Reader Reports Shots Fired at 11th and T St, NW on Sun. at 5:15pm

Thanks to a reader for sharing the word via twitter that at 5:15pm on Sunday:

“Report of shots fired at 11th and T NW.”

I’ll be sure to update as more info is released from MPD.

UPDATE: At 5:45 pm another reader writes, “s street is closed from 11 to 13th streets”

UPDATE: I’m told that shots were fired and a couple of cars were struck but fortunately no persons were injured. I understand that it could possibly have occurred after an argument. I don’t believe an arrest has been made as of 11pm Sun. evening.

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  • Must have been a bit earlier–we were biking in the vicinity around 4:45 and when we reached the intersection of 12th and T it was swarmed with police cars and taped off (as was 12th at S).

  • It makes you wonder…

    Even if we could catch all these goons involved with these kinds of crimes – considering how common they are, would we have the capacity to keep them in prison??

  • Shooting actually occurred around 4:15pm (I’m a few houses down from the alley where it apparently happened). Heard five incredibly loud pops and saw two guys run across T st., down the alley between 11th and 12th. Lots of police, lots of yellow tape, but everything was cleaned up by 5:45. Curious to hear what exactly happened or if any arrests were made (didn’t really sound like it, police cruisers kept circling the block but didn’t seem to have much luck).

  • We were on the metro around 4:30 or so and the metro police came running up to the train conductor as soon as we pulled into the U-Street station, and made sure that the driver didn’t open the doors. We waited for a couple of minutes and then they finally opened the doors and let people off/on. I guess that means they were still looking for the suspects at that time.

  • Yes, 5 loud pops as a previous reader @Julia said, and it happened at 4:15pm, like she said, not 5:15. No other information from police as far as I know. Many residents in the area were home at the time, including me (and came outside after police showed up). First time for me hearing gunshots so close and it was definitely scary. I hope those residents that saw something/anything useful will report to the police.

  • I would also add, I did not see an ambulance or evidence of a shooting victim, or evidence that anyone was actually hit by the gunfire. Still, this is just from observing the police activity from down the block after we felt safe going out to assess the situation 15 min after it happened. Will have to wait to see the police report to try to get a better idea of what transpired.

  • Kids will be kids. Shooting up the nighborhood on a nice afternoon is part of the flavor of the community. You gentrifiers don’t get it and complain about everything.

  • Ah spring…the tulips are emerging, the cherry trees are blooming, the Glocks are firing…

  • I saw the shooting. I was driving down on 12th (or 11th?) and heard loud fire cracker noise from my left on T. I took a look toward the source and saw a black man firing at a house on the northern side of T. However it’s not like he’s aiming at something specific but shooting at the general direction of the house and cursing (cannot figure out what he’s cursing). He was riding a bike and soon fled the scene. Because it’s a bit far, I cannot see his face well. Then he rode east and then made a left turn onto the road I was driving on (11th or 12th) and then made another turn to the west at the next block (S?). He fell from his bike at the intersection. (I saw the latter parts from the rear view mirror from my car)

    I thought of tracking him down–but my laziness and the propect of bullet in the head persuaded me otherwise. So I left.

  • thanks, @dc resident, for doing your part to keep our community safe. must have been a relief when you finally crossed back into arlington. #faker

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