Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan (reader request)

This rental is located at 1928 Calvert St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Studio on Calvert Street between Adams Morgan and Woodley Park. Unit is small with limited kitchen facilities, but it is in great location- walking distance to metro, bus routes, and Adams Morgan restaurants. Please respond with questions or to set up a time to visit.”

The reader writes,

“Limited kitchen” with that sleeping arrangement means a ramen flavor infused IKEA mattress by the end of your internship, guaranteed.

When this bed’s a clangin’… alternatively, gives a new meaning to chamber pots.”

Think $925 sounds realistic for this studio?

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  • Not a chance…

  • Definitely not.

  • I’d bet anything this is just a room in a house with an attached bathroom, i.e. not an actual separate apartment.

  • This is a joke right? Does this mean a 1989 Chevy Astro parked on the side of Calvert with a hot plate will go for $925 a month?

    It might be better if the deathtrap, I mean bed, wasn’t painted bright green. Good chance the young drunk 23 year old that rents this place has a serious accident trying to get in bed after a night on 18th Street. At least the Mill is shut down.

    • “Does this mean a 1989 Chevy Astro parked on the side of Calvert with a hot plate will go for $925 a month?”


    • Deathtrap of a bed? I have stumbled into a lofted bed drunk (and sober) many a time and have never come close to falling. They’re weird at first, but you get used to them – just ask the many people who live in tiny European apartments and want extra space.

      That said, a hotplate under the wooden bed loft? And that shade of green? yech.

  • haha. no. seriously, if one is looking in that price range, i think its best to look for a group space (you can get a nice deal for $800-$900, easy – large room, in a nice house) OR maybe look further into Petworth for a real studio — with a kitchen.

  • Goodness no.

    Is that “limited kitchen” even legal?
    Is there a “limited bathroom”? (a bucket)

  • It’s probably no smaller or no more expensive than what a dorm room would cost.

  • By “limited kitchen facilities,” does the person mean there is a just a microwave?? Ugh.

  • NO. 3 years ago my friend rented a large studio with no kitchen for 650 but it had counter space, a full-sized refrigerator, walk-in closet, and full bath… and it was on 20th and R on the 7th floor with views of the whole city.

    This is a fire hazard that should be reported. I HIGHLY doubt this is legal.

  • This makes me feeling like I’m getting a super steal for my studio that is easily 4 times the size of this bedroom.

  • I feel terrible for the intern who ends up with this. What is this town coming to?


  • I’m surprised if this place has a Certificate of Occupancy. Looks like a fire trap to me. I’d ask to see the DofO.

  • There’s probably a subset of renters that absolutely HAVE to have their own place in Adams Morgan and can’t afford to spend more than $1k/month. This might appeal to them, assuming they don’t need a kitchen.

    It doesn’t come furnished, is it? If you look beyond the ugly green loft the space doesn’t seem too bad. Though tiny, it has some nice features like the fireplace, the hardwood floors, and the exposed brick. With some better arrangement it could work– the problem here is that they’re trying to fit a full bed, desk, fridge/microwave combo, and living room area with sofa and coffee table all in one small room. Get a twin bed and ditch the desk and you’ll have no need for the bed loft.

    I’m not claiming this is a good deal, necesaarily (I’m not that familiar with Adams Morgan studio prices) but the landlord is really doing themselves a disservice with those photos. Better to have none at all and play up the studio’s features in the description.

    • the thing is, cooking can save you hundreds of dollars a month… even if you eat fast food only. so you may as well bump up your budget to 1200 and eat in.

      • I was thinking the same thing. All the money you’d save on this place would be spent eating out.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of cooking at home… but someone who wants to live in Adams Morgan might prefer to eat out all the time, even if they have to give up the kitchen to afford it. It probably doesn’t cost too much to eat Jumbo Slice and Amsterdam Falafel every day, compared with what it might cost to stock a kitchen with equipment and supplies.

        Also, you can do amazing things with just a microwave if you’re so inclined.

      • Some people just don’t cook for themselves, to be fair.

  • Hell no. It’s about a mile away from a Metro. Not that a mile is far, or in any way un-walkable, but it should be 1-2 blocks for that $$. Just no.

  • This is only a deal if you want to guarantee yourself never, ever, getting laid. Ever.

  • Slept in smaller places for less money.

    How the hell do you get up on that bed?

  • that looks like a death trap

  • That’s a great location. Look, if you absolutely INSIST on living alone, and MUST live in Adams Morgan, this is about what you can expect for about $900/month. I wouldn’t take it, though.

  • This is laughable and makes me that much happier that I will be leaving this dreadfully overpriced rental market at the end of May.

    To that end, anybody interested in a $900 large one bedroom, contact Fred A. Smith around the end of April … of course, you won’t have decent heat and your neighbors will be insanely loud all the time but if you’d consider renting above green bed of death closet hotplate apartment for more than that, my place would be a slice of heaven for you.

  • If it were staged better (or not staged at all) their phone would be ringing off the hook with interested people… as it is, who knows?

  • This is the ultimate intern trap. Cool Adams Morgan! Own space! Just like a dorm! Really would be a better idea to go into a group house. Even if you have to share the bathroom and kitchen, at least you’d be able to cook. Plus, it can be fun to live with people when you are new to the city.

  • This could be great if the dining hall isn’t too far away. GO STATE!

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