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  • Looks like a 1964 Chevy Impala, possibly a Super Sport based on the side trim, but it’s hard to read the badges.

  • Ah yes, the early 60s Chevys. Not as iconic as the 55 – 57 models, but I love this era of cars – when Detroit finally figured out they couldn’t make the fins any bigger and totally streamlined their models.

  • Cruisin down the street in my six-fo’
    Jockin the bitches,
    slappin the hoes

  • It’s a shame what they did to that suspension

  • Too funny. I actually took a photo of the exact same car on Saturday, it’s on 12th I believe, the same street my pretty rowhouse photo was on from the 2:30 post yesterday.

    Guess that’s my inclination to sign up for flickr.


  • Really, the following is true, try it. You can find the date imprinted on the tail light, as you’re looking at the car from the back, on the left. Of course that is the date of the light and not the car but will always be within a few years of being correct, at worst. But do disregard this if this info removes the option of fine vintage car photos on PoP!

  • That car has been parked there since about December. It was dropped off with a tow truck and hasn’t moved since. The only thing different now is they took the large (19-20″) rims out of the interior and are storing them somewhere else.

    That said I love seeing classic cars stored on the street. (There’s a great mid-60s fastback Mustang in the Lincoln Park area that I love to see and there are a couple of great 60s Porsches around The Hill as well) I just wish the owner of this Impala would drive it!!

  • So funny, I saw either you or the above commenter taking photos of the car on Saturday while returning from a home depot run. It is definately a head turner.

    Also RVA_Man, I know that mustang well… it’s sad… and a tragedy someone put those god awful Cobra graphics on it.

    • Ha, that was quite possibly me. A friend and I walked from sneakercon on H st to eastern market, was around 3 I’d say. Too funny.

  • More like Bad Ass Ride!

  • pop-up owner If you wanna see a great Porsche there’s one that lives near the Safeway on 14th in SE I’m not the biggest fan of Porsches but it’s great seeing old cars that are well kept.

    As for whoever decided to mess with a such a wonderful fastback. Well, they don’t deserve things that nice if they can’t keep themselves from ruining them.

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