Support New Tryst/Diner Concept at ANC Meeting Tonight

If you support the proposed Tryst/Diner plans for the corner of 11th and Monroe St, NW – let the ANC know tonight:

When: Tonight, Wednesday night, April, 13th at 7PM
Where: Harriet Tubman Elementary School 3101 13th St NW (Entrance through the parking lot on the corner of 13th and Kenyon)

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  • I wish I didn’t have plans tonight — that building is across the corner from my house. (In fact, I can see it out of the window in the room I’m sitting in now.) I hope this project proceeds.

  • Why are they asking for all the support? Are there ANC members who are opposing it?

    • The initial presentation was last week and the ANC supported it. My understanding is that this week they are voting on the ABC Application, which is the THIS IS GETTING DONE vote.

      Constantine is great re: connecting with neighbors. I’m sure he wants as many people as possible in the ANC and relevant SMD to support it.

  • Are there new issues since the meeting last month? I was there, and didn’t think the ANC was obstructing anything.

  • You don’t think some short-sighted community clowns (who want to make CH safe for thugs and babymamas) will try to kill this, do you? Well yes. What do they have to lose.

  • Not sure about the intentions of tonight’s meeting, but I live across the street from the building and know there’s a petition going around to prevent the diner from being opened 24 hours.

  • It might be worthwhile to note that the ANC has no role in determining whether a business can be open 24 hours a day or not. Regardless, the establishment obviously cannot serve alcohol 24 hours a day.

    For residents who are concerned about a 24 hour establishment, I would consider the positive impact that this could have on our community. Police will visit the location throughout the night, there will be “eyes” on this corner 24 hours a day, it will provide lighted elements to a relatively dark corner and will more than likely increase public safety in the area.

    Not to mention getting pancakes at 3 am isn’t a bad deal either!

  • What surprises me about the 24 hour concept is that the developer would allow it. They might be getting some good rent from the diner but who in their right mind is going to plunk down “luxury” condo money to live in a building with a restaurant that’s open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. At the very least, I wouldn’t go anywhere near an apartment on the floor right above that space.

    • The owner of the proposed 24 hour diner has purchased the space as a commercial condominium. There is no rent involved.

      • Still begs the question of who is going to purchase a residential condominium above a commercial condominium that is running a 24 hour a day restaurant.

  • Ok. For those of you who are not familiar with the happenings at the Diner on Friday and Saturday nights, please visit Adams Morgan at closing hours. The Diner is a beehive of all that is broken with admo. Drunk, noisy, rude and often violent people gather at that location when they have no other place to be.

    Yes, there is police presence, but it often does not dissuade the calamity that ensues.

    Just check it out if you don’t believe it.

    • so what is your point? we shouldn’t have late night places?

      • Seriously, 18th St and 11th St. What is the basis for comparison–or could be in the course of the next 20 years? I live around the corner from 11th and Monroe and feel quite comfortable with the idea of this place being open 24 hours.

  • Could the Tryst people PLEASE put one of the Tryst/Diner joints on H St NE? Please????????

  • Only point is… Know what you are getting into. It’s all fun and games until you have wastoids in your backyard or fights in the street.

  • One other comment- if you oppose this, make sure you get them to agree NOT to apply for an outdoor seating space. With one, neighbors are really stuck with tons of extra noise during warm weather. Even if you don’t oppose it, at least be kind and oppose a 24 hours outside seating section. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!

  • The late night crowd at the Adams Morgan Tryst is a function of the many, many bars that pull thousands of 20 somethings to 18th Street at night. A similar draw doesn’t exist on 11th Street. There are plenty of 24 hour diners in other cities on similarly quiet streets and they don’t draw the craziness that you see in Adams Morgan. The comparison between 11th and 18th is apples to oranges.

    • Do you thnk that Constantine is that daff? There is a reason he chose 11th. It’s moving in the admo direction. Also, don’t forget that the extremely close proximity to Howard completely differentiates a diner in that location from other 24 hour spots in the area. To compare our city to any other really apples to oranges, especially if you consider the crime rate.

      18th street has 59 liquor licenses between Columbia and Florida. By the end of the year there will 7 on 11th street, not to mention petworth and Howard. Where do you thnk the late night crowd from 11th, Petworth, Howard will end up? In the only 24 hour place in the area!

      Just a thought to consider.

      • 59 liquor licences vs 7 (or let’s be kind and add in 8 to 10 more in distant walking distance).

        As I said, apples to oranges.

        Also, you are analyzing this in purely zero sum terms. Yes, there will be some more noise. There will also be more foot traffic, more light, more bustle…..and a lot more safety. That corner is quiet now….because it is deserted. With Constantine (who I am slightly acquainted with), you are going to get a business owner who gives a damn about the neighborhood and will listen to and address your concerns (if, in the end, you have any that are serious). Or would you rather trade that for the normal run of new urban retail….like a Quiznos and a 7-11?

        • +!. The new place is going to be a destination in-itself, not a place that gets gets the run-off at 4 AM.

        • +1 Despite what everyone says, 11th street will never be Adams Morgan-esque. Yes there will be more businesses and more traffic, but it will never have Admo’s congestion. Admo is blocks of nothing but bars with a few apartments above there. 11th street is mostly row houses with limited spaces for business development. Yes there’s this future place and the store fronts on the other side of the street, but tell me, where are the rest of the bars going? There is only a finite amount of commercial space on that strip.

      • One more thing….what is the problem with Howard students?

        • if i had to guess at their meaning, i’d say that the problem with howard students is that they are college students of college student age.

  • How do we email the ANC folks about this-if we could not attend the meeting?

  • Folks would be not very smart to oppose this nice addition to the neighborhood. Constantine goes out of his way to mesh with the communities he does business in. This will never be admo that’s just silly. Seriously look at the dynamic and available commercial space, it will simply be a bustling NEIGHBORHOOD strip which will benefit all around.

    • He’s done an amazing job of making Open City work as a place that serves both the throngs of conventioneers at the two neighboring mega-hotels, and the neighborhood residents, all in harmony. If he can pull that off, I’m confident he can target the appropriate clientele on 11th Street.

  • I’d like to know why ProfChris is such an a-hole.

  • The comparisons between 11th and Adams Morgan continue to be silly. 11th is now, basically, completely full, just about every space is taken or spoken for. There are two big drinking spots, Wonderland and Meridian Pint, and that is it. Otherwise, we are talking about a forthcoming diner / tryst place which won’t attract a crazy drunk crowd, a small wine bar, a pet store, a community arts space, two mexican places, two forthcoming small restaurants, a small clothing store, two parks (if you count the dog park), a coffee shop, a laundromat, and a commercial bakery. With no room for additional commercial expansion.

    In all events, does anyone know what actually happened at last night’s meeting???

    • Should have read all the way down before commenting as I said pretty much the same thing. Glad someone else has some sense.

    • False.

      Drinking Spots:

      Wonderland, Rinconcito Deportivo, Wine Bar (forget the name), Meridian Pint, Acuario.

      Soon to be drinking spots:

      Taco place open late night with roof deck
      Tryst place possibly open 24 hours
      Whatever goes in the remaining empty spots.

      And that’s just 11th Street. Georgia Avenue will have its spots in due time as will Sherman.

      It’s really not that big of an ask when residents want at least a minimum portion of some peace and quiet. There is NO need for a 24 hour place in the neighborhood.

      • Not all “drinking spots” are created equal. We are comparing this stretch to Adams Morgan. People who drink at the wine bar aren’t doing and never will do the kind of things that people dislike about Adams Morgan, they sip a glass of wine or two, eat cheese, and then walk home. No problem for anyone. Same with Rinconcito Deportivo — not exactly a draw on Saturday nights for drunk frat boys looking to throw down. Acuario has issues, but those issues are unique to it and not part of a bigger 11th Street motif.

        Again, the only two super-packed, large, destination drinking spots are Wonderland and Meridian Pint, period. I see the new Tryst place as a destination spot as well, but not of the same ilk — I don’t get the sense that folks are coming in from VA or Georgetown to go to Tryst and get hammered. And what is key is that folks won’t be DRINKING there from 2 to 8 a.m. or whatever. It will just be food.

        Heck, U Street has, and always will have, a much more concentrated destination scene than 11th Street, and that isn’t terribly far away.

      • have you ever been to a 24hr restaurant? It’s usually pretty quiet inside between 2am and 9am. The noise in adams morgan is out in the street not emanating from the diner.

        these self defeating nimbys are a curious paradox.

    • Haven’t you heard? Every neighborhood that has a couple of taverns or restaurants open up is about to turn into the “next Adams Morgan”. Property values must be really low in Adams Morgan I guess, since it’s such an urban hellhole.

  • Grrrggghhhh! Why do all these youngsters want to stay up so late anyhows?! Where I comes from, youths were in bed by 8 and up at 4 to milk the herd. And the only time we even went into the city was to sell horsehair and tree sap to the urbanites.

  • I see alot of comments but does anyone have a report about the meeting last night? Did the ANC vote to support this (although I had heard they would protest anyway so they could be part of the ABRA discussions)….

  • It always amazes me that people people want to live in a city, but not deal with what comes with city life.

    I have news for you whiners, you live in a city, things happen at night in a city, like restaurants and bars. get over it, move to the suburbs if you don’t like people walking around at night.

    call the WAAAMBUlANCE

    • Ex-@#$%ing-actly.

    • no one has complained about “walking around”. people are complaining about noise and drunken activity. “city life” should include bars and restaurants, but it should also include tranquility after 3 in the morning for those who live in the city.

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