Stabbing by Columbia Heights Metro, Incident at Kenyon and Sherman Ave, NW

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This just in around 5:30 pm from @dcfireems:

“stabbing – near Columbia Hgts Metro – 3300 blk 14th St NW”

Update from MPD 6:10pm:

“Not serious 2 victims both cut not stabbed.”

And this just in from a reader at 7:48pm:

“Not sure if this is related to the CH metro incident. A neighbor said he saw 2 teens running down the street. There’s blood droplets on the sidewalk on Sherman and along Kenyon St.”

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  • Why the rash of stabbings of late??? WTF?? Seems like we hear about a stabbing or shooting every day

    • Join us. We’re sick and tired of being afraid in our neighborhood. Join “Protect Our Streets. Save Our Future” on Facebook right now! First meeting is NExt Wednesday.

      • Sweet! Peace March Too! Seriously, fear causes stress, you will live a shorter life, if the kid’s stray bullets and knives don’t get you first.

        • What exactly do you expect to accomplish other than a bunch of Yuppies in a room complaining about how these turds running around the city are stabbing each other. Are you going to make their parents care. Or even these stupid kids. Other than declaring marshall law I don’t see a change until we stop subsidizing housing and push the violence to PG county where it belongs. If you let the natural market value of homes in DC take a nautural progression and curtail efforts to stop gentrafication the violence with subside.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. It seems like they are getting bolder and bolder too.

  • Not sure on the details, but what did NYC do to bring a huge drop in crime some 10, 15, 20 years ago?

    • They punished criminals. It was a pretty radical solution.

      • Nice try…

        The answer to the question is actually that Bratton hired this guy:

        COMPSTAT changed the way the NYPD looked at crime. That and their broken windows enforcement led a lot to the slide.

        • I think they also started arresting people for “quality of life” offenses: peeing in public, fare beating in the subways, smoking marijuana in public, shoplifting, scrawling graffiti. Just the run of the mill stuff we put up with down here. I used to see teens at 3 pm (when school lets out–worst time to ride the metro system, IMHO) hopping on the handrails of the down escalators in the metro and knocking them out of commission.

    • giuliani enacted a zero tolerance policy. but nyc had enough people to vote the hardline way. dc doesn’t. yet. the special election today will probably go the wrong way. that won’t happen the next election.

      • Yes, I like to believe that this city is just on the verge of tipping towards intelligence, which will be reflected in future elections.

        • certainly didn’t work that way in the most recent one.

          • Actually, I found the last election incredibly heartening. Orange was the single Old Skool politician in the race, and drew, what, less than 40%? He got killed by reform voters–they just didn’t have an actual alternative. We’ll see what happens when Mara faces off against Orange in a year and there’s only two names on the ballot.

    • NYC didn’t do too much. This period when crime dropped coincided with historically high employment rates and a demographic dip in the number of young males. Since young males commit most crimes, fewer young males= less crime. Almost every major city had similar drops in crime during this period as well so this was not a “NYC solution.” Sure, the increased numbers of cops employed by the city helped, but the major reason for the drop had nothing to do with city policy.

  • Didn’t someone get stabbed at the Zoo on yesterday? Is this what we law abiding citizens have to look for during the summer months? Where is Mayor Vincent Gray and why he isn’t speaking out regarding violence to the media? Fenty was right there before the camera or holding a news conference, when there were shootings. However, Fenty did love the camera. LOL

  • Is this related to the commotion at 11 th and Kenyon right now? Tons of cops and two guys getting arrested right outside Tubman elementary.

  • Likely retaliation for the Zoo stabbing yesterday.

  • So, why exactly can’t Graham break up the concentration of public housing in southern Columbia Heights? Given the demographic shifts in Ward 1, he can’t possibly fear the low-income advocates and ministers can he? Why not introduce a bill to raze Columbia Heights village and rebuild as mixed income, with set aside for a certain number of affordable units?

    And, no, I don’t know that this particular incident had anything to do with CHV… but the general point stands that many of the incidents in the last few days have been connected with a few public housing complexes (including Lincoln Westmoreland in Shaw).

    • who says he “can’t”? like it or not, the poor unwashed untouchables are citizens of this city too.
      but you could always call him and ask.

    • I completely agree that public housing should be broken up, but unfortunately it is not as easy as bulldozing the complexes.

      Right now we have a problem with lack of available land in the city. Federal policies mandate one for one replacement of existing units. So, where would we build these? Who is going to pay for it?

      • Look at Park Morton and “DC One” (if I’m remembering the name of the former-Sursum Corda correctly). You build high-rise, mostly market-rate housing on the same site as current low-rise housing, so available land isn’t a problem. You increase middle-class density at the same time as you give low-income residents a place to live. The advantage is that (i) you dilute the concentration of poverty and (ii) some of the ‘hangers on’ don’t survive the transition, and get out of the neighborhood.

        But why are we only doing this in a couple of places? Why not make this standard DC policy and push it aggressively?

      • Where was it at all mentioned that the perp’s were from low income housing in the neighborhood? Do you blame the public housing in the neighborhood for your headaches and long commutes too? Destroying public housing moves the problem elsewhere; mixed income developments have a lot of problems with economic success. Even if it became a mixed income building, you would then be complaining about all of the poor people that have lower rent than you.

        Sorry for the rant, but I’m really sick of PoP posters just scapegoating every social problem in Columbia Heights and other parts of the city to subsidized housing. There are a lot of amazing people that live in subsidized housing and there are a lot of shitty people that don’t. Everywhere is a mix.

      • Nuke ’em from orbit. It’s the only way to make sure.

    • Most of the gang violence around here comes from teens living in row houses, with little or no parental supervision, NOT the public housing complexes.

      But scapegoat all you like if it makes you feel better.

      • Not backed up by any facts, what-so-ever.

        Interesting personal opinion though most of us would probably disagree.

        • Talk to the MPD gang task force, or the various non profits and city agencies that work on gang violence. Most of the crew members do not live in the big complexes.

  • Of course it has a lot to do with subsidized housing, they call it growing up in the ghetto. Someone should do a video documentary of each of the crime ridden housing complexes in the city. I’ve heard over in SE a guy in a truck pulls up and just gives away guns to the kids.

  • There is police activity, detectives and such at 9th and Columbia and plain clothes arresting a young black male across the street from Wonderland at 11th and Kenyon right now. It’s the wild (north)west

  • Agreed that something must be done similar to what happened in NYC 20 years ago. This cannot go on this way

    • You mean low unemployment and a drop in population?

      • And having more cops and tougher punishment for crime helps too just in case you want to ignore that.

        • Actually a lot of studies show that it doesn’t. Read some of Jens Ludwig’s work. Or this:

        • Actually, other cities such as San Diego experienced the same drop in crime as NYC during the same period, but instead of zero tolerance they developed community policing strategies. Also, increased employment, as Elle said, was the most important factor in 1990s crime reduction.

          It’s emotionally satisfying to use “tough on crime” rhetoric, but research demonstrates that it does not produce improvements for public safety and–especially when it comes to disproportionate sentencing–can INCREASE recidivism and crime. Stop making assumptions and, instead, look to evidence and criminological research to shape policy.

          • all evidence seems contradictory and most people lean toward evidence or reports that they agree with anyway.

          • Also, increased employment, as Elle said, was the most important factor in 1990s crime reduction.

            Not to be super-combative, but you can achieve a drop in unemployment (i.e. “increased employment”) by gentrification-fueled displacement.

            Just saying, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. In fact, that may be the only way to skin this cat, since nearly all of the entry-level jobs are in the suburbs.

          • I don’t disagree, Dr. Pangloss. Just want to point out that the more, tougher law-enforcement crowd isn’t necessarily in the right here. In fact, we should be focusing on smarter enforcement of existing laws and there’s some decent evidence that expansion of education and social welfare programs to disincentivize crime can help, too.

            There aren’t any easy answers.

          • You can’t achieve higher employment until you get the kids who behave like criminals out of the schools.

  • There was also a stabbing outside the eastern market metro today. Any details on that?

    • I didn’t see anything on this when I got home, but my neighbor mentioned something about seeing the aftermath of something big going down outside the metro. This might have been it? Scary that this kind of stuff is happening all over the place – could it possibly be related to the stuff in NW?

  • Yikes! Eastern market stabbing also. What is going on!?!

  • Is it Celebrate Stabbings Month?

  • Statistics show that increases in recidivism only occur when misdemeanor offenders are sentenced to harsh prison sentences and/or too many services directed at “rehabilitation.” Check out the Bureau of Justice Statistics or the Pew Center on the States’ report on recidivism, linked below, for more info:

    “Tough on crime” rhetoric works – so long as it’s geared toward consistent and uniform application. Rates of recidivism decrease when offenders on parole or probation are faced with “swift and certain” consequences for violation of probation/parole.

    • You mean like police shooting children with guns in SE? As actually may have happened today! That’s swift and certain for sure. Jeeze.

      • Way to be hyperbolic. Actually, if you read the study I cited to, “swift and certain” consequences generally mean, at most, a short period in the local jail (read, not prison). Usually, consequences range from community service to required mentoring, etc.

    • First of all, we’re not talking about “misdemeanor offenses”–or at least, the crimes we’re talking about shouldn’t be misdemeanor offenses. Also, we’d need to know what the background rate is for violent street crime among youths and young men before we talk about “increases in recidivism”.

      There are certain crimes where–with suffiently tough penalties–increases in recidivism are not an issue. If you send an 18 year old away for 15-20 years for carrying an unregistered handgun, the 38 year old who gets out of jail won’t be beefing with anyone.

      • He also won’t have a home, probably won’t be able to get a job and will have very few options OTHER than crime to survive….

        • He also won’t have a home, probably won’t be able to get a job and will have very few options OTHER than crime to survive….

          While true (and incredibly depressing), there’s a lot of evidence that the crime committed by 40 year olds is quite different from that committed by a 15 year old.

          If you could wave a magic wand and age every kid who picked up a gun with intent to shoot or rob someone in this city, it would be a massive improvement for everyone–except those who were aged. Heck, might even be an improvement for them. It would certainly be an improvement for their peers.

        • At least we will all have lived happily and without fear of him for a few decades, which is one important and overlooked virtue of long prison sentences.

  • all quiet on 11th on the ride up from work around 8:30. not that the reports of stabbings at 2:27 am didn’t bother me, but this rush hour violence is just ridiculous.

    also, is that a bean bag tossing league at harriet tubman?

  • We need to get rid of Jim Graham. He has created a sanctuary city thinking among the police, and has made Cathy Lanier scared of offending him. The illegal immigrants sell drugs to the young crew members, and the crew members kill/shoot/stab over the rest.

    One might point out the irony of Jim Graham protecting people that can’t vote for him… But keep in mind, he needs the young males around for his personal “exploits”…

    True story: During the last election Jim Graham was driving down our block with one of his young male “volunteers” running flyers up to the front door of each house. When a “young” resident opened the door of one house (this resident clearly couldn’t vote, and it wasn’t because of his age, but his “status”), Jim Graham slammed on the brakes, double parked, and ran (impressive for a big guy) up the stairs to “meet” this “resident”.

    How can we clean up the violence when our politicians benefit by it continuing???

    • what does that story have to do with anything? so the guy double parks to talk to people that live in his ward. so what!

    • you’re thinly veiled homophobia isn’t helping the anti-graham movement.

    • @Thought, I agree with you. DC is a sanctuary city protecting illegal aliens. The entire DC Council supports this and they forbid Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier from participating in the federal Secure Communities program.

      Political correctness is destroying this country.

  • That sure is a lot of “quotes” in your “post.” It’s like you are “trying” to make an “accusation” but don’t have the “balls” to just come out and say “it.”

  • And how exactly can you tell someone’s immigration status by looking at them?

  • Sounds like a bad night. I got my back window busted in, and a trail of blood leading back over the fence. Wonder if the later report in the original post was about my guy, still bleeding?

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