Sweet Scuttlebutt: Building behind 9:30 Club to Become a Pizza Pub?

I heard some very interesting scuttlebutt about the small building behind the 9:30 club at 9th and V St, NW.

You may have noticed that there is a building permit posted by the door:

I’m hearing that the 9:30 club has leased the space out to – the Hilton brothers! You know, the folks behind Marvin, Gibson, American Ice Company and many more in the works including Blackbyrd (14th and U), Brixton (9th and U), Independent (8th and Florida Ave), and Billy Simpsons (Quincy and Georgia Ave). If true, the Hilton brothers have begun to challenge, Joe Englert for the title of king(s) of DC nightlife.

So I haven’t heard too many details but what I did hear sounded pretty sweet – a pizza pub. I’m imagining a Red Rocks type place but I’ll be sure to update when more info becomes available. One thing is for sure, if not from the Hilton brothers nor a pizza pub, well, something is def. coming to this space. Stay tuned.

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  • Oh please oh please oh please?

  • Now I know I am going to anger the music purist – but it would be nice if the 9:30 club invested a little into making the outside of their building look nice. Not a lot, just a little. I mean if it wasn’t such a legendary music venue – it might be up for a horses ass award.

    • And what do you propose they do to it? make it look like a high end bar? With a nice giant sign that says 9:30 CLUB?

    • this is another reason why people hate yuppies. for the love of god, please leave us a little bit of industry and warehouse in this city.

    • this is the stupidest comment in the history of PoP.

      the 9:30 is a great neighbor – I have seen their employees sweeping up trash on the blocks surrounding the venue, even down to Florida Ave. Anyone who can’t find the 9:30 doesn’t deserve to see a show there.

    • I always have the same thought. Not so much the exterior, but how about a sign!? There are so many cool opportunities that come to mind, and that rectangular space above the door is just waiting for one.
      Even a simple black and white digital 9:30 logo like that in their ads, etc. would work.

  • I agree with the suggestion to invest in some fancification of the great 930 club. more art! more art!

    and pizza! and beer! this all sounds amazing.

  • 9:30 Club had a sign at the 930 F street location, but something happened causing it to fall(guessing) and break. Now that sign is proudly hanging over the coffee bar. So the only signage the club has is now inside. It’s ok to be known as the building with the blue “windows” and building that has the big antenna.

    • Thank you! It makes 930 what it is. Its supposed to be a place u have to ask to find. Dc’s little secret, this amazing venue hidden inside an old radio place.

      • But it’s not really a secret. People all over the world know about it.

        • If people think this giant music hall rendition of the club is incognito, they should have seen the old one. Of course, that had the easy-to-find advantage of being named after it’s street address.

    • What!? The 9:30 Club left F Street? Who knew? 😉 (Never the same after that. Guess I’m really showing my age.)

  • Wow, kind of unexpected how this little triangle has blown up in the past year, at least to me. It does make sense though. Only a block from metro, a few blocks from the major artery of u ST nightlife. The area has so much more foot traffic now than it did a sermingly short whilenago thanks to new condos, American ice, Dickson, dodge city and 1905. I’m happy to see the cOrner continue to develop.

    • Not to mention a 1k+ people spilling out every other night or so.

      • Yeah, it’s awesome that the area is blowing up.

        But I think I heard that metro’s sale of the land a few blocks away fell through. I think it’s the parcel on the far side on Nellie’s.

        Regardless, it’s awesome to have shiny new things!!!

  • Why is everyone so excited about this? Just last week I attended a luncheon meeting at the Hilton Washington and the food was nothing to write home about.

  • So, overpriced beer and spotty availability of pizza? Not bad.

  • I once treated myself to what I thought was “Valet” parking at the 9:30 Club. Never saw that car again!

    • i hope you’re joking.

    • Hahaha, but seriously that sucks.

      I heard about this happening a few years ago in Baltimore.

      Basically, a guy would hang around the hotels late at night near the inner harbor. So when tourists pulled up after a long drive, he’d run up and offer valet parking and bag service…..even though the hotel didn’t have valet parking.

      Tourist hands over the keys, and car and bags are never seen again. Welcome to Baltimore!

    • I got into a cab a few years back and relized halfway home it wasn’d a cab at all but a random person picking people up for cash. I arrived safely and got a good laugh out of it…then passed out. Sorry about your car.

  • That’d be sweet, but when oh when will there be any movement on Billy Simpson’s? I fear this is yet another project that’ll push back the Georgia Ave. project.

  • wow, that’s a lot of sticks in the fire.

    they must have a lotta cheddar, cos from the looks of the outside, they’re going to need it. i would expect prices from beyooond.

  • This would be amazing! That area has been growing in a way that everyone should be happy about.

  • There is also a raze permit on the Atlantic plumbing building on the other side…

  • I love the 9:30 Club and it’s a great institution, but I have to agree that its exterior could look a little better. Even just a different color of paint instead of that blue. (I think the blue is the same as on the inside, but for whatever reason, the inside blue doesn’t bother me.)

  • Pizza is the new hamburger is the new cupcake

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