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  • I work around the block and believe there are 5 places that are unoccupied within the vicinity. That place, the older porters space, the old moto foto place, and the old Malaysian place (above the chipotle). Oh and not to mention the Border’s just closed down.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they get any good places to come in there. The 19th and m location have great potential for sidewalk seating, but rents are probably sky high. I wish they would convert one of those places into a chik-filet 🙂

  • RIP “Disneyland for Adults”

  • Rents too high? Yeah, probably. And the dining scene in DC has moved many blocks east from there – even for a lot of the tourists and expense accounters.

  • Oh, totally. People who work or live around 19th and M just don’t eat any more.

  • Though tasty, I would not spend any money in Chick-Fil-A:


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