a lot of money but maybe the space is somehow larger?

  • Everything is too damn expensive! Enough of, “it’s the market”…well, the market sucks. What the hell man…I mean if you make 70k / year, which should be a decent salary, it’s not jack in a town like DC, and that’s messed up. I don’t give a crap what the market says, it’s just greed, on top of more greed. EVERYTHING is too expensive and it sucks.

    Sigh, guess I’ll have to go to Virginia.

    • You don’t have to rent an entire house in the heart of the city, you know.

      • Also VA is just as bad unless you go out to Loudon County or something.

        • I get it, and I know there are options…I guess I just get really frustrated. I mean, I have friends making less then me, living in other cities, and 250k goes a long, long way (like 4 bedroom / 3 bathroom house)…I love DC, and have lived either in the District or Arlington for nearly a decade. I’d love to plant roots here, but the neighborhoods I would want to live in (read: not “transitional”), are way, way, way, out of my reach. The crazy thing is, I make OK money…I have NO idea how folks afford mediocre Row Houses for 700k+ around here. Is everyone that rich, or in massive debt?

          • We did it. I wouldn’t say we’re rich, but we both have good jobs and made a lot of sacrifices.

          • To clarify though, you could say we’re in massive debt since we had to take out a big loan for the $700k house. But the mortgage payments are surprisingly doable.

          • put down roots, start looking in transitional areas and in 5-10 years they will no longer be transitional. The market sucks, but it is what it is. You can do one of three things. move, continue renting until the bubble burst (if), or buy in a transitional area. All are fine choices, just what makes the most sense to you.

    • This argument is so annoying. Someone will post a luxury condo 2 bedroom on U St for like $2900 and everyone will flip out saying everything is so unaffordable. If you are willing to have laundry in the basement, wash your own dishes, not have granite countertops and a redone bathroom, you can get something for considerably less. It’s not just location – it is also the quality of what you are getting. As someone said, this is a rowhome. To live in a rowhome with either 1 roommate or your partner is so much more of a luxury than an apartment and I think this is probably priced accordingly. PoP typically picks out deals that I think are fantastic or at least decent from CL and then people on here poopoo all over them.

      • I actually think this is a great deal. Sure, I’m the basement apartment in a crappy neighborhood type, so I wouldn’t buy it, but if you want to rent a nice house and be able to walk to Chinatown you really could do a lot worse.

  • we looked for a two bedroom + parking setup in this neighborhood (which is actually quite the hidden gem and remarkably close to everything you need) and this would have been just at a little higher than our target price range, but we were on the prowl for a deal. so it say it’s just about right or maybe a tiny bit on the high side of just right. certainly not outrageous for a house!

  • This is a great deal, and this street is not horrible like some people are making it out to be. It is super close the the Safeway, Taylor Gourmet, Kushi etc. All these people saying they pay $1000 less a block West, etc – THAT IS FOR A STUDIO. THIS IS A 2+ BEDROOM HOME! 2 bathrooms, too.

    I have friends that live a half block north on Ridge in a very, very nice place. I feel safer around there than I do around my apt in Columbia Heights half the time…

  • “the wrong side of 7th”

    haha that is awesome. i remember when it was 16th street.

  • This is a good price for the neighborhood, where I have lived since 2005. You can easily pay $1300 for a one-bedroom English basement, so an entire house for $2695 is a good deal. The morons who think that this neighborhood is “dangerous” clearly never venture east of 16th Street. It’s a great neighborhood and very convenient to Chinatown, all of the new development in NoMa, and public transportation.

  • Believe it or not, this place is a bit under market for this block – the next door Yale Lofts and CityVista etc development on the other side of NY Ave have completely upscaled everything from 3rd to 6th, NY ave to O street. Unfortunately, it is under market because the inside needs work.

  • WOW. I moved out of this exact apartment in 2005 when I bought my home in Takoma Park. At the time I believe we were paying $1500/month. It is a great place–huge living room, etc. The neighborhood has changed in 6 years and there are a lot more amenities now…but almost double…really?

  • Wow, to think I’ve been bitching about my landlord increasing the rent on my studio in Adams Morgan to $1160. I’ll shut up now based on these posts.

  • This seems insanely overpriced or we got lucky and found the deal of a lifetime! We moved into a huge 2bed+den, 1.5 bath, 2 level updated rowhouse only 2.5 blocks from this house LAST MONTH and we pay almost a grand less than this place (NEish in direction). The only amenity they have listed that we don’t is a fireplace. Somehow that isn’t worth $900/month to me 🙂

    The neighborhood could still use a little work but it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the comments indicate. That block takes great pride in their houses and we’ve never felt unsafe walking around the neighborhood (admittedly, late at night would be a different story). With all the development going on just a few blocks away, this area looks on track to just keep improving.

    For bennett reid – keep looking, it might take more digging on craigslist, but the deals are definitely there…

    • I love how the only people to ever get “deals of a lifetime” on rents in this city are the ones who comment on these posts. A charmed lot, PoP commenters are.

      I suspect, though, that most of the people who score such great finds scored them years ago, when the rental market wasn’t completely insane (not you, B_Romp, obviously). And because they rented so long ago, they have no idea how the rental market works these days.

  • I thought we had already talked about stopping such talk about, “I rent a similar place two blocks from here and pay $1,000 less per month.”

    With very few exceptions, it’s utterly, completely irrelevant, especially if you rented the place more than 18 months ago.

  • I’m just going to put the cherry on this thread.

    Massive housing collapse, massive wave of foreclosures, massive shift back to renting = rents rising a lot.

    • Agreed. I’m helping someone rent their house in the suburbs, and a lot of interest has come from foreclosed-upon families.

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