Reader Reports Sun. Afternoon Shooting in Shaw

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I received the following reader report around 3pm Sun. afternoon titled “Drive by at 8 and R St, NW”:

“Shooting at 8th and R St, NW. At least one person shot. Looked nonresponsive.

Heard 8-10 shots, and a car peeled out down west down R.”

Anyone else hear/see anything?


“There were two adult males shot. One in leg and one in arm. Lookout for black car fleeing area.”

UPDATE: More from MPD:

“On today’s date, at approximately 2:16 hrs, MPD units responded to the vicinity of the 800 block of R Street, N.W., for the sounds of gunshots. Upon their arrival, two males were found with non-life threatening gunshot injuries. A preliminary investigation indicates that the victims were not unknown to the perpetrator(s).”

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  • I live in Shaw, near p & 7th — there were police everywhere near the intersection around 3:30 — arresting folks and stopping a lot of cars…

  • Just walked by. Police have taped off from the area. A woman walking with us said she heard 3 people were shot

  • I live three blocks away, at 5th and R, and was home at 3pm but didn’t hear anything. I DID hear sirens, but that’s nothing new around here… cops fly down R all the time. I can’t believe I missed hearing three shots fired and that the whole thing happened in broad daylight! I just moved into this neighborhood last month and have felt entirely safe so far… even running or walking alone by myself in the dark. I guess the shotspotter on the roof of my building came in handy today…

    • I would not go running alone around there when it’s dark… not a smart move. If you do, though, do not wear headphones and try to stick to the main streets.

  • The effing Lincoln-Westmorland is a disaster. I’ve already written my councilmember and I suggest if anyone here cares about this that you do the same.

    • They’re expanding LWI and building two more new subsidized housing projects right down RI ave.


      • While at the same time getting developers to invest in the city through projects surrounding the area – the convention center hotel, O St Market (even though its moving slow it is still happening), Progression Place and the Howard Theater. Not to mention the gorgeous public library across the street. Again – absurd. It’s all fine and good for our mayor to be out there protesting for DC’s states rights and all that, but if people can’t feel safe on city streets during the middle of the day, that’s kind of a lost cause. It makes me wonder if DC really deserves statehood at this point.

        • your issue with crime shouldn’t overlap with the issue of democracy. we all deserve representation in our congress. every single american citizen.

        • Your arguement for us not “deserving statehood” is very backwards (and very tired). The more it’s used, the more apathy and complacency grows.

        • I still can’t believe they put an *all glass library* in a neighborhood where bullets fly regularly.

        • Given your requirements for Congressional representation, I demand we strip Texas of statehood immediately.

        • I can agree on the need for safety but the argument that a population isn’t “deserving” of democracy based on their geography is weak and tired–so wonder no more! If anything, the lack of safety provides EVEN MORE reason District residents should have a voice in what happens where they live.

  • Saw someone getting arrested outside the restaurant near the NW corner across from Nelly’s. It was earlier, though, maybe 1:30… Probably unrelated.

  • bulldoze lincoln-westmoreland and this won’t happen anymore.

  • Its the weather warming up!

  • Glass library comment = completely moronic

  • “if they bulldoze while they are sleeping they will”

    Great example of a comment that you should have moderated out, PoP.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I agree, unfortunately it is not possible for me to catch all comments like this. I do my best. In the future – it is far more helpful to me if you just email me should a similar offense occur.

  • I’m a bleeding heart liberal but I can’t stand the arguments people make for supporting public housing as it exists today. everyone knows that crime increases near these projects. The biggest problem I have is that residents generally would rather look out for their own than invest in their community to make it a better place. Ask any police officer how difficult it is to find helpful witnesses in the projects and you’ll get an idea of what I mean. The biggest issue is concentrating all the public housing in a single building or location. The key is to disburse public housing amongst every new development. 10% of every apartment complex or condo building can be designated public housing. This will get people to invest in “better” communities and feel like they are part of progress. Further, owners and renters will be much more helpful in helping the police solve crime (as compared to what goes on in the projects today). Fact of the matter is, large housing projects like this need to come down. They do not work. They are detrimental to the community around them and to the people that live in them.

    • Think you’ve confused disburse with disperse, but I agree with you to some degree. I think that 10% is a little high, and to force developers to allocate some units for broke people is not a tenable approach. If you allocate some percentage for middle-class, that may work, but not for welfare recipients.

      Project housing is meant to be a short-term solution for people trying to get back on their feet; unfortunately, it has become a lifestyle and something that people are born into and never leave.

      And, honestly, the problems of public housing are so deep and connected to so many social issues, it could never be properly broached on this site.

      Regardless, your general sentiment is something that I do agree with.

    • the problem is less money is to be made by dispersing the poor. look at the st martins project. the church and the developer made shit tons off of it.

  • I am not quite sure about your assumption that, “[Public] housing is meant to be a short-term solution for people trying to get back on their feet…”

    However, 10% seems like a reasonable number. It would allow more residents to remain in their communities instead of being shipped off to “PG,” as some have intimated.

    The tone of entitlement around these discussion is plebeian. I wish you all could do better.

    • all welfare programs, except those geared toward the handicapped, are meant to be temporary.

      as they should be.

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