The 5pm Post – Clothing Swap at Black-Eyed Susie this Sun.

“Dear PoP,

Black-Eyed Susie and Sew Frugal and Fashionable will be hosting a Clothing Swap on Sunday, May 1st. Black-Eyed Susie [3443 14th St, NW] is the new gently used, contemporary clothing store that opened up in Columbia Heights in January of this year. Sew Frugal and Fashionable offers introductory sewing classes which teach the basics of sewing and refashioning clothing. Sew Frugal offers practical ideas which are simple and creative to enhance your wardrobe. Sew Frugal encourages swapping, sewing, and thrift store shopping to promote frugal living.

Info on the swap:

Drop off for the swap will be from 11-noon and the swap will start at 1pm and go for two hours. Men’s and women’s clean and gently worn clothing will be accepted for the swap. $10 to enter if you bring in at least 5 items to swap. $15 to enter if you do not bring items to swap. You can buy your tickets online here.”

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  • Fun idea – but suggest you re-think the $10.00 admission. You will do much better just making it free and using it as a marketing tool to get people to visit the shop.

    Anyone with 5 fairly nice vintage pieces can sell them on CL and make at least $50.00. Not-so nice not-so-vintage but still decent clothes can still get $2.00 a piece at a yard sale. Groups of friends often have swaps – where you go in at least knowing the general taste level & size.

    Why would anyone pay $10.00 admission when they don’t really know what sizes or styles might be there?

  • Yes i’m not so sure about this either… If everyone’s paying to enter, they are all hoping to leave with clothes better than the ones they brought. But somebody has to end up with the crappy stuff! I don’t see how everyone will leave happy. Maybe offering free wine and snacks would be an incentive?

  • Hi everyone,

    Susie and Sew Frugal here. Just wanted to explain the cost of entry. We decided on $10 a person to offset the costs of light snacks and refreshments and a donation that we are giving to Martha’s Table.

    If you need to bring your items at 1pm that works for us!

    Hope to see you on Sunday!

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