Reader Nominated Horse’s Ass Award – 11th and Euclid St, NW

“Dear PoP,

I think about the story behind this home every time I walk past. It’s on the stretch of Euclid between 11th and 13th and is the only decrepit house on the block. Looks as though as one time it must have been an incredibly grand family home. The windows on the side (you unfortunately can’t see from the photos) are beautiful and amazing. Unfortunately, the roof looks to be rotting out, the porch is crumbling, bricks are visibly loose in several spots, it’s boarded up and the yard is completely overgrown. There’s also a rusted out old shell of a car on blocks in the rear.

I am constantly wondering what the deal is with this place and whether or not it’s being held on to until it seems like the “right” time to turn it in to another condo building. I hope that eventually it can regain some of its past grandeur and I am hopeful that somebody is finally stepping up to take care of this property–from my last look at the back it *almost* looks like there are new windows and a new support has been added under a corner of the roof. The front gate is bolted with a rusted out padlock and I couldn’t see any visible permits but it would be great to have this home fit in with the rest of the block.

Would love to know if anybody knows the status of this property and if it may indeed be on the turn-around.”

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