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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Rant: Muggings, robberies, theft in the CH hood.
    Rave: Beautiful day for a party!
    Rant: CLANGING of pile drivers building City Vista
    Rave: Vacation to San Francisco & Napa tomorrow!

  • the royal wedding pisses me off. No, that is not quite true – I am happy people get married, it’s the people and the near compulsive attention they give to the wedding that pisses me off:
    1) Britain is in a huge recession, people losing their jobs from teaching to cleaning streets, but these hyperrich people are blowing how many millions?
    2) everyone watching the wedding who laments the easly death of Lady Di are the ones buying celeb magazine who pay the paparazzi to chase after people like lady di. Does anyone get the sad irony here?
    3) we had a revolution in this country to be rid of the royalty, because there is nothing about them that deserves obedience or the right to govern. They still think they have a divine right to rule.
    Up the rebels, down the British.

    • +1000

      My annoying coworkers are talking about it non-stop today!

      Rave: might be getting a gig at the State Theatre this summer.

    • All true, but the royal family brings in a shit-ton of tourist moneys.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the wedding ends up being a net gain for the British economy. Every hotel room for miles around sold out, every restaurant packed, all those tourists needing something to do before and after (so visiting museums and other paid-entry attractions), and all those tchotchkes sold.

      Also, I would like to mention that my spellcheck doesn’t know what to do with “tchotchkes” and suggests that perhaps I mean “crotchless”.

    • I agree with everything but number 1 – these hyper rich people blowing millions on a wedding means money leaving their bank accounts and trickeling down to those more needy. Or at least I’d hope.

    • it’s pissing me off because my weather, traffic, and general “get to work in the morning” info was interrupted as though I had nothing to do but watch the wedding! I need info on my IMMEDIATE surroundings, then perhaps I can enjoy the show…. Methinks I’ll relive the wedding through youtube loops for the next 18 months… *sigh*

  • Rant:somebody knocked over the brick flower bed we made in the front yard. Fortunately, we hadn’t planted anything yet.

    Rave: finally got our basement floor painted last weekend…

  • I spotted a beautiful tree today. I won’t tell anyone where it is.

  • RANT: That snake photo at the top of the PoP webpage. I have such a fear of snakes and I haven’t been able to enjoy reading this site for DAYS. UGH.

    Rant: the next two weekends are filled with pretty difficult take-home final exams

    Rave: I’ll be done with this semester on May 8th!

    Rave: two road trips planned in May — Virginia Beach for a lighthouse tour and Dover, Delaware for some beer drinkin’!

    • Hey, those sound like fun nearby trips. Where do you go once in Dover though? I’m not familiar with that area but may be interested in checking it out.

      Rave: I’m not in the foul mood I was in yesterday.

      • We got a Groupon for the Fordham/Old Dominion brewery in Dover. Other than that, we don’t have any plans! Dover, DE definitely isn’t a “Memorial Day weekend” kind of destination, so we’re hoping for a quiet getaway 🙂

        • Okay, maybe we will check out the lighthouse tour first. I’m all about the quiet geteways. Thanks and have fun.

  • pennyworth

    RANT: Final Exam Week

    RAVE: Final Exam Week

  • Rave: The picture at the top of this topic. Where can I find a newspaper box that distributes something like that?

  • Rant: Missed the Hot Tuna concert last night.

    Rave: Standing outside all morning in the glorious weather for our electric vehicle display instead of sitting at my desk.

    • Where did they play? I missed them last time they were here, with Charlie Musselwhite.

      • Hipsters!

      • Rave: Easton, MD! Now I need to go find my Hot Tuna vinyl!

        Rave3: The Chevy guy let me drive the volt around after the display. Nice acceleration, solid car. And, he has racked up 2800 miles on the odometer and has literally burned less than 2 gallons of gas. Though the display showed like avg of 176 mpg. I am not joking! That’s pretty cool. It turns out GM cars, including several volts, will be used for this weekend’s WH correspondence dinner to shuttle around the celebs. Neat shit! The only downside was the back seat headroom was totally insufficient for anyone above 6 feet and it costs like $40k!

  • Rave: I accepted a new job yesterday, with a higher salary that might finally allow me to afford one of the massively overpriced studio apartments listed on here!

    Rave: The weather’s great!

    Rant: I was on the beach in Florida last weekend, and the weather was even better.

    Rave: But I get to go back in 3 weeks for vacation!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Royal Wedding
    Rave: Crawfish tomorrow

  • Rant: Muggings, stabbings, Gray, Brown, and Orange.
    Rave: Weather, Purple, Green, and Blue.

    Rant: RCP traffic.
    Rave: RCP traffic.

  • Here’s a random rant (re: photo) – TOMS annoy me for some reason.


    I know, I know, it’s a great cause.

  • RANT: Royal Wedding. Make it go away!!!!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: New Camera arriving today or on Monday.
    Rant: A while ago in CH a guy pulled a knife while I was passing by, I pretended I didn’t notice. Everytime I see news about a stabbing, I feel guilty because I didn’t say anything to the police.
    Rave: New awesome camera arriving today.
    Rave: New camer.. Oh, I said it already.

  • Rave: Found a whole house for rent in NE! We sign the lease today. Our search is finally over!

    Rant: Ummm, none! Life is good.

  • Rave: IT’S FRIDAY and GORGEOUS out… perfect for taking the afernoon off….

  • Rant: Dear PoP – I live in Columbia Heights and I have a problem. People are always walking around on the sidewalk, talking, sometimes even at night. Some of them are very loud, some use profanity, and * gasp * some of them are black. I’m just not really sure what to do. I think my next door neighbor smokes cigarettes. Should I call the mayor to complain about the commotion, or just leave an anonymous note on the side of building asking people to “keep it down” because I have a big netflix que to catch up on?

    Also: Dear white girls who have lots of activist and vegetarian bumper stickers and think they are super tolerant and liberal but are terrified of black people – please don’t move to a black neighborhood until you can talk to your neighbors. Cause it’s making us look really bad. Thanks, your concerned white neighbor

    Rave: the dank I’m going to imbibe after work

    • My stank makes your dank dinky.

    • Agree partially and disagree partially re: white girls (speaking as one). I moved to New York City for college from a tiny rural town, and I was really excited to be in a place where I heard at least three different languages on the sidewalk between my room and my classes. On the other hand, sometimes I felt myself wanting to cross the street as a “suspicious-looking” black guy came walking towards me. I had always thought of myself as liberal and tolerant, and was suprised and a bit upset to find myself having a pretty clear-cut if unconsciously racist reaction.

      The point is, if I had never been in such a diverse environment I would never have had to come face to face with the latent prejudices that I had. I think that being willing to confront those prejudices head-on, rather than hide from them in Dupont, is something to be applauded rather than sneered at.

      On the other hand, if you live in Petworth, are scared of all your neighbors, and don’t have the self-awareness to question why you feel that way, then it’s a problem.

      • That’s been most of my experience in living there for the last 4 years. There’s been a large influx of people moving in who still pretend that the latent racist reaction isn’t happening and think of themselves as some bad-ass urban pioneer or something; when in reality they appear entitled, sheltered, and snooty. I see it happen all the time that these people will cross the street, or completely ignore someone of color. No eye contact, nothing. I have definitely had moments when I didn’t feel comfortable, but I feel like at least making eye contact is the right thing to do. Anyway, just my Friday rant. Reading about all the morons complaining about noise, weed smoke, lines at the 930 club just kind of get me fuming sometimes. It’s a city, and for the most part, if you’re commenting on this blog, you’re living in a neighborhood with people who have been there for far longer than you have…yet you do not seem to comprehend that you are in “someone else’s” neighborhood. It’s yours if you live there and act like it, but that includes realizing who your neighbors are and not imposing your own notions of “correctness” on an area that you are new to.

        • There are certain standards that apply to any civilized place, and if you move into a neighborhood where those civilized standards seem to be ignored by some neighbors, you shouldn’t just accept it, regardless of how long the other person has lived there. The Golden Rule pretty much covers most of it.

        • You’re working at the right level, the civility crisis issue is and is not clear cut. Excuses for tolerance of improper behavior, and witting/unwitting incubation of violence, somehow, is super prevalent around here. Well-behaved newbies encountering hostility and criminality from the existing residents makes for an interesting mix. Given half the kids in this town drop out, and half of those that drop out end up in prison, it’s no wonder some in the young black population are scaring the shit of the of multiracial folk, who most of which, maybe don’t embrace, quite fully, the aspect of behavior demonstrated, by at least a wild ass subset, of them, that include such mysteries as mob beatings, children with guns, thrice weekly killings of young black men.

      • I guess in short – it’s only applause worthy if you actually get over it.

    • ‘Dank’ lol Are you from NoCal?

      • Nah.. just having some fun with semi-ridiculous weed slang while stuck in the office…biding my time. But we can still get hyphy if you want.

    • Dear Ontheblock,

      I left City Council Hearings on my TV all day for a couple of days. The leaders of non-profits were approaching the council and discussing the critical work they provided — for the city’s youth, family’s, etc.

      I noticed that many of the people running non-profit programs were WHITE GIRLS.

      In fact, there were dozens of white people leading amazing projects to improve life for the poorer, less educated of this city.

      Go all you white girls doing amazing work!! AMAZING!

  • Rave: Found out our first overseas assignment yesterday. We will be posting to Hong Kong in October 2012!!!!

    Rave: My husband earned the post despite the fact he was told he had no shot at it. Hardwork and determination really do pay off.

  • RAVE: Caps are back in action tonight!

    RAVE: HAd my first DC Brau last night – me likey!


  • Rave: Sahara Dance (belly dance studio) is having its big annual show weekend tomorrow and Sunday. I am in 3 of 4 shows!

    Rant: Monday is going to suck and I will be sore and tired.

    FYI: The shows are at the Greenberg Theater in Tenleytown and tickets are still available.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Biked to work yesterday. Was really fun!

    Rant: Sore today from biking. Need to get my sorry tush in shape, gotta make it up Capitol Hill.

    Rant: Mr. Squid on travel. I miss the guy when he’s not around.

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