Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill (Potomac Ave Metro)

This rental is located at 13th Street SE at K Street SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This fabulous 1 Bedroom/1 Bath unit has it all–Great Location! Great Amenities! Green Features! Located on Capitol Hill right by the Potomac Avenue Metro & the Harris Teeter Grocery Store at 1300 K Street SE.

Everything was recently renovated–full size W/D, HVAC, kitchen appliances, hard wood floors, marble tiled bathrooms, etc. This unit features an OPEN kitchen with granite countertops and all stainless steel appliances including a microwave, DISHWASHER, stove, dishwasher, WASHER/DRYER and refrigerator (with ICE MAKER).

It is wired for CABLE and there are recessed speakers throughout the unit! There is also an IPOD DOCKING station–pop your ipod in the wall and listen to your favorite music throughout your unit! (Power cord and receiver needed.)

The bedroom size is 14′ x 10′, and there is a 10 foot wide closet! It is partially below grade, but it has 6 full size windows. Look at the picture of the kitchen! There are 3 windows that size in the kitchen/den area!

*Walk Score 92!
*Walk to the Potomac Avenue Metro (Orange/Blue Line). Just a few blocks away!
*Walk to the Harris Teeter Grocery Store
*Walk to Eastern Market, Barracks Row, great restaurants

*Controlled Access Entry System
*Ipod docking station in each unit (receiver required)
*Speakers and volume controls installed in every bedroom and den
*New appliances including full size washer/dryer & dishwasher
*Grill and picnic tables available for your use
*Blinds installed in every unit
*Exterior Security Cameras
*Free Wireless Internet
* Flat screen TV to be installed in unit—limited time Special Offer (email for details!)

*Bike Shed
*Tankless Hot Water System
*3 Zip Cars located next door!
*Unit Insulated to keep your bills low!
*Efficient HVAC

Electricity is paid by tenant.
Security Deposit (one month’s rent) due upon lease signing.
Rent due by the first of the month.
Available June 1.
$35 application fee/person.”

$1475 sound right for this 1 bedroom?

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  • I don’t think I’d live there, but if you worked in the area, this seems pretty great. Free Internet and a TV and newly renovated and under 1500? Not bad.

    [Insert comments below saying I’m insane and that ______ pays $500 less in a much nicer spot in Eastern Market]

  • This seems like a very reasonable price.

  • Can someone single making $40,000 yearly be able to afford an apartment like this? DC is becoming like Manhattan with it’s outrageous rental prices. With the high cost of gasoline, this doesn’t help either.

  • P.S. Everyone in DC aren’t Attorneys, Physicians, and Lobbyists making 6 figures. Making 50 to 60 grand in DC can only get you a nice studio in a somewhat safe neighborhood. Sad but true.

    • I’ve come to accept that and appreciate that I have less space to clean in my studio. Perhaps in two years I’ll be able to afford a one bedroom – though I like that I can save for vacations and perhaps a down payment.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I used to think I would upgrade to a 1 bedroom after a few years, but I’ve really grown to love my bachelor studio. I love less space to clean, I don’t collect as much clutter because I can’t, and I like having the few extra hundred dollars a month to play with.

    • Yep, that’s quite true.

    • I’m not an Attorney, Physician, or Lobbyist but I make more than $50-60k. I think I started at $55k fresh out of college.

    • I’m not an attorney, doctor, or lobbyist. I work in the arts and make $52,000/year. I own my 2 bedroom condo in Petworth, near Highlands coffee shop. It’s safe enough for me and I’ve never felt scared. Mostly because I am a bad ass.

  • Seems fine. maybe $1300 is better? I would be wary of the Potomac Gardens 1 block to your north and the park across the street where people loiter suspiciously.

  • Considering how close it is to Potomac Gardens and other public housing I do wonder at the price.

  • I thought it looked like a good deal until I realized it was a basement unit.

  • I thought it was a bad deal until I saw it has an ICE MAKER!

  • 1 block to the Harris Teeter also unfortunately means 1 block to PG and some of other less-than-desirable buildings on K St SE. The intersections of Potomac/K and Potomac/I in particular appear to be open-air drug markets the times I’ve driven past. I’d stay away from this one, but if forced to look here I wouldn’t go above $1000.

  • I looked in this building 2 years ago and while the unit we saw was beautiful and beats the price of anything even close to comparable on the Hill, the walk to the metro past Potomac Gardens made it a no-go for us. If you can live with that then this is a great deal.

  • Not crazy about this location. I work a block away and go to the Harris Teeter sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to live there for $1475 a month. It’s not the best place to be walking around at night.

  • Are you a drug dealer?

  • Correction:

    Are you a drug dealer making over 55 thousand?

  • Considering that I once rented a similar unit in Shaw (really luxurious inside, lots of housing project drama outside), my advice is to be careful what you wish for. Don’t sign that lease until you make a visit to the neighborhood at maybe 10pm, 2am and 6am on a warm Friday night. Now there is no guarantee that anything bad will happen, but do think for a while if you are willing to live with the probable drug trade on the corner, the constant police lights and sirens, people shouting in the street at all hours, street litter, etc.

    With all that being said, it looks to me that the owner is very aware that the surrounding neighborhood scares away a lot of potential good renters, so they have to sweeten the deal considerably to get someone into their unit. I’ve noticed this is sort of a trend in the city anytime a rental unit is adjacent to any high-crime spot or housing project: that is, the interior amenities of the unit will be really outstanding to counteract whatever is presumed to be happening outside.

  • 1- You don’t walk past PG to get to the metro from here. You either go east a block then north a block, or you to up to potomac. It’s literally a block from the metro.

    I live close to here, PG is a pain in the ass, but the overall neighborhood is actually very nice and short walk to 8th street, Lincoln park etc. The rent is about par for the area, maybe $100 a month high, but it will go fast. English basements in the area are $1600-2k.

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